Mnyimba meeting with Directors

ANC has absolutely no regard for law and order

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Oudtshoorn. 30 July 2012. 09h25. OO fired off an sms to the Directors at 08h44 this morning when it became known that Thandekile Mnyimba, who was once a false candidate for Municipal Manager, yet was appointed by the ANC Council, was to meet with Oudtshoorn’s Directors at 09h00:

“Human; Lott; Lottering; Ntile – Meet with Mnyimba in the Municipal Buildings at your peril! Mnyimba has no standing whatsoever!”

Truly, the ANC Government of Oudtshoorn is a band of varlets; a confederate of knaves; a bunch of rogues!

The High Court ruled on June 1 that Mnyimba’s appoitment was ab initio null and void; the Council replaced him on Thursday… Is Mnyimba really so dumb that he still doesn’t get it: Oudtshoorn does not want you! Go!

The ANC is once agan showing its true morbid colours. Who can possibly trust this lot!?

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2 thoughts on “Mnyimba meeting with Directors

  1. Lets be frank, our DA MEC Mr. Bredell also has a habbit to “Immage” that he knows better than a “High Court” Judge. He Appeals, but it’s not his money just his “Ego” that drives him. The money is provided by the tax-payer.
    Its time that MEC’s are required to foot the legal bills if they loose a case. Court cases by MEC’s will drop by 99.9% overnight.

  2. “Human; Lott; Lottering; Ntile – probably think they know better than the judge !

    Let them continue their child’s play – all eventually for their own personal account too – hopefully their final convultions and ‘stuiptrekkinge’ in ODN – R.I.P.

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