How to defeat the ANC

The DA must dump “ordentlikheid” and come out like William Wallace, goring and beheading its way to power

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Oudtshoorn. 8 July 2012. 09h15. The then DA Parliamentary Leader, Athol Trollip, told the story last year, at a Buffelsdrift, Oudtshoorn DA breakfast, of an elderly black man with whom he had a long, insightful conversation earlier.

The old man listened to Trollip’s argument for a DA Government and finally said that he was to vote with his scars.

No one can blame this old man.

No one can blame any black South African for supporting the ANC – the ANC defeated Apartheid.

It is a bad plan, and a futile plan at that, to try and win votes from the ANC support base by arguing that a DA Government, for instance, will be better than an ANC Government, because it can be shown, and it mostly can, that where the DA governs, for instance, people live better.

What is required is clear proof that the ANC is injuring people.

To win a woman’s heart she must fall out of love with her lover.

In Oudtshoorn, the OO theatre, black people vote ANC; white people vote DA; and coloured people vote DA, ANC, Icosa, NPP, and for that little party that Uncle Freddie started to get into Council to make money for the family.

Very few voters consider facts, such as facts may exist or be shared; very few are swayed by speeches or advertisements; most vote to keep the perceived danger out: White supremacy; black supremacy; whomever will not subjugate me.

In Oudtshoorn, and probably even in the Western Cape, and maybe even nationally, people vote mostly against something and hardly ever for something. In 2009, for instance, Oudtshoorn delivered for the DA on the basis of an anti-Zuma pro-Zille conditioned emotional response.

In Oudtshoorn, to be sure, blacks and many coloureds vote to show the whites; and whites and a few coloureds vote to avoid a black whitewash. (It’s politics, so terms may be somewhat… strange.)

Most whites and most coloureds and the few blacks who vote against the ANC, vote in a desperate hope of some semblance of integrity that will see the very basics of what a democracy should deliver: Representatives who do not steal; and do not employ incompetent friends and family and friends and family of friends; and do not award tenders to incompetent friends and family and friends and family of friends.

Blacks feel that it’s “their turn” to feed at the trough – a treasury for government funds, and also a container from which cattle or horses feed – and therefore probably black hope for a place at the trough somehow outweighs the fear of being left out in the dark.

For the DA to market “better government” is all but futile. The DA will certainly convince the young urban blacks not yet accommodated at the trough, and without a high probability of being invited, but the great unwashed will continue to stink with the ANC.

What the DA wants to do is to aggressively shout at the poorest of the poor that their children are NOT being educated and that whatever money is available to deliver services and houses and health care are being stolen or spent on jets, German rides, and Iranian Almas caviar deep-fried in Cire Perdue Macallan… Google the food if you’re not a cadre.

Those voting with their scars need to be shown, like they are five year olds, that the ANC is deliberately screwing them. All else is folly and a waste of liberal English and conservative Afrikaans donor money.

The DA needs to acknowledge that elections are not about returning Mr. William St John-Smythe to the Lower House for the good people of Upper Superior on Smart, but to get one more voice of reason to shout against the boisterous raiders in Pâ-lee-ha-mínt.

It is plain bloody stupid to arrive at a street fight in freshly pressed boxing shorts sporting Hayabusa Kanpeki Elite Series 16oz-ers with a copy of the Queensbury Rules covering the genitals, when the opposition is coming at you with machine guns and an inability even to be aware of rules.

The DA must dump “ordentlikheid” and come out like William Wallace, goring and beheading its way to power.

Don’t show ‘em how good the DA is; show ‘em how kak* the ANC is. This is Africa, for crying in a bucket; not Upper Superior on Smart.

Wake up.

* Note
Dis hoog tyd dat daardie kort, eksplosiewe, beskrywende Afrikaanse kragwoordjie, kak, in sy regmatige internasionale plek bevestig word. Dit is van onskatbare waarde in die raak, bondige beskrywing van onsin; van die onwaardige; van gekheid; van nonsens. Ek dink kak moet uit die kas klim.

Kyk net wat moet die Soute alles sê om nie eens aan kak se gat te hap nie: shit, crap, nonsense, bunk, folderol, codswallop, ballocks, trumpery (in business?), applesauce, apple butter, tripe, hogwash, drivel, all my eye and Betty Martin (ai, die Soute darem), boloney, bologna, balls, bollox, banana oil, bilge, blatherskite, booshwah, borax, bosh, bughouse, claptrap, cobblers (rhyming slang – cobblers’ awls = balls), cowyard confetti, crock (of shit), duck soup, eyewash, fiddle-faddle, fiddlesticks, flannel, flapdoodle, flubdub, gammon, garbage, guff, hooey, horsefeathers, hoo-ha, jiggery-pokery, krazin, magoozlum, malarkey, mumbo-jumbo, phonus-balonus, phooey, piffle, pigshit, poop, poppycock, rannygazoo, rhubard, rollocks, rot, strunz, toffee, tommyrot, tosh, trash, tripe, twaddle…

Daar’s ook ‘n lieflike Jiddiese woord, “mishegoss” – A wacky, irrational, absurd belief; nonsense; hallucinations. A state of affairs so silly or unreal that it defies explanation. A piece of tomfoolery, clowning, horsing around. A fixation, an idée fixe.

En op Afrikaans? Kák! Maklik, nè? A fulminant monosyllabic tour de force.
Hoekom beywer ek my vir die vestiging van kak? Sodat ek nie lang essays hoef te skryf in antwoord op bepaalde “argumente” nie.

Dis kak.

(Paulus het darem self die voordele van hierdie woordjie besef: In Filippense verwys hy na sekere dinge uit sy verlede as… as… as, nou ja… as “kak”, en noem hy sy teenstanders “honde”, “skelms” en “afsnyers van penisse” wat hulle met skubala – wéér “kak” – besig hou.)

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12 thoughts on “How to defeat the ANC

  1. @ Mbu TeBo Lothlare Dikgacwi

    The problem is that the anc act to late, and usually in a way that cost the taxpayers even more! The anc protects the wrongdoer to the point of redeployment and reinforce the victimization of the victim (taxpayers) by having the victim pay for the wrong done! The funny thing is that the anc does not realize that that stealing from the council, = stealing from the whole community, = from all the haves and the have not’s!
    I wounder will the now mayor stand and tell the family’s that wont get services due to budget shortfalls the short falls are due to his decisions! Will the councilor tell the unemployed qualified worker that he is the person responsible for him having no food, while the councilor’s family member is sitting(sleeping) in the position and is totally unqualified for that position yet earn more than market norm! just because he is family! I think not. No the anc way is “redeploy” and have the complainant pay for the move!

  2. Seuntjie K….I hope after this you will not accuse me of factional politics. I agree with you that the ANC held the moral high ground in society…and @ the same do wantto admit that it has not been all well and glory for the deployees of the ANC. Some have been caugght with their hands in the cookie jar and the ANC has acted…point in refrence the recent spate of firing of Ministers by Pres. Zuma. I refuse to respond to allegations that are not proven, that of Councillors givin work to their families….it should be condemned with all the contempt it deserves. mention who those Councillors are and the ANC will act. Am not sure abt the unscrupulous activities you’re referring to….

  3. Zukile, the ANC always held the moral high ground even during the darkest days of successive states of emergency and the most repressive period of our national democratic revolution. You miss the point cos you dont understand the general conditions prevailing in odn – you are maybe to caught up in factionalist politics. In Oudtshoorn, at least, we have deviated from the communal and humanist culture of our people. We are finding councillors handing out jobs to their family members. Do you support this ? Did solomon mahlangu shed his blood in vain so that leaders can line their pockets through deviations and unsrupulous activities ? The ANC in Odn is off-course. We need to put the people back at the centre of everything we do !

  4. Drewan & co…(and we all know who that company is)…I must say your analogy of events especially in Oudtshoorn are devoid of all truth and smacks of a piece that just needs to be thrown at your face….I find most of your assertion as mere racists in it’s taste and is that which in the archives of south Africa we would associate with recipes for a Black on Black violence….if not that the Rule & Divide mentality. You choose not to mention, for reasons best known by you and your clique, that Oudtshoorn is not an island in the province of the Western Cape…and now because Oudtshoorn is one of the fewer municipalities that the DA is not governing, so you need to use it as a pad to lash out at the governance of the ANC and it’s Coalition partners.

    Your insinuation that “Most whites and most coloureds and the few blacks who vote against the ANC, vote in a desperate hope of some semblance of integrity that will see the very basics of what a democracy should deliver: Representatives who do not steal; and do not employ incompetent friends and family and friends and family of friends; and do not award tenders to incompetent friends and family and friends and family of friends.”…and which is further expanded by…”Blacks feel that it’s “their turn” to feed at the trough – a treasury for government funds, and also a container from which cattle or horses feed – and therefore probably black hope for a place at the trough somehow outweighs the fear of being left out in the dark…”is suggestive of the racial anomalities that the DA is running the province. This seeks to suggest that those that vote for the ANC, and who happen to be black in majority, vote it into power so that they can loot the coffers of the electorate. Your assertion also lacks facts in that you believe the ANC is mostly voted in Bongolethu, whose constituency is a drop in the ocean in relation to power/electorate relations due to the few inhabitants you find staying there…and if we check now the stats will prove to you that the inhabitants of Bongolethu,which are predominantly blacks and African in particular, are slowly but surely being wiped away by the swell in their ranks of people of other colours….Your assertion in the above quotes really seek to suggest that Blacks are in their very nature corrupt and that the other races, whites and coloureds according to you, are not…and if stats of and facts of the senior management in the Municipality who has been either charged or not charged for some or other corrupt activities are mostly people of other races either than blacks as you would suggest. For obvious reasons I would not want to cite examples here on this blog…

    I have observed your publication…that it is not a publication that is formed in the interests of pure journalistic intentions but a launchip pad either to discredit political leadership in the Municipality if it’s ot in your and your group’s interests or favour. Just as a matter of interest, who are your news gathers and who is editing their work. Who is funding this blog?

    It also suggest to prove my point abt your blog and the bias it has towards the DA that you choose not to write any negative about it…for example there is the issue of the 27 schools that the DA Govt in the province intends to close (and one of those schools happen to be in your door-step Rodewal Primary in Schoemanshoek)…have we read anything abt it in your blog? I suggest you go and conduct an interview with the people n that community so you can hear their frustrations… Have you written anything abt the abuse of farmworkers by your fellow brothers in their farms…??

  5. Only the DA will know why the DA hasn’t taken control of Oudtshoorn yet. The table is set but no-one seems to be keen for banquet. Perhaps they are not aware of Sections 29(1) and 40 of the Structures Act and their own Rules of Order because they are too busy studying the procurement legislation in order to enrich themselves and their election funders? Or perhaps they had a sudden attack of morality and realized that they will not make any difference because they are exactly the same as the current useless and crooked leaders? The answer to the question remains a complete mystery to me. Politics stump the mind……

  6. @ Zukile If I read you correct, you are not interested in building a new future but perpetuating a destructive past? In a ideal world the ANC is the only way because they actually follow their own Constitution and mission, but we stay in a real world where politicians only give a dam about own back-pockets and do not care fore those that place them in office. Where are the days that a mayor could walk in the streets without being protected from UNHAPPY and disgruntled voters?

  7. Further this is our land , our country the ANC is here to lead and will lead you till you drop with your fat ass.

  8. Drewan and Co have you white faggats gone to Riemvasmaak and to the farms and ask for forgiveness to the masses that yourselves and your forefather enslaved , in the farms today your White cousins still ill treat our people, have you ever condemn them, the wealth that farmers make out of farm workers and feed them wine have you ever raised your voice about it? People that are now destitute and stays in Riemvasmaak they have been thrown out by your father and cousins out of their farms, do you care or are you just worried about the money that is in council that your white ass cannot lay its hand on? When the DA particularly Dianne de Jager gave Mubesco 9million tender without council resolution with Wessel Rabbets did you ever raise it on this blog? When whites in council sold property for next to nothing to fellow friends e.g N.A smith and Kleinplaas did you ever said something about it , when Leslie Swanepoel write off the credit of White farmers using Indigent policy and Rabbets brought him back to council , did you ever wrote something about it, have you checked the qualification of White people in top positions in Oudtshoorn Municipality and have seen that most of them has standard 6 but are at middle management position? Your racist analogy can fool few people and not those who has objective thinking, perhaps lobby more whites to assist you in your weak campaign against our massisve movement.Even those in the ANC that feed you information can allude to the work of this movement to free its people and why our people will stay loyal to this movement regardless like your people stay loyal to DA because of White supremacy agenda that you advocating .Perhaps you can be worried about the ANC merging provinces and Western Cape will not be an exception watch after Mangaung and read the resolutions in the meantime familiarise yourself with Policy conference proposal , you will have more to write about come January 2013.

  9. Ja I suppose there’s many ways to describe what’s. Going on in all forms & fashion mr editor….yet when are the guy from wesbank gonna see his needs are they same as the guy in riemvasmaak…you’re needs are not the same as mine so I won’t be able to stand by your side….I live in a better developed area than…yet we are treated with disgust by the ruling party as it is…so the logic…irrespective where you live wa all need to eridicate unjust,nepotism,corrupt councillors,incompetent officials…so we all need a clean just ,caring councillors…there’s so much cooruption we all feel the brunt…..come on odn stand up & get rid of the useless councillors…who merely sit in chambers to receive a cheque monthly………

  10. The poeple of Outshoorn must stand together and let their voices beheard and counted. You need an active civic community. The reality is that both the DA and ANC want all the power for themselves. In Outshoorn they do not work in the interest of the town. Can Outshoorn afford to wait for local elections in 2016. You are not gaurenteed that things will be better under new leadership. It will be payback time if their is change in power. My advice is for Icosa and NPP to force change in system from Executive mayoral to Executive Committe. give each of them a seat on this committee. They will be forced to work together. Alternative in status cou is the gurrent mess.

  11. Lets hope the penny is beginning to drop so that we will not have some serious explaining to do to the next generation, about our generations stupidity, money gone and the country in worse shambles. Hope Conradie sees the light too

    Al, those with Apartheid battle scars, time to take hands and let 300 years of supression put behind us.
    For the sake of future generations, do we really have any other choice ?
    True Statemanship will now start showing vs pettiness and destruction on the other end

  12. “Well said”!! DA moet g.. in rat kry – indien moontlik – spesifiek in die Suid-Kaap. Hulle vullissakke, nogal te deurskynend, hoop op in Bitou, Eden & George.

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