Urgent Mayco in progress

The cadres are cringing

News with intent!

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Oudtshoorn. 26 July 2012. 19h30. Thandekile Mnyimba, without any standing whatsoever – he is as if he had never been appointed – is currently attending an urgent Mayco Meeting in the Municipal buildings.

The cadres are apparently disputing the legality of the DA Motion passed today. They are desperately attempting to change what has happened today!

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2 thoughts on “Urgent Mayco in progress

  1. The account for waistful expenditure is mounting against April !

    April se finale stuiptrekkinge is duidelik sigbaar, betaal gaan hy betaal !!

    Viva ODN, viva service delivery once transparency, competence and order is restored !

  2. And will get paid overtime no doubt!!
    What a bunch of losers!!!

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