Why are we waiting!?

Why is Mnyimba still here!?

News with intent!

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Oudtshoorn. 31 July 2012. 07h50. When there’s a fire responsible managers dispatch one or more of those large red lorries with water – they don’t lounge around pontificating about timing and they don’t argue strategy.

Kyk, as daar nou één ding is wat OO koffierig maak is dit plein ou vanielje slapgatgeit.

This Thursday last, Council confirmed, such as confirmation was necessary, the High Court verdict that Thandekile Mnyimba must go – go as if he never was in Oudtshoorn.

So… Why is Mnyimba still present in the Municipality!?

Where is the Western Cape Minister of Local Government; where the National Minister!?

What is the opposition DA doing to ensure effect is given to the Council decision?

What’s become of the abstaining councillors?

Why are we waiting?

What’s up?

Why is there no action; no energy?

Why are things simply ticking over as if no decision was made?

Do something Councillors!

What are you – whimps!?

Get a move on!

OO sees but a single solution to the impasse: a High Court Order to compel Gordon April to give effect to Thursday’s Council decision, for the account of our venerable Executive Mayor of course.

The 12 Councillors who voted to appoint Allen Paulse in Mnyimba’s place must bring the application.


Just bloody do it already!

Uh… The Minister can of cource direct…

O stop hallucinating Baird.

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4 thoughts on “Why are we waiting!?

  1. OO, wanneer mense of Organisasies te groot raak vir hul skoene, soos Shades Bril April is vir sy koppie voor sy doppie gaan klap, gebeur die onverwagte, of sal ek se die verwagte

    Kyk wat het vandag met die Estate Agency Affairs Board gebeur; Estate Agency Affairs Board under administration (1)

    UPDATED: “Your house is in disorder. The windows are breaking from the inside” – Sexwale.

    Click here to read the full story.

    Die wrakkstukke oppad na Mangaung le die wereld vol gesaai en die momentum neem daagliks toe. Zuma weet nie eens hoe om vir sy eie “wickets” meer te keer nie, dit le maar so lamsakkig rond en bond die hele wereld (kunsgallerye) oor, net soos sy bestuur en sy korrupte onderdane – als by pappie geleer!

    The chickens (nuggets) have come home to roost. Soos Sexwale se,”the houses windows are breaking from the inside” alias, the Aai En Cee is busy imploding fast and that small non com poop SACP tail, wagging the dog with their dinosuarus NDR rotten plans are facing the inevitable – extinction.

    BLADE, are you a running yet ? China looong ago abolished true communism, it has never worked, has anyone bothered to tell you DOCTOR NOBODY ????

  2. n Korrekte en ware voorspelling dat :
    April sal gaan – PUNT
    Mnyimba sal gaan – PUNT
    Die Donsons sal gaan – PUNT
    Bredell sal gaan – PUNT
    Zuma sal gaan – PUNT

    Dis maar die begin !

  3. Vervang die mayor met n mayor wat uitvoering sal gee aan die Raadsbesluit !!!

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