ANC’s disgraceful Eden legacy

R131,000,000 spent irregularly in 2 years!

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Oudtshoorn. 29 June 2012. 09h00. The DA run Eden District Council yesterday had no choice but to condone unauthorised and irregular expenditure by the previous ANC District Government.

Alarming amounts are involved.

For the year ended June 2010, unauthorised and irregular expenditure in the amount of R71.9m were condoned.

For the year ended June 2011, unauthorised and irregular expenditure in the amount of R60.8m were condoned.

This means that more that 40% (!) of Eden’s total budget for 2010 and more than 30% (1) of the total 2011 budget were spent irregularly by the ANC District Government of that time.

Various reasons may be proffered for this managerial cack-handedness of the ANC.

Yet the fact remains that the ANC ran Eden by unauthorised and irregular payments of R6.8m; and R9.8m; and R4.7m; and R6.0m; and R6.6m; and R5.6m, to name but a few, as a direct result of non-compliance with Supply Chain Management Regulations and in the absence of proper Service Level Agreements.

The question no longer begs, the question supplicates, entreats and implores: How can the ANC possibly be entrusted with the management of our towns and cities and districts, with our land!?

By the pantheons, such incompetence is nauseating!

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12 thoughts on “ANC’s disgraceful Eden legacy

  1. Sipho ek wil die DA uitdaag om die persone verantwoordelik vir die ” unauthorised and irregular expenditure ” onmiddelik geregtelik te laat vervolg. Laat die DA bewys wie verantwoordelik is en dat hulle daadwerklik optree as hulle KAN!!!!!

  2. I maintain my point that any sane person would know that if there was anything wrong done by the ANC in Eden the police would have been involved and the DA would not have condoned or covered up as somebody said. I repeat this is cheap politics.

  3. Ek wil nou in my dommigheid weet, wat gebeur met die aandadigers? Daar is n wet geproklameer 1 April 1999 nl ” The Public Finance Management Act, Act 1 of 1999. Tot vandag toe het ok nog nie gehoor van 1 persoon wat onder hierdie wet aangekla is nie, of dit word baie stil gehou. As die wet afgedwing moet word sal omtrent vanaf die President tot die amper wil ek se straat veer aangekla moet word. Daar is hoeveel artikels oor “misuse”, “unauthorised expenditure”, “fruitless and wasteful expenditure”, “irregular expenditure”, “overspending” om n paar maar te noem, magtig kan die verantwoordelikes nie hier onder aangekla word nie? Maar sonder om te veel te se dink ek daar gaan nie veel van hulle oorbly as hul hieronder begin aankla nie.

  4. Sipho, this report simply indicates that the ANC, in Eden, in 2010 and 2011, spent money without proper management.

    No company can ever condone such irresponsible “management” and such cavalier attitude and such lethargy.

    The ANC, in Eden, in 2010 and 2011, was consumately incompetent. Period.

  5. I am sure if there was even a possibility that the ANC misused funds the DA would have followed this up The thought that the DA may condone or cover up ANC “corruption” is inconcievable and therefore the only thing that I can deduce from this article is another DA political mud slinging campaign.

  6. What does it mean,”the DA condoned”? please give us substantive reporting

  7. Gllenn is correct. Council must take steps to hold those accountable. Codonation must not be abused to coverup irregulatities. Test will be what DA hase done to act against those officials and politicians that are implicated in wrong doing. Question should be asked if DA are investigating any of these transgresions. If not than Condonation= Coverup

  8. Excuse the ignorance, but basically what irregular and unauthorised expsnditures were these, and why MUST it be condoned—surely the present “council” can call to book these expenditures and take the relevant culprits to court—NAIL THEIR POCKETS INDIVIDUALLY!!

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