Asking Cape Town to help

Getting the ANC’s Provincial Leaders to address the cadres’ stupidity

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Oudtshoorn. 10 July 2012. 14h15. I wrote the ANC Leader of the Opposition in the Wetern Cape Parliament, Lynne Brown, earlier today to get her to come fix the idiotic cockups of the local ANC mamparas.

Dear Ms Brown

I submit to you as I am refused an explanation, by choice, inability, bloody-mindedness, or otherwise, by local and regional ANC functionaries.

On June 1 the Western Cape High Court ruled Thandekile Mnyima unfit to be Oudtshoorn’s Municipal Manager, declaring the appointment null and void.

Oudtshoorn’s ANC Executive Mayor, Gordon April, ordered an appeal on the strength of his delegated powers.

Even though twelve of Oudtshoorn’s 25 Councillors (48%) submitted a written request that Council reviews the decision, the ANC Government has to date refused, with resolute determination, to call a Council Meeting.

I remind you of s.59(3)(a) of the MUNICIPAL SYSTEMS ACT 32 OF 2000: “The municipal council – in accordance with procedures in its rules and orders, may, or at the request in writing of at least one quarter of the councillors, must, review any decision taken by such a political structure, political office bearer, councillor or staff member in consequence of a delegation or instruction, and either confirm, vary or revoke the decision subject to any rights that may have accrued to a person…”

Kindly muster whomever should be mustered to address this outrage.

Will Brown act!?

Jesse Duarte reprimanded the local moegoes recently.

Anton Bredell won’t act, to be sure. So let’s see if Brown will.

Of Course, Badih Chaaban, Leader of the NPP, can easily instruct his Oudtshoorn member, Speaker Johannes Stoffels, to convene a Council Meeting to review April’s decision to appeal.

The question begs whether Chaaban serves the law, or his ANC masters!

Does Chaaban really subscribe to “clean government”, or does he support the ANC at all cost!?

Only action will tell. Or the lack thereof.

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8 thoughts on “Asking Cape Town to help

  1. Derrick, jy’s verkeerd. Sien die Strukturewet, soos ek in my brief aan Lynne Brown aangehaal het.

  2. OO , you are missing the point. First, only a majority of councillors requesting a council meeting can force the Speaker to call a council meeting, thus DA cannot force this with 12 signatures. Two, DA can bring motion to next council meeting with 25% of councillors reqeusting council to reconsider any previous decitions taken as eluded to in your article above. Here the majority vote in council is reqiured to have previous decisions revoked. This will be the reality check .

  3. ZUKILE, shame, are you still in that political Hospital. Better you stay there for the next 50 years – you seem veryTERMINAL !

    OO, expect NOTHING from Brown. She herself is currently skating on micron thin political ice, many faction fights within that libirytjin moevemint ! So, while she is so very pre occupied with political survival, with her “water expected to break soon” why would she in a million years even attempt to look east towards the relentless and ongoing suffering and exploitation of ODN, hugh ??

  4. Ek dink nie dat die ANC se Mrs Brown enigiets sal doen nie. Ek dink nie dat die NPP se Chabaan enigiets kan doen nie. Onthou hy is afhanklik van die geltjies wat sy aangestelde raadslede en amptenare (onkapabeles waarvan Odn se mun nou so vol is!) aan hom terugbetaal. En dit geld ook vir Donson met sy ICOSA..Wat die geltjies van die armes van Kannaland nou vir hulle anner goeters wil val..
    Verstaan julle nie dat die ANC net die WesKaap weer wil oorneem nie? En hulle is bereid om dit teen alle koste te doen met of sonder die meelopers soos NPP of ICOSA. Selfs al vernietig hulle munisipaliteite wat nog steeds funksioneer. Die ANC het in elk geval nie ‘n geskiedenis dat hulle ooit ‘n skoon regering wil of kan handhaaf nie.
    En verder kan die BM kan maak soos hy wil omdat daar nog nie, in die huidige termyn volgens die voorskrifte van die wet (Mun Systems Act 32 of 2000 art 59 (2) (f)) Delegations “MUST be reviewed when a new council is elected ….” ) ‘n nuwe delegasie register opgestel is nie.
    En die een persoon wat aan die hoof is hiervan is die Speaker van die Raad – Chabaan se man! Dit is sy mandaat om vergaderings byeen te roep en om seker te maak dat al die wetlike beginsels word nagekom.
    Die Speaker is die wag op die muur!!! Ons wag vir ons Speaker ……

    Maybe Mrs Brown has a lovely daughter/son she wants to send us????

  5. Drewan did Wilton Kawa inform you that he is in hospital after last nite, call your friend or some of you friends in the Oudtshoorn Anc to give you that briefing.

  6. Die ANC se provinsiale leiers sal nie help nie, nog minder die parlament of Zuma, want alhoewel die ANC meer wette geskryf het vandat hulle aan bewind is en daar meer regte aan vrouens, kinders en die algemene Suid Afrikaners gegee het, geld hierdie regte en wette nie wanneer ‘n hooggeplaste ANC ampsdraer betrokke is nie.

  7. OO – ek dink jy moet sommer al die korrespondensie vir Zuma stuur en kyk of hy reageer, dalk net dalk sal hy optree.

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