AfriForum waarsku oor Mnyimba

Raadslede kan in hulle persoonlike hoedanighede aanspreeklik wees vir koste

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Oudtshoorn. 25 Julie 2012. 06h40. AfriForum het Maandag in ‘n brief aan die burgemeester gevra of die raad al die tersaaklike wetgewing nagekom het mbt die besluit om die Paulse-uitspraak te appelleer.

AfriForum maak die burgemeester ook bedag dat raadslede in hulle persoonlike hoedanigheid aanspreeklik is vir vrugtelose uitgawes:

Honourable Mr Mayor


Reference: Newspaper reports and a subsequent request from our local AfriForum branch for intervention

We have been approached by our local AfriForum branch to request more clarity regarding your alleged decision to appeal the abovementioned verdict without a Council resolution.

Expenditure incurred in contravention of the Municipal Finance Management Act (Act 56 of 2003) (MFMA), Municipal Systems Act, Act 32 of 2000 and the supply chain management policy constitutes as wasteful and fruitless expenditure.

In terms of Section 59(3)(a) of the Municipal Systems Act (Act 32 of 2000) at least a quarter of municipal councillors should be in favour of a review of decisions taken under delegated powers. Enough councillors allegedly requested for a review by way of a motion, but this was not tabled by the speaker.

All delegations must be reviewed by the Municipal Council at start of their term in terms of Section 65 of the Municipal Systems Act, 2000 and subsequently be published in the Government Gazette which was allegedly not done.

A political office bearer is held liable if expenditure is unauthorised, wilfully negligently or deliberately made (Section 32(1) of the MFMA). Fruitless and wasteful expenditure must be recovered in terms of Section 32(2). A councillor is guilty of an offence if he or she deliberately influences or attempts to influence the Accounting Officer to contravene the provisions of the MFMA (Section 173).

Kindly confirm, within seven days of receiving this letter, that you have complied with all the relevant legislation in your decision to appeal the verdict. We will then forward your answer to the AfriForum Oudtshoorn. If no reply is received within the abovementioned time, we shall consider taking action to protect the constitutional rights of our members.

Kindly acknowledge receipt.

Yours faithfully

Pieter Rautenbach
Head: Local Government Affairs, AfriForum

Dit is verblydend dat AfriForum gereeld ingryp om Oudtshoorn se belastingbetalers se belange te verdedig.

Die plaaslike voorsitter, George Kersop, se toewyding en energie om vergrype aan te spreek en sy nasionale bestuur se hulp in te roep, verdien die dank en waardering van Oudtshoorn se belastingbetalers.

Ook OO bedank Kersop.

Intussen gons dit in die gange van Verwardplein oor Donderdag (môre) se raadsvergadering en watter rigting die Mnyimba-skande gaan inslaan.

Hoe sal jy weet wat gebeur?

Weet wat wérklik aangaan; weet éérste… Lees OO!

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7 thoughts on “AfriForum waarsku oor Mnyimba

  1. Putco, your silence is so deafening china !
    Have you become Putty in the hands of Mob-Rule ?
    Care to explain if ever you can Putty ?
    Your Hardware shop equivalent does a better job to hold its transparent window pain in place and weathers all storms,…. but you…..????

  2. Take note Putco in relation to your “freewheeling” use of the words “to govern”

    “GOVERN” – “RESPONSIBLE officially for directing the affairs, policies, and economy of a state, country, or organization”

    “RESPONSIBLE” – “ACCOUNTABLE” for an action or for the successful carrying out of a DUTY”

    “ACCOUNTABLE” in a position where people have the right to criticize you or ask you why something happened or has not happened.

    “DUTY” – something that somebody is obliged to do for moral, legal, or religious reasons.

    Where in your casual pronouncement of “running affairs of local government” is your party’s ACCOUNTABILITY for GOVERNING, being RESPONSIBLE and DUTIFUL?

    All of which are owed, without fear of favour by “our government and civil service” to the residents, ratepayers and citizens in our democracy, including your “precious” but sorely neglected and increasingly pissed off electorate in Oudtshoorn?

    Cut the bullshit and explain matters to us.

    PS – Democracy does not infer mob rule.

  3. PUTCO, your ‘intellect” amazes !!!
    It does not matter who governs ODN via fair elections, such parties have a legal and constitutional duty my china, to stay the course, within the law and Municipal Systems Act. If not, they will individually or collectively be guilty of an offence and ACCOUNTABLE ! Take this to your party bosses and now that Gordhan has spoken out, understand one thing very clearly my china, THE THEFT, CORRUPTION, SELF ENRICHMENT AND NEGLECTING THE POOR IS OVER !!

    Over gezet zynde – The PARTY IS OVER !!!!
    From now on offenses committed is for your own personal accounts !! Can YOU afford it PUTTIE ??

  4. Wow Putco – back from the elitist conference and still with us I see, together with renewed irrational mind-boggling bullshit and propaganda which lives on in your poisoned mind, even in the face of the rampant and brazen fraud and thievery selfishly engineered by the ANC here in Oudtshoorn and countrywide in support the “ledaship’s” high-on-the-hog lifestyle.

    Instead of riding on the backs of your brainwashed and dutiful “electorate”, try explaining why we suffer under the unrelenting whip of the falsehood of the ANC’s “better life for all” sloganeering?

    Instead, you defend the indefensible by berating those citizens and concerned civic bodies in our communities who do indeed care and seek justice and truth and democracy.

    Democracy does not mean mob rule!

  5. Putco

    That the ANC is allowed to run Oudtshoorn into the ground is an embarrassment for Oudtshoorn.

    The ANC clearly had no idea how to run a local government – the AG report is conclusive in this matter.

    Organisations like AfriForum are obliged to intervene, as the ANC can’t run a soapy finger up its own collective ass.

  6. If Afri-forum has an interest in running affairs of local government I suggest they contest next local government elections in 2016. We have the support of the electorates to govern Oudtshoorn until 2016. At no stage our electorates have abdicated the mandate to the Afri-forum. My advise to Afri-forum plse build your own constituency and prepare to contest next LG elections.

  7. OO – dit blyk duidelik uit die dade van Afriforum dat hulle werklik omgee vir Oudtshoorn en sy mense en nie net by bekpraat bly soos die politiekepartye op Oudtshoorn nie. Dankie aan George Kersop en Afriform asook OO wat gereeld wys dat hulle daar is vir die gemeenskap, goeie dienslewering en die uitwissing van wanbestuur, korrupsie en bedrog op Oudtshoorn.

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