Council rescinds decision to appeal the Paulse verdict!

12 to 11, with 2 abstentions!

News with intent!

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Oudtshoorn. 26 July 2012. 15h17. In an unlikely event Council just voted to rescind the Mayor’s decision, in consequence of a delegation, to appeal the Allen Paulse v Oudtshoorn Local Municipality.

The DA motion was carried 12 to 11, with 2 ANC members abstaining.

The immediate consequence of this decision is that the Paulse verdict stands and that Mnyimba’s appointment is ab initio null and void – Mnyimba is no longer the MM of Oudtshoorn; in fact, Mnyimba never was the MM of Oudtshoorn.

Several more DA motions are to be tabledin consequence of this decision.

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One thought on “Council rescinds decision to appeal the Paulse verdict!

  1. Common, Legal sense and the TRUTH prevails – at last! (Albeit a few R’million later)

    ED – PS – What is this fiasco going to cost ratepayers and the public purse, if anything?

    Have the DA / Opposition tabled the promised motion and demand, that any and all costs associted with this “affair of misjudgement” are recovered from those individuals in “council and management” who, contrary to perfectly clear information on the lack of credentials and qualifications of the ANC’s favoured cadre rewuiring deployment, were nevertheless browbeaten by Fransman and Luthuli House into this irregular appointment in the first place, and furthermore “vigorously” defended the first high court case with their usual largess and under similar instruction?

    …..All at the cost to the Municipal Purse? (OUR EARNED CASH AND TAXES PAID)

    What says our “illustrious” mayor on his sevile role and bidding in this maladministration – will somebody please ask him for a public response – he doesn’t bother to respond to calls and correspondence and his “PA” is suitably unhelpful and defensive of his “privacy”.

    Perhaps Mr Gordhan, our Minister of Finance, has a view on this given his recent public statements of the “culture of impunity” developing in municipalities countrywide, and his and the ANC’s proclaimed objective (for the umpteenth time?) to put a stop to this largess and spendthrift attitude of the “ruling elite” in our civil service.

    Thanks for your dogged investigative reporting and your plain and simple “guts” to relentlessly expose the wrongs in our community and to badger and hound those who proffer evil in our community.

    Lots of “fauna” in this last paragraph but nevertheless deserving in relation to those so exposed!

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