Impasse. Stalemate. Deadlock.

Who will take responsibility for Oudtshoorn!?

News with intent!

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Oudtshoorn. 30 July 2012. 16h25. Let’s be frank: A single man influenced several ANC Councillors to abstain during Thursday’s vote on the Municipal Manager.

This shaker concluded that he had one such Councillor. He was surprised to have learned that he had two. And since another two have joined.

But the ANC vermin won’t be moved by law and orderliness. The ANC Administration, led, in the most forgiving sense of the word, by Gordon April, who couldn’t expel intestinal gas at a bean tasting, has no evident intention to rid his “government” of an MM so pathetic that he should never even have been on the shortlist.

What is April thinking!?

What am I thinking, thinking that April is thinking!?

What is the DA doing about April’s refusal to act on the Council decision?

Why is the ANC not outraged by the attitude of its mayor!?

Why is nothing happening!?

Who will take April on!?

Is there no orderly government left!?

9 Julie

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One thought on “Impasse. Stalemate. Deadlock.

  1. Bredell, O Bredell, where art though – still as fast asleep as ever before.
    Promise April a seat in Parliament, he might just take the bait with all the endowed grey matter to his disposal !

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