Oudtshoorn salutes Erik and Nondi

Two ANC Councillors stand up for Oudtshoorn!

Nuus met méning!

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By: TwitterButtons.com

Oudtshoorn. 26 Julie 2012. 17h20. ANC councillors Erik Ngalo (Ward 8) and Nondumiso Gunguluza (Ward 4) abstained in the critical vote this afternoon to begin to restore good order and responsible governance in Oudtshoorn.

Immense pressure was heaped on Gunguluza and Ngalo. After the vote of 12 – 11 went down, the Speaker, Johannes Stoffels (NPP) allowed a caucus (!) – in flagrant disregard of the Order Rules. Still the cadres could not sway Gunguluza and Ngalo.

Gunguluza and Ngalo are not deserting the ANC; Gunguluza and Ngalo have simply decided to serve their conscience; to serve the people of Oudtshoorn!

This is much, much more than anything any other Councillor, from both sides of the chamber, has done to date!

Disciplinary measures against the two are a virtual certainty. OO salutes their integrity: Well done, Nondumiso Gunguluza and Erik Ngalo! Slainte mhath!

Here is the emphatic motion accepted by the Oudtshoorn Council this afternoon – drafted by the razor sharp Constituency Chair, Hannes Barnard:

Slainte mhath… Hoe the Scots say “Cheers”. You’d not expect a Baird to say it any other way, would you!? (Pronounced Slantchervar.)

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8 thoughts on “Oudtshoorn salutes Erik and Nondi

  1. @ oo SMS aan Thandekile Mnyimba . Drewan le ‘n klag by plaaslike SAPD vir betreding van belstiingbataler se gebou en gebruik van minisipale resources dis die telefoon etc

  2. OO, please get George Mari and Wilmot to tell Zille about this ‘quote of the day ‘and remaaaaind them of their duty too to inform Bredell’s of his duty to act, something he has clearly omitted for years – a disgrace for that Party !!

    Quote of the day – 27 July
    “AN ambitious plan, to have all… municipalities achieve clean audits by 2014, will not come to fruition unless provincial government commits to getting rid of cadre deployment and ensures that municipal officials are held accountable for poor management.”
    George Mari, MPP, DA KwaZulu-Natal,

  3. Zukile has finally disgraced his credentials with one last and final stroke (Thanks Zukie, you confirmed what we knew all along)

    We are still urgently awaiting the sacking and or immediate resignation of the ‘inept” Bredell !! Pressure is mounting against Zille to act against Bredell and complaints via Councillors and the public are picking up momentum. This one is still going to cause a great “palace revolution” down the line with thousands absconding from the DA. Time is running out fast and i hope James Wilmot’s announcement today is not too little too late (Watch this space)

    People, people, people, do not rejoice too soon. Although this is a promising start at ODN, still a long road ahead
    The question that begs is, did Viva Eric and Viva Gunguluza do this because of a Damascus experience, or a slight threatened feeling of their job preservation because of Gordhan and other ANC heavy weights saying corruption and incompetence will no longer be tolerated ?

    The time to act by the poorest of the poor has arrived ! This is your chance people – seize the opportunity and rid your councils of inept and all corrupt officials, stealing your and your children’s future!!! Your voice and vote now counts more than ever before

    Time will tell !!!.

  4. Is it not amazing that the ANC response via Zukile is a childish name-calling. “Stinkin mouth!!!” So standard 4 it immediately brings back memories of childhood stpidities. Amazing and insightful comment exactly what is expected from somebody who has no answers.

    The sad thing is that the ANC will now deal with them. The last time something like this happened here in the Southern Cape was when Memory Booysen in Bitou abstained. An ANC kangaroo court dealt with him. Do not lose hope though, he stood against the ANC in the bye election and was re-elected by the people. Today he is the Mayor of Bitou and those who sought to destroy him – Lulama Mvimbi, Lawrence Luiters, Euan Wildeman etc etc are scattered. Soon to be followed by Puco Mapitiza, and a few others… A week is a very long time in politics.

    Eric and Nondumisa you have done yourselves and your community proud. I salute you.

  5. Zuki? Still waiting for my answer? Viva Eric and Viva Gunguluza. You have the clearest concious in te current council. I salute the 2 brave warriors of Oudtshoorn……… And Zuki, just for the record…….. I am a-political, what I stand for is justice and peace, but most of all……. TRANSPARENCY…….. Can you say the same?

  6. @Zukile: I don’t understand your post. Why would the ANC want to sort out people that stand up for The People? Or does integrity have no place in the ANC gang? It also sounds like a threat of violence – is that what the ANC has become, a gang of thugs with no interest in serving the voters?

  7. Let you not be fooled this is not what you hoped for Drewan ,luckly Eric stinking mouth stays in Bonguletu ward 8 and Nondumisa Gungalazi also stay in Ward 4 the ANC will sort this mess up….will see who’s gonna laugh last.

  8. The Oudtshoorn Rate Payers Association thanks the councillors who stood fast and voted with moral integrity against fraudulant and corrupt behaviour in todays’ council meeting. Lets work together to ensist on and support of good,clean, accountable governance of our beautiful town hence forth!

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