Bafflement; bedlam; befuddlement; bemusement; bewilderment; and bluster

The cadres are confounded

News with intent!

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Oudtshoorn. 27 July 2012. 13h00. The Circle of Fools arrogating to run Oudtshoorn deliberated into the early hours of this morning.

How to undo the unimaginable horror of third degree burned fingers.

No graft can cover graft when there’s no graft. Or words to that effect.

Even an “urgent interdict” is being considered – to have the Council decision reversed. This is rich! It can serve only one person: Advocate Shaheed Patel. A nice little fee is to be had, should this harebrained advice be taken.

Reporters from regional and national newspapers are asking OO to tell them what is afoot. According to one such reporter, the Council’s Media Liaison Officer, Ntobeko Mangqweqwe, declared that the Council has no statement at this time. Mangqweqwe was to approach the CFO, Deon Lott, for advice. Ye gods and faeries! Approaching Deon Lott for advice!

There’s no management in the Municipality. There’s only crisis mismanagement.

The cadres are scattering. Serves the hoods well!

Erik Ngalo and Nondumiso Gunguluza stand out for integrity.

Methinks of Oliver Cromwell’s point, in a letter to Sir William Spring in September 1643: “A few honest men are better than numbers.”

And speaking of Cromwell – dissolving the First Protectoral Parliament in September 1643 he said, “Weeds and nettles, briars and thorns, have thriven under your shadow, dissettlement and division, discontentment and dissatisfaction, together with real dangers to the whole.”

OO has learned that the Director Corporate Service, Francois Human, had served Mnyimba with a letter confirming the Council decision of yesterday. Mnyimba is off to jansenville, or will be off within an hour or so, but is due back Monday – OO has this return snippet on the most interesting of information streams… Want to be first to know what’s really happening – read OO!

Graft, n. (1) (Skin) transplanted from a donor to a recipient; (2) The practice of offering something (usually money) in order to gain an illicit advantage; (3) Hard work.

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4 thoughts on “Bafflement; bedlam; befuddlement; bemusement; bewilderment; and bluster

  1. Congratulation to OO, Erik Ngalo and Nondumiso Gunguluza who all stand out for integrity. This is the power of transparency. All the doings , right, wrong, good and evil of municipalities must be made public. Municipalities are public entities after all. I strongly believe the three of you have set Oudsthoorn on new path for the better. Two ANC cadres have also brought some credibulity to even the ANC. Thank you all.

  2. Investigative public behoort Patel dan aan ‘n wetsgenootskap? Ek wonder. Die balie advokate tree definitief nie so op nie.

  3. And the little advocate from Eastern Cape is helping himself handsomely in both Oudtshoorn and Kannaland and he does give a damn for the people of these two municipalities. Double booking has become a daily occurrence in his practice.

    Tyd dat iemand Bredell gaan wakker maak – hy slaap al vir jare aan die stuur. Wat is dit met die mannetjie !!
    Tyd dat iemand n “condolence” kaartjie aan Koradie stuur
    Tyd dat n fondsinsameling gereel word vir April – hy gaan dit bitternodig kry

    Laaste maar nie die minste nie;
    Tyd dat almal vir OO en Nick n staande applous en ere Burgerskap toeken – met spesile vermelding aan Erik Ngalo and Nondumiso Gunguluza – dis hoog tyd, al weet ons dat n profeet nooit in sy eie land vereer word nie

    Viva geregtigheid, viva eerlikheid, viva dienslewering, viva vir n blink skoon toekoms !!!!

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