R500,000 already spent defending Mnyimba’s appointment!

Oudtshoorn’s ANC Government is bleeding ratepayers dry and wasting money paying cadres fortunes to defend insanely irresponsible decisions

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Oudtshoorn. 9 July 2012. 15h40. OO has learned on impeccable authority that the Oudtshoorn Council has already paid R500,000 in legal costs defending its ludicrous appointment of Thandekile Mnyimba as Municipal Manager.

Senior advocate Ismail Jamie was paid R180,000.

Junior Counsel Shaheed Patel was paid R220,000. Patel is currently being investigated by the George Council for billing discrepancies relating to bills rendered to George and Oudtshoorn. OO is in possession of a 193-page report in the matter, dated November 12, 2011.

Attorney Hardy Mills was paid R100,000.

OO estimates Allen Paulse’s cost to date at R375,000, given that Paulse did not instruct Senior Counsel.

Council lost the case against Allen Paulse and the Minister of Local Government and is therefore due to settle Paulse’s costs and the Minister’s cost if Council is not granted leave to appeal, or looses the appeal.

Mnyimba is not qualified to be Oudtshoorn’s Municipal Manager. Yet the ANC cabal spent R500,000 in a futile attempt to justify its cadre deployment and is committing even more ratepayer money appealing the verdict that Mnyimba is not qualified to be the MM!

Somebody must stop these irrational incompetents!

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4 thoughts on “R500,000 already spent defending Mnyimba’s appointment!

  1. ONNOSEL, dis al
    Ek glo die slapende minister in die kaap kan gerus wakker skrik en ODN adviseer waar om hierdie spul trogvreters te laat aankla in hul PERSOONLIKE HOEDANIGHEID vir unauthorised and wasteful expenditure !

    Ons wag Rip van Winkel !!!!

  2. The new ‘P.C’ term for stealing is as follows: Democratic re-distribution of wealth. So lyk my dat die ai-en-sie ons ter gronde wil dryf, maar ook hulself in die lang termyn in die voet skiet? Onnoselheid op sy beste!!!!!!!!!

  3. I wounder will the now mayor stand and tell the family’s that wont get services due to budget shortfalls the short falls are due to his decisions! Will the councilor tell the unemployed qualified worker that he is the person responsible for him having no food, while the councilor’s family member is sitting(sleeping) in the position and is totally unqualified for that position yet earn more than market norm! just because he is family! I think not. No the anc way is “redeploy” and have the complainant pay for the move!

    The anc protects the wrongdoer to the point of redeployment and reinforce the victimization of the victim (taxpayers) by having the victim pay for the wrong done! The funny thing is that the anc does not realize that that stealing from the council, = stealing from the whole community, = from all the haves AND the have not’s!

  4. Jul sien elke dag hoe gaan dit met die plattelandse dorpe in die OVS en Mpumalanga, meeste van hul het tans geen skoon drink water meer nie, die hele sisteem het in duie gestort, “mark my words”, ons is met spoed van lig op pad daarheen, hier sal drasties maar drasties opgetree moet word en red wat te redde is, anders is dit nag. Vraag is, gaan ons sit en toe kyk dat mnr Barrow alleen vir die dorp die “battle fight”, en ons verder maar toesien dat alles totaal en al in duie stort, of gaan ons ons gevoude arms begin reguit maak en begin om iets te doen? Vraag wat gaan ons doen en wat kan ons doen? Ons almal betaal belasting tot oor ons ore en dit is wat daarvan word. Mnr Barrow is seer sekerlik nie alleen wat die nodige “guts” het nie of is ek verkeerd?

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