A letter to Jesse Duarte

Unanswered, OO tries again…

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Oudtshoorn. 13 August 2012.

08h00. OO also sent an sms to Gwede Mantashe at 18h41 yesterday evening:

Mr Mantashe, the Oudtshoorn ANC Mayor is ignoring a High Court Verdict and a Council Resolution. Is this Rule of Law & democracy a la ANC!?

06h00. Unanswered since July 30, OO tried Jesse Duarte again last night.

Dear Ms Duarte

My unanswered communication, attached, of July 30, refers.

In consequence of the abominable mismanagement of the ab initio void contract of the wannabe Municipal Manager, Thandekile Mnyimba, Oudtshoorn’s ANC Mayor, Gordon April, failed, in the Western Cape High Court this Friday last, to bring an urgent interdict to have the Council Resolution to give effect to the High Court verdict, set aside.

In the continued absence of action by the ANC, be it by the Local; Regional; Provincial; or National Executives; or whatever, to compel the cullions arrogating to manage Oudtshoorn’s affairs to give effect to both the High Court Verdict and the Council Resolution, one shall be forced to conclude that the ANC Collective is conspiring to subvert the Rule of Law and the democratic process.

Please indicate expeditiously, by return email, the enforcement Oudtshoorn can expect from the ANC Leadership… And if none, confirmation of complicity in what can only be described as anarchy.

Yours truly

And while I was at it, I thought it worth a shot, if only to irritate, to ask the clowns of Verwoerd Sq what the Mayor is up to…

The Media Liaison Officer
Mr Ntobeko Mangqweqwe
Oudtshoorn Municipality
Verwoerd Sq

Dear Ntobeko

1. Please determine and advise reasons for the continued failure of His Worship, The Honourable Executive Mayor of The Greater Oudtshoorn, Alderman Gordon April, to give effect to Council Resolution 60.100/07.12 of July 26.

2. Is the mayor aware of the judgement of Mr Justice André Blignaut, on June 1, that the appointment of Thandekile Mnyimba is ab initio null and void?

3. Is the mayor aware of Council Resolution 60.100/07.12 of July 26?

4. Is the mayor aware of failed application to the High Court this Friday last, August 10, to have Council Resolution 60.100/07.12 of July 26 set aside?

Yours astounded and discombobulated

Oudtshoorn. 30 July 2012. 11h05.

Can Luthuli House get some sense into Gordon!?

OO wrote Jesse Duarte, The ANC Head of Monitoring and Evaluation, on the crisis at the municipality, what with Gordon April refusing to give effect to Thursday’s Council decision to appoint Allen Paulse Municipal Manager.

Duarte berated the Council on May 22 and OO hopes that she will act to get April in line.

Here’s the letter

Dear Mrs Duarte

Your exacting admonishment of the Oudtshoorn Council on May 22 refers.

On June 1 the Western Cape High Court found the appointment of Thandekile Mnyimba as Municipal Manager ab initio null and void.

On Thursday last, July 26, the Oudtshoorn Council finally voted down an unilateral decision by the ANC Executive Mayor, in consequence of a delegation, to appeal the June 1 verdict, and also to appoint Allen Paulse with immediate effect.

Mnyimba is still present in his office as the Mayor refuses to give effect to the Council decision.

This quite unbelievable situation raises alarming suspicion about the ANC’s commitment to law and order!

Frankly, it makes a mockery of ANC government!

Please advise the ANC Executive Mayor of Oudtshoorn to rise to his duty.

Why do I approach you?

Whom will you have me call upon: Chris Jansen? Putco Mpitiza? Songezo Mjongile? Marius Fransman? Anton Bredell?

I rest my case.

Yours truly

Let’s see…

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4 thoughts on “A letter to Jesse Duarte

  1. As iemand we se eiendomsbelasting met 39% verhoog het laas maand, raak ek nou nogals gatvol vir hierdie sirkus. Kan ons nie elke dag die kaders se karre met eiers gooi nie? Of is dit onwettig? Indien so, behoort ek om te gee, gegewe hul opinie van die wet?

  2. En intussen moet ons ons rates en taxes betaal want die wet se so, maar wat se die wet op dit wat nou aangaan, het ons nie n saak uit te maak om die genoemde gelde in n trust rekening in te betaal en dit sal betaal word todat die wetlike aspekte uitgevoer is nie. Ek glo almal weet wat ek hierby bedoel. Dit mag na holrug geryde storie klink, maar wat anders kan die kaders tot n positiewe verandering dryf. En ook om die onbevoegde Munisipale bestuurder uit sy kantoor te dryf, en so ook die Dysselsdorper te laat besef hy kan nie maak soos hy wil nie. Wat anders sal n verandering bewerkstellig, want blykbaar is dit ook n hopelose saak om vir DA se optrede te wag.

  3. OO, please publish Duarte’s response, or no response. That reply and following purported ACTION by Luthuli House goes to the heart of a longstanding lip service and bankrupt imbedded ANC culture.

    Then go public with the evidence, Noseweek ,Carte Blanche, Mail and Guardian, Bullard etc and let the WORLD KNOW how these inept, incompetent, corrupt, hypocritical Cadres are destroying our rainbow nation.

    When investments dry up, unemployment sores and service delivery uprisals increase, will the ANC be cornered ? The aparheid govt is gone, the imperialists and colonialists are gone, who is left to now confront after 18 years = The Aai En Cee, the one’s in power, who still has no clue how to govern,who else ?

    (A “wonderful “educational system, beaten even by Rwanda, most municipalities in chaos, most Govt Dept’s dysfunctional, crime corruption and an “Aai En Cee “Leader that has completely lost his moral compass, SA’s worst Leder EVER !!! (Sand and Stone Shades April part of the problem, wake up ODN Aai En Cee” !!)
    Decide for yourself. Time for all moral and level headed South Africans to take hands is running out fast !!!

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