Bredell. Anton Bredell. Double O… O

Why does Zille persist with this man!?

News with intent!

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Oudtshoorn. 19 July 2012. 08h50. A Cape Town reader alerted me to this recent botchup by the “Ministry of Silly Decisions” – click here – when no fewer than eight! DA wards were “kicked in the teeth” by Botcher Bredell:

OO will publish a rather astounding report of DA doingses in Bitou later today. All on Bredell’s watch.

But Double Oh Oh promised to arrive personally “next week” to solve Bitou’s woes. OO is sure the good citizens of Plett and environs will sleep like babies tonight – waking up screaming every two hours.

Can the Premier of the Western Cape not remove this blunderer from office in some surprising, stouthearted attempt to provide rigour to her baulking government of “mediocre white men”, as Noseweek calls it?

Bredell hides behind, as he bitterly bewails the rigours of a job that is clearly to big for him, 900 different pieces of legislation regulating Local Government. He told a meeting of local business people in the Queens Hotel on September 28, 2009 – 2 years and 10 months ago! – that he was working on a white paper to simplify the processes so that he may act expeditiously.


Oudtshoorn, for one, is going to the dogs.

Bredell does nothing.


I say again: Bredell does nothing!

O.K… He did join Allen Paulse as an applicant in the Mnyimba case, and he is opposing the application for leave to appeal – only after Paulse lawyers first had to threaten.

And he is involved, through the significantly more energetic Theuns Botha, the Western Cape DA Leader, in the Pierre Nel v Oudtshoorn Municipality appeal… But it I like drawing teeth.

He should be fired, if the leadership of his boss, Helen Zille, had a veleity of intrepidity about it.

Concludes Noseweek, “As a former small town mayor (Swartland), Bredell’s sympathies no doubt lie with those who govern rather than with the governed, but people of his ilk simply add to the perception that the DA in these parts has become an ugly and reactionary party, a party of intolerance and kragdadigheid. The sort of grouping that only survives in this brain-drained land because the other lot is every bit as useless.”

Quotes from Noseweek 134, December 2010.
Title in acknowledgement of the James Bond franchise.

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One thought on “Bredell. Anton Bredell. Double O… O

  1. Why are we waiting ??
    Anton, is jou bedanking al in ?
    As jy nie self loop nie gaan jy Zille saam in die afgrond meesleur.
    Al gehoor van “op jou eie swaard val”. Sal n tragedie wees want die swaard het dan niks verkeerd gedoen nie ! !!

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