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“Tot hier toe en nie verder nie”

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Oudtshoorn. 18 Julie 2012. 09h30. Hierdie DA mediakonferensie was die beste een wat OO nog gedek het… by wyse van spreke en sonder enige baldadige of oorhoekse verwysing.

Die voorsitter, Hannes Barnard, het nie probeer om die media vriendelik-vriendelik te bedônner nie: Hy het die kind voordurend – verskeie kinders eintlik – by sy ware naam genoem en die naam was elke keer Wit Willem, met ‘n Adoons hier en daar.

Op Oudtshoorn vermors die ANC/Icosa/NPP geld. Baie geld. Aanmekaar. Sonder ophou.

Die krisis rondom die aanstelling van die munisipale bestuurder; die verwerping van die aanstelling deur die hooggeregshof; die futiele appèl, in opdrag van die burgemeester en sonder ‘n raadsbesluit is aanduidend van ‘n demokrasie van Oudtshoorn se mense in die duister hou.

Barnard het die ANC-raad se siniese en flagrante misbruik van die hooggeregshofreël wat ‘n bevel ophef in afwagting van ‘n appèl, uitgewys en gevra of die kieskollege, in die aanstelling van Mnyimba, volgens eie gewete en intellek gestem het, of in opdrag van politieke meesters.

Mnr Tyson Harris, die voorsitter van Rose Valley se gemeenskapskomitee; die mondstuk tussen die Rose Valley mense en die munisipaliteit het die ANC se blink en bles lieg oor die ontwikkeling van Rose Valley uitgewys vir die verkiesingsfoefie wat Rose Valley is en dit betreur dat die armste van die armstes, wat deur die ANC, Icosa en die NPP geteiken is vir stemme, so deur politici uitgebuit kan word.

Die DA oorweeg dit om die lot van Rose Valley se mense, en die lot van Oudtshoorn se belastingbetalers, by die openbare beskermer aan te meld vir ondersoek. Daar word selfs beoog om die menseregtekommissie na Rose Valley te laat kyk.

Volledige verslae van die verdagring sal vandeesweek in die Oudtshoorn Courant en Die Hoorn verskyn.

1. Die kind by sy ware naam noem: Alles openlik sê. Call a spade a spade.
2. Die kind se naam is Adoon (of Wit Willem): Dis afgehandel. Daar is niks meer aan die saak te doen nie.

Oudtshoorn. 17 July 2012. 12h45. The DA is holding a Media Conference at 15h00.

It is expected that the Allen Paulse application for leave to appeal; and the ongoing fraud at the Licencing Office, will be adressed.

Follow proceedings on twitter – @OudtshoornO – and read a full report by 17h00 on OO.

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10 thoughts on “DA speaks out

  1. OO dit is lankal tyd dat jy Zukile ” ban” hy is een groot doos wat nog in die verlede leef en sy kommentaar getuig van haatspraak , rassisme en apartheid. Hy verveel almal op die blog tot vervelens toe met sy aanmerkings en doelose kommentaar.

  2. Zukile

    The case was extensively covered. I am considering banning you because many of your comments are non-sensical and mere inults without substance or fact.

    Fix up your act or I will kick you off. My prerogative.

  3. If youn allowing people Drewan to use vulgar languange like “Gaan Kak” like this Investigative public you will get that in return because you supporting that and I can do it better than the two of you and you won’t sustain it , so let us be civilised like me Drewan.Fuck off I can stomach on being colonise it is better than the Afrikaans version my friend.

  4. Banning me for raising your arrogance , misinformation and protecting few White interest is not going to assist you, the more energy you get the more you stimulate me to write until you present issues as truthful as they can be, failing which I will expose your agenda of protecting your masters interests and ill informing people.We know for sure who’s feeding you and the strategist behind your agenda, so do not get pissed over truth , let us get on with this rants and ravings of you .present matters truthfully, why don’t you speak about how you begged NPP and Icosa to be in coalition with the DA and when they refused you began to attack these Parties on this blogger of your master? Where you hoping your masters will get tenders like the Mubesco and Land so that you can have your share on the work well done and leave Oudtshoorn afterwards?

  5. How could you have missed this case of Keith Jordaan , DA and Drewan??

  6. Zukile, I’ve deleted two of your most idiotic rants. Get rational or fuck off. Your judgement is ooooold news, reported at length on OO more than 2 years ago. You’re wasting my time, Zukile and worst – you are boring me.

    One more chance and I am banning you.

  7. How about Wessel Rabbets , Dianne De Jager , Leslie Swanepoel, Walter Hendricks (who ran Swellendam to ground and the DA appointed him in Oudtshoorn) , Keith Jordaan’s scandal before DA deployed him in Oudtshoorn and now in George? To be constructive is to make true analysis and not be in the Politics of deceiption and ORPA put it correctly and I agree ,corruption has no color or organisation it is a sickness that must be denounced even if it is done by the DA in this province and town, you can’t be selective when you dealing with such matters.Did you know how people are employed in Eden Municipality currently? Corruptees are those in this town acquired land in unscrupulous manners and no one says anything about it and we must not raise it because they are White and when that is raised then you blackmail us to be anti-white wish is utter rubbish, when it is Africans or Blacks in general you raise that sharply in Oudtshoorn Courant. How many Whites got contracts from the DA and there was no watchdog to spill the beans out how convenient is that and deceiving?, How many millionnaires do we have in Oudtshoorn and how did they make their money? Others where workers in Oudtshoorn Municipality and today have hectares of farm land that were given to them by the then DA officials and current employees. Please do not patronise us, get real or take your kid at your house and relate these stories to them on bedtime so that they can have a good nite sleep. Recently Mubesco left Oudtshoorn with more than 14 Million and you never said boof or buff, because its a white company , how could you have missed that? Do not rubbish taxpayers here and write lot of bull , this is not 1652 and 1993(Codesa). The time to fool people here is long gone or do you want to keep the status of White Capital monopoly even after 2012? I think that is long gone, watch this space.Patronising me about Bishop Tutu and Tata MAndela is nonsesical , it is that colonial mentality that will not resonate with this African generation Investigative public- whatever this means Ïnvestigative public”.

  8. Zukile, time to become constructive.
    All you do is blame everyone, go off the topic and show the world you are completely ignorant,out of touch and anti white. Quite the opposite of what Mandela stands for. So tell us, do you support Mandela’s views or are you just another gravy-trainer and loose canon waiting for a hand-out and to be educated ?

    Go and read again what Tutu, George Bisos and Frank Chikane had to say on Mandela’s birthday today, about corrupt ANC officials, all fighting for a piece of cake, joining the ANC just to get contracts and absolutely nothing to do with the struggle of yester year .

    Show us your true colours Zukile, like the ‘moral’ April and Pieterson and so many other ANC cadre’s did !

  9. OO press conference, is OO media or blogger…ha…haa.Oudtshoorn Courant is DA mouthpiece so what is new? The DA is doing its work as opposition nothing wrong with that.

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