Paradise lost

Eden… Plett… DA posterboys feigning and fading

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Oudtshoorn. 18 July 2012. 07h55. The Western Cape DA Leader, Theuns Botha; and the Party’s Western Cape Secretary and Minister of Local Government, Anton Bredell, so OO learns on excellent authority, meet this morning to discus the breach in confidence between Eden Mayor Wessie van der Westhuizen and certain of Eden’s officials, on the one hand, and certain DA Caucus members on the other.

And also why Van der Westhuizen does not do as he is told how dares he.

This tension is nothing new, only the intensity varied over time leading to today’s review.

It is an open secret that the Oudtshoorn Caucus, the Eden Mayor’s home Caucus, has already recommended disciplinary steps against Van der Westhuizen.

Today’s meeting comes at a time when serious questions about the actions of the DA’s darling Mayor – Memory Booysen of Bitou (Plettenberg Bay) – are becoming evident.

Booysen is the ultimate DA poster boy: An ex ANC leader with “pips” that happened upon some back road to Damascus – mostly, let truth be known – because the ANC throughfare became congested.

OO is investigating Bitou’s crumbling management and is quite prepared to say now already that it is becoming al the more clear that only the thinest imaginable “blue” veneer covers Booysen’s “Black, Gold and Green” heart.

More soon!

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One thought on “Paradise lost

  1. Uiteindelik kry Bredell en die DA wat hul verdien
    Wil mos net altyd ‘annerkant toe kyk” en semels aanstel
    Anton, al gehoor dat as jy jou met die semels meng dan vreet die varke jou.
    Dis D-dag ou China ! Jy verdien als 150% en jul kiesers loop daagliks weg by die dosyne
    Als deur jul eie huigelagtige toedoen !
    Wanneer doen jy die eerbare ding en BEDANK Anton ?
    Kom jy nie dalk teen n te hoegerre prys met te min ervaring en geloofwaardigheid nie ?
    Sal Malmesbury jou ooit weer wil terughe, of het jy jou nessie nou maar eenmaal te veel bemis ?
    Se jy maar !

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