Speaker Johannes Stoffels is out!

NPP apologises to Oudtshoorn

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Oudtshoorn. 29 July 2012. 08h45. Gistermiddag laat weet een van OO se lesers: “NPP mense se jy vat n vet kans deur te verklaar dat die nuwe local kandidaat as speaker is aan jou bekend.”

En OO reageer: “He-he-he-he! Hoeveel maal was OO al verkeerd?”

Die antwoord: “Verskriklik baie min…”

Tja, boet.

OO rn Nic Barrow het gister koebaai-boodskappies aan Stoffels ge-sms.

Nee, kinders en sensitiewe mense lees ook hier.

OO weet inderdaad. Maar daar is ‘n buiteperd ook wat gister begin opwarm het.

Weet verseker: Daar lê interessante dae voor.

Oudtshoorn. 28 July 2012. 12h05. The Director Community Services, and de facto Oudtshoorn NPP Leader, Ron Lottering, confirmed a few moments ago the then extremely confidential intelligence OO received earlier this morning: The NPP is charging its Oudtshoorn Proportional Councillor, Johannes Stoffels, with insubordination for ignoring an instruction from the Leader, Badih Chaaban, to have abstained during the vote this Thursday last on the appeal of the Paulse verdict.

Stoffels will be removed as Speaker and replaced by a local politician. The new Speaker designate is known to OO but OO has agreed to have the NPP announce the name in its own time.

Chaaban confirmed his instruction to Stoffels moments before Thursday’s Council Meeting, with both Lottering and the ANC Councillor, Erik Ngalo, attending.

OO is told that Chaaban was furious at the news of Stoffels’ mutiny. Lottering confronted Stoffels at the conclusion of Thursday’s Council meeting and informed him that disciplinary steps had been initiated against him and that he would have seven days to respond to the charges. The papers will be served on Stoffels today, and he will have until Saturday next to respond. The disciplinary hearing is expected to be held in Paarl during the following week.

Lottering told OO that “the NPP deplores (betreur) the actions of its Councillor, Johannes Stoffels, during Thursday’s Council Meeting and apologises to the people of the Greater Oudtshoorn that Stoffels did not abstain during the critical vote to rescind the Executive Mayor’s decision, in consequence of a delegation, to appeal the Paulse v Oudtshoorn Local Municipality verdict.”

According to Lottering hard words fell during the interview with Stoffels and Stoffels is in no doubt of the inevitable consequences of his insubordination.

This development means that even if the ANC were able to persuade Nondumiso Gunguluza and Erik Ngalo to reverse their decisions and to support a new Mayco recommendation to Council to appeal the Paulse verdict, the ANC will not have sufficient support to carry the vote – and not even sufficient support to convene an Urgent Council Meeting.

The ANC/Icosa/NPP alliance is in ruins. As the NPP’s Wari Appolis told Die Hoorn on June 26: “The NPP is not married to the ANC and is independent.”

Appolis spoke in answer to OO’s report on June 25: NPP exits Coalition!

OO was right, as per usual.

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5 thoughts on “Speaker Johannes Stoffels is out!

  1. Is dit waar dat April die Bril hard druk vir Conradie om die nuwe Speaker te word
    Hy soek iemand om sy bas te kom red (of is dit sink ? )

  2. Give real credit ANC that cadres that abstained from voting. The climate is now right for ANC and DA to agree on cooperative government in Outshoorn. Do away with MAYCO system and establish EXECUTIVE COMMITEE . Share the spoils in interest of community of Outshoorn. This way you can cut out those oppertunistic smaller parties that wiil always keep a gun to your head.

  3. Maak natuurllik saak wie die nuwe verkose leier sal wees. Belangriker nog is egter die feit dat regverdigheid en deursigtigheid besig is om te seevier. ‘n Realiteit waarna die algehele gemeenskap van Oudthoorn na smag. Soos vir reen tydens ‘n droe somer. Mag dit wat nou gebeur die begin van ‘n nuwe era wees waar die belange van alle mense van ons dorp gedien sal word en nie dien van selfsugtige politicie soos GordonApril en sy trawante nie.

  4. Ronnie, dis mosterd na die maal ou grote. Mnyimba is verwyder sonder npp se hulp – slegs Mnyimaba se jas punt haak nog in die deur vas. Eersdaags waai die eenbare Gordon ook sonder die npp se hulp. Ronnie jy gaan op n reenerige aand ons dorp permanent verlaat.

  5. Dinge kom stadigaan tot n punt en Shades April moet moeilik slaap, so ook die ANC Raadslede wanneer hierdie onmin landswyd uitkring. Alle onkostes vir hul eie sak ! Hoe STUPID kan n mens wees ?

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