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Oudtshoorn. 10 November 2012. 07h45. Still our councillors have not responded!

What qualifies Gordon April with the limited schooling and the violent Hendrik Botha to respresent and manage the affairs of the people of Oudtshoorn.

Why don’t the DA and the ANC and Icosa and the NPP make CV’s avaialble of their councillors?

Too ashamed?

Oudtshoorn. 15 September 2012. 06h45. OO has still not received any information yet on the qualifications and experience of our Councillors.

Perhaps theykre just ashamed of their “credentials”.

Qualifications and experience are certainly considered by the colleges electing candidates!?

The information should have been made public before the elections last May 18.

Yet we still don’t know what qualifies our 25 stooges to run Oudtshoorn!

Why, for instance, did MMC Hendrik Botha not stop the payment of the mayor’s personal legal fees!? Was he too busy assaulting his wife? (This is a reasonable concern as the man has 8! Convictions for violence and is the current subject of a DPP ordered domestic violence prosecution.)

Who, what, are the councillors!?

Oudtshoorn. 21 July 2012. 08h45. OO has not received any information yet on the qualifications and experience of our Councillors.

OO has some small reputation for insistence and sticktooitiveness – this demand for information from Oudtshoorn’s Councillors will NOT go away!

Speak up, Councillors!

Oudtshoorn. 19 July 2012. 06h45. OO has not received any information yet on the qualifications and experience of our Councillors.

Let’s be having it!

What qualifies Hendrik Botha, for instance, to head Finance in the Mayco!? Hendrik Botha! Ye gods and faeries!

What are Vlancio Donson’s qualifications for Deputy Mayor?

Jurie Harmse for “Strategic Services”!

Come on Councillors – tell us what qualifies you to run this town!

Oudtshoorn. 16 July 2012. 13h15. It is high time that the ratepayers and residents of Oudtshoorn be informed of the qualifications and experience of the men and women managing our affairs.

OO calls on all Councillors to submit their academic qualifications and work experience for publication.

This is the administrative team managing Oudtshoorn’s nearly half a billion budget:

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47 thoughts on “Are they competent!?

  1. Agreed Red/Ed everyone of us has our motives, me and you included. What is needed is for everyone concerned to see the bigger picture that is at stake.

    It is not good enough for the businessmen in our towns to say they are not interested in politics and the fraud within our Municipalities; that they are businessmen making profits and protecting their financial interests not sorting out the towns’ problems. Notably, when they sit in key positions of a Business Chamber, Rotary or any other Association.

    Public Participation must be protected at all cost, not just when it suits us! Commercial Associations and notably the Business Chamber must:

    • Lead the public; gather the storm that will through collective force bring down corruption.
    • Clean up their own personal and business ethics and morals, because you shouldn’t throw stones if you live in a glass house.
    • Go above and beyond to ensure business is conducted transparently and not behind closed doors. Even, if there is no fraud and corruption it sets a very bad example others will follow.
    • Refuse to do business with the Municipality and profit from municipal, military and police contracts if those institutions are as corrupt and mal administered as continually insinuated.
    • Provide an audit function to ensure local municipal, police and military tenders are not drawn up and designed so that a corrupt preselected supplier is the only entity that can qualify. This means that whoever sits on the audit committee and chairs those association should not qualify for any municipal business during their tenure.
    • Expel any dishonest and unethical members and disclose to the public the reasons why.

  2. OO, why are you not publishing the ORPA response to your challenge of its AGM? Are you tto biased? Ha-ha.

  3. Raaaait, everybody vented. Let’s get back to business: Oudtshoorn is in trouble; eden is in trouble. A fix is needed – a social fix; a political fix; an economic fix. Let’s accommodate solutions.

  4. Kyk uit vir die Oudtshoorn Komministiese Belhamel Afhanklike Zion Aggresiewe Agteraf Rampokker Party
    Ons kort hom sommer af na OK BAZAAR!

    Party Leier: Ek (sekerlik die kommunis, ek steun die chinese)
    Spirituele Leier: Ds N Pietersen (Zion)
    Tesourier: D Baird (Belhamel)
    Sektretaresse: Laaitie Donson (Rampokker)
    Skriba: Adoon (Afhanklik)
    Tea Girl: Mnr Hendriks (Aggresiewe)
    Stripper: M Mnyimba (Oudtshoorn se huidige hoofseun)

    Dan is ons mos nou mooi verteenwoordig. Sela!

  5. I am glad have kept out of all this mindless crap and mudslinging!


  6. O pur-leaze!

    That is exactly why OO is flooded with local ads and the publisher is driving a Bugatti Veyron.

    Ye gods and faeries!

  7. There is no conspiracy, but the best camouflage for what is actually taking place is bullshit, absurdity and disinformation which the editor is quick to flood onto his blog.

    The one thing the DA and ANC have in common is they don’t want or need Drewan Baird and would not let him into their ranks because he’s only loyal to whoever fills his pocket.

    The only people that temporarily benefit from OO are the small group of businessmen who monopolise this town and control smaller business owners through the carrot and the stick. They put newspaper owners / editors on their board, give incentives through advertising contracts and threaten to take business away from newspapers and editors who publish anything independent.

    Beware DA and ANC these businessmen will use you when you have control of the Municipality and stab you in the back simultaneously; these are the businessmen that supported Apartheid and profited from it and will prostitute themselves for whatever serves their purpose today and tomorrow. Money is their God! Their self excuse is they are not politicians they are businessmen, they are not here to fix the towns problems they are here to make money.

  8. The Municipality says OO is not impartial, but biased.

    The ANC says OO is not impartial, but biased.

    The DA says OO is not impartial, but biased.

    ORPA says OO is not impartial, but biased.

    Joseph Ncquba says OO is not impartial, but biased.

    Diane de Jager says OO is not impartial, but biased.

    Sounds like OO is perfectly unbiased!

  9. I agree with ORPA that the editor of this site is bias and has allegiance with other parties.

    I also agree with Gatvol. My Afrikaans is not all that good but I understand enough to agree. We don’t need people like Zukile in this society. She can go to Comrade Mugabe.

    I think the editor must show some more respect, but then again, it is his blog, we choose to read it.

  10. One more thing – how could I have forgotten!?

    The C-H-I-N-E-S-E.

    The Chinese are the biggest conspirator of all. They want to take over Africa and the entire world. And Barack Obama is their agent.

  11. Oh – and the Aero Club! The Aero Club is also involved in the conspiracy. Verrry bad people running the Aero Club. Verrry bad.

  12. To my shame I have to admit: OO is in a huge conspiracy with the Business Chamber, Organised Agriculture, Tourism, the Municipality; the ANC, the DA, and the very Prince of Darkness – but I repeat myself – against the people of Oudtshoorn.

    I humbly beg pardon and undertake to be a better boy henceforth.

  13. The editor of this blog is not impartial, we could go into detail on this topic, but it really isn’t worth it and we have no wish to attack the editor personally or become derogatory.

    Once our minutes are sent through, and the editor’s accusations are shown to be unsubstantiated and the editor is shown up not to be an investigative journalist at all but a pawn of the business chamber we do not intend to ever use this blog again.

    Normally an investigative journalist would publish a topic of debate and then allow the readers to comment but remain impartial himself; only provide guidelines to ensure that the debate is not hi-jacked by abusive writers.

    In the case of OO a debate topic is placed, and then when the debate moves in a direction the editor had not predicted or anticipated, he personally gets involved either under his editor name or under one of his several pseudo names. Further since no one uses their actual names it is impossible to prove that several commentators are not all one and the same person, it is impossible to know how many people actually agree or disagree with the topic, and so this really is a waste of time.

    If you agree or disagree with our comment, please contact ORPA directly and we will initiate a new area of debate and communication using twitter. I would also like to suggest that there is no reason for anyone to become personal and abusive, comments like “Zukile – Gaan kak. Firing squad vir jou” prove nothing except a lack of education and ability to debate intellectually. What they do prove is that the writer cannot come up with a reasonable answer and has lost the debate.

    Good bye from ORPA


  14. The following day we enrolled another 25 members

  15. Zukile? Still awaiting your reply on my post at 12:05 on 18 July 2012? I can’t see any reason as to believe that the editor of this blog has anything to hide and is totally impartial.

  16. I hoped that ORPA could have read my comment that you have deleted because I totally agree with her on matters of corruption and you have decided to delete the truth because you will be rubbished by your boss/master for keeping the comment for people to read but do not worry I will sent what I commented on to Lizzanne, you messenger boy.

  17. You must also delete or ban this Kak of Investigative Public or else??

  18. Will do so gladly and on the evening we enrolled a total of 50 new members would you like their names as well…

  19. Gatvol – hoekom vat jy dan nie die leierskap van die dorp oor aangesien jy so vinnig is om klippe te gooi! Mense wat in glaskastele bly …

  20. Drewan would you like me to bring to you the minutes of the 2011 AGM I have it on file…

  21. Zukile – Gaan kak. Firing squad vir jou

    ORPA – Julle is useless en het verskuilde agendas

    OBB – Julle het verskuilde agendas

    Afriforum – Doen so voort

    Hier is die God weet nie een leier in hierdie dorp nie

    Allah help ons
    God help ons
    Justin Beaber help ons

  22. ORPA

    A reminder: Nic Barrow had a meeting on 30 November 2010, two years after his previous “geraamtes in die kas” version.

    No 2011 meetings were held.

    ORPA has not yet had an AGM – ever! – and ito its Constitution (para.8.1.) is no longer legally constituted.

    Perhaps ORPA should get its own affairs in order, as a representative organisation, before it arrogates to comment on Organised Commerce and Agriculture and Tourism.

    And before, as a representative organisation, it complains bitterly about Municipal maladministration.

    ORPA’s affairs appear to be in a worse state than that of the Oudtshoorn Municipality!

    On the other hand the OBB – the Oudtshoorn Burgerlike Beweging – has perfected the art of not being seen: It has been AWOL since the “Versoeningsmars” in November last year.

    There is an absolute absence of rational civil protest in Oudtshoorn… But for AfriForum.

    But AfriForum is a national incentive. Yet we are priviledged to have an active local Chair, George Kersop, and, so OO has learned, formal access to the legal expertise of Nic Barrow.

    Perhaps there is hope still!

  23. Ahh Zukile….. I think you’re one of the newer readers so firstly I’d like to welcome you. Secondly, if for arguments sake, the editor of this blog had NO degree to administer this blog, it’s stated in the Constitution and is called freedom of speech. Thirdly, if I can remember well, (as some of our older readers will do too), the editor of this blog did apply for membership to the ANC, but was informed that they could not accept him, due to his straight forwardness, and to be blunt, his impartial attack on both ANC and DA aswell as NPP and COPE. So pray tell how you concluded that the editor is a DA agent?

  24. To answer your question, Graham asked Oudtshoorn Rate-Payers Association (ORPA) to publish his comments which are in line with our founding charter, and which you can read on the ORPA Website:

    Further, ORPA is an organisation that has been called to act by its members, and yes you may also approach us and do the same, so long as your intentions are in line with our founding charter. In fact this is the entire purpose of ORPA, to provide a voice to all residents and rate-payers of Oudtshoorn from all walks of life, not just those privileged and with access to computers and enough money to buy the right to publish in newspapers.

    Nic Barrow is not the Chairperson, nor the face of ORPA; he merely called the meeting of November 2010. The ORPA management team represents all thirteen (13) wards in the greater Oudtshoorn area and the current chair is Lizanne Pelham who you can contact on 082 8802297 if you are brave enough to publish your comments under your own name. Our day committe is made up of five members of our management team.

    Unlike Agri, Tourism and the Business Chamber who merely represents a select few and have commercial motives ORPA has no commercial or political interests. Like Agri, Tourism and the Business Chamber ORPA does not represent everyone’s views and opinions categorised by its name; however, we can only strive to fulfil our mandate given to us by the residents of Oudtshoorn in public meetings held on November 2010 and again in October 2011.

  25. If “Graham” is speaking his own mind, why is he doing it under the ORPA name? Who is “Graham” and how does he get access to the ORPA online identity? Can any person publish under ORPA? Can I? I have quite different views to those expressed recently under the ORPA name. Has ORPA been usurped by individuals? Does ORPA even represent ratepayers? A business leader told me yesterday that he paid his R10 in November 2010 to hear Nic Barrow, not to be represented by someone. What’s happening at ORPA?

  26. Zukile, we have said what needs to be said, fault lies everywhere and I understand the ANC are tired of being criticised by hypocrites, but that is not an excuse for ANC members to join the fraud and corruption tea party – SA citizens and the entire world expects better from the ANC than from previous governments.

    Let’s start from today and ask what are we all going to do collectively to make Oudtshoorn free of fraud and corruption at all levels of Municipality and the business sector and to ensure the money gets to where it is most needed and not personal pockets?

    These are my personal comments, I do not speak on behalf of every rate payer and resident of Oudtshoorn but I hope the majority want reconciliation which starts by fixing one’s own backyard prior to giving advice to your neighbour.


  27. Thanks Oudtshoorn Rate Payers for this analogy spot on, Drewan must first look and investigate his masters that has benefited in the past and got land and secured land for lease for next to nothing and still fighting for their narrow interest and business interest under the shadow of Good Governance when in the past gained immensely through irregular tender processes and want to claim to be Champion of good governance and Drewan serving that interest….you can fool some people sometimes but can never fool all the people all the times.Checked how Dianne De Jager and co got Buffelsdrift?How Kleinplaas and for how much it was sold , how NA Smith was sold and who benefited, the Mubesco tender of 9million( how much DA and Wessel Rabberts earned out of that deal,remember the where no tender processes and how SIU could miss that strategically?) Those who act and pretend in this town to be fighting for taxpayers of Oudtshoorn are playing double standards and must just watch this space , the dirty linen will be revieled.

  28. Fired from Department of Justice and hoped you will takeAdvocate Chantel Williams’s position as Legal Services Manager , Ian Avontuur you are hopeless , how could you have been a Tik kop prosecutor and expected to be given a position by the Anc when you came straight from Cope and hoped for more. You are very frustrated for an Anc member, all you can do is to head straight to DA because even Cope will not make use of you, not even Forplay as an Anc leader in our Province can contemplate raising your name to the DA because your brains are full of drugs, tik nogals for a junior prosecutor.Your expected gains is not forthcoming because your fight in the ANC has all been about yourself, so f**k off to DA OR start a Cope branch in your ward. Morals , Integrity and Principles is what make an Anc cadre , the organisation tried to teach you that mate but you just a moron with no principle and ethics , you will hop from here to there until you get tired. Lastly Fiks is a leader of the African National Congress(Secretary of the Subregion) whether you instructed Hennie Baartman , the weak SWD President who cannot even attrack sponsors for SWD, LESS of having a team that is convincing for the Region to deal with him that is very immaterial now, because yourself when the Department of Justice fired you , you still tried hard to force your way.You can for now hide at the shadow of your father , that will pass as well….ha..haa…you moron.

  29. Municipal corruption is like a fight, it takes a minimum of two to tango and it can’t be done alone.

    It’s there when ever a shadowy deals goes through without correct tender process and public participation.
    It’s there when an organisation has closed door meetings with the municipality and refuses participation to other civic organisations and the public and the senior members suddenly have contracts for the construction of 300 Military houses.
    It’s there when flood plain lands are signed off for housing developments.
    It’s there when historic buildings are suddenly condemed as unsafe and knocked down and replaced by appartment blocks, shops and the like.
    it’s there when journalists are bought by advertising contracts and must live in fear of losing their income if they expose what goes on.

    And whilst it is difficult to prove, the thing about corruption and fraud is that it always comes to light sooner or later.

  30. ORPA

    “… what role members of the Oudtshoorn Business Community have played in support of municipal mal-administration which created corruption on the scale we now face.”

    Care to elaborate on this rather loaded inference?

  31. Yes investigative public I agree and further, we must not forget fraud and corruption within our municipalities are the result and not the cause of the degradation of morality and ethics within our social structures. Something that started way before 1994, and has become a rampant sickness in our country, that is scaring off responsible and accountable investment and destroying all of our children’s’ futures.

    One cannot use maladministration, fraud and corruption when it suits ones’ personal and business objectives and then complain about it when it affects you adversely. This leads us to question what role members of the Oudtshoorn Business Community have played in support of municipal mal-administration which created corruption on the scale we now face.

    South Africa has a formidable democratic auditing and control function built into its constitution called Public Participation. To float their own personal and political agendas, Municipal Managers need to destroy this function and when dishonest shadowy business persons circumnavigate municipal process including Public Participation paying bribes to receive favour on tenders, fast track building projects and facilitate their own ends they make it possible.

    So, if you want Good Governance within your Municipalities it starts with YOU. Protect at all cost our constitutional right to the Public Participation process and enforce it collectively, not only when it suits ones agenda, at all times and without fail even if it is detrimental to ones’ own agenda.

    We send out a call to our so called investigative journalists, investigate and expose who has and is still benefiting from shadowy municipal and military housing construction contracts, municipal land leases, and the ostrich slaughter fiasco. Investigate investment advisors that have pocketed their clients’ funds and lawyers and accountants that have misappropriated. INVESTIGATE and expose the so called pillars of our community that we look up to for what they are.

    Lastly, how are we going to save our town? By acting ethically in all facets of our lives, and by GETTING ACTIVELY INVOLVED WITH COMMUNITY AFFAIRS and not just sitting back and complaining or expecting someone else to govern our future and by not believing everything you are fed through the media who are to a large degree answerable to the master who pays their advertising costs.

  32. Well said ORPA. Qualifications are very helpful and shows determination whilst the proof in the pudding lies in the ACTIONS or eating thereof. ODN Cllrs and Municipal Managment have failed hopelessly. They wont relinquish their gravy posts which i predict will only happen when they are removed due to incompetency, lack of service delivery or corruption, or a combination of the above

    Once the law has made an example of these corrupt officials and their own constituents stand up against them (to halt poverty and increase service delivery FOR ALL), only then will the penny drop. We are at the very edge of a new dawn ! People all across SA have had enough it seems.

  33. As usual the point is completely lost in politics and abuse of each other. Degrees are good foundations but over-rated and definitely not the most important quality of a good manager.

    To be a manager requires only four simple tasks, Planning & Preparation, Delegation, Review and Reporting; to be a good manager is to do these simple tasks well.

    To be an excellent manager, one needs humility, integrity honesty and compassion; what is disastrous for our country is that these qualities are becoming extinct amongst our civil servants (Politicians of all Parties) and our business sector.

  34. Zukile you speak like somebody i know….Worsie Forplay or his side kick Ficks Blou. I hear you guys have now deployed old Louis Booysen and Morena Douse onto the tender evaluation committee at the Municipality. What ? Douse was recently elected onto the ANC Oudtshoorn executive committee. Booysen is a trusted lieutenant of Worsie. The lines between party and state is really getting blurred now hey !

    Ficks Blou has recently been fired ( pushed ) from his job at SWD rugby for alleged misuse of resources. This is the brand new ANC Oudtshoorn secretary – dubiuos character to say the least. Morena Douse ANC Oudtshoorn executive member and Oudtshoorn Municipality`s newest tender evaluation committee member is the subject of Police investigation for alleged theft of Municipal resources ( plasma tv`s ). Douse does not even have st 10, i hear. Blou also left his teaching post in the Eastern Cape under a cloud. He will most definately jump onto the gravy mbombela very shortly. The journey, by all accounts wont last too long, i suspect, seeing that the winds of change are blowing. The writing is on the wall.

  35. Ha….haa…. Investigative public, what is investigative public real Oudtshoorn Afrikaner.

  36. Zukile, try and convince Helen Zille and Theuns Botha and Anton Bredell and James Selfe that I am a “DA agent”.

    But I need you to think that I am a good journalist, Zukile! PLEASE say that I am a good journalist!! I don’t think I’ll survive if you think I’m a bad journalist. PLEASE change your mind! PLEASE!

  37. Zukile’s spelling leaves much to be desired, maybe he got a similar or one level higher than April !

    With his anti white sentiment and “finish and klaar’ statement above, he reminds me of Selebi. Maybe they will both be in the same ‘hotel room’ soon

  38. Drewan Baird I only have my brains and no qualifications ,that is why with my brains I CAN see that you do not have the neccessary journalist skills for this blogger but want to project as if your analysis are correct, you are a DA agent so your views to Anc members not making any sense except those who informs you.

  39. Zukile

    I do not arrogate to represent voters and manage their affairs, so my qualifications are none of your business.

    For the record, I have two four year university degrees:

    A Bachelor of Theology, assessed by South African standards to be equavalent to a local Honours degree;

    A Bachelor of Business Administration, assessed by South African standards to be equavalent to a local Honours degree.

    What do you have, Zukile?

  40. Drewan put your qualification here , so that we can see whether you are qualified to write a simply essay and not much of an article?

  41. Suentjie K ,you seem more like Ian Avontuur and Phillip Goliath. Whether Ronny is the list qualified the Coalition has decided on him and not your Tik kop will stop this.Ronny is a leader in this institution no White faggat will decide who we must employ and think these anti-revolutionaries will set the agenda for us.The ANC Coalition has decided so finish and klaar.

  42. Ronnie Lottering……not ayoba ! He looks to be the least competent of the whole lot.

  43. Ek wonder hoeveel van die sogenaamde Kwalifikasies kan gestaaf raak by die onderskeie onderig instansies ?

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