Palace revolution in the NPP?

Chaaban’s instructions ignored by Stoffels

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Oudtshoorn. 28 June 2012. 06h20. The President of the NPP, Badih Chaaban, instructed his de facto Oudtshoorn leader, Ron Lottering, Director of Community Services, to see to it that the speaker, NPP Councillor Johannes Stoffels, convene a Council Meeting to vote down the Mayor’s instruction that the Paulse verdict be appealed.

Chaaban is indisposed with flu at this time and told OO last night that he is waiting for an explanation why his instruction has not yet been answered.

Chaaban is nothing if not a good manager of his party’s affairs. And he does not suffer fools… even though he oftentimes endures them for political expediency.

Like his NPP predecessor Ben Pannas, Stoffels has never struck OO as a Mensa candidate and like Pannas Chaaban can easily remove the man if he fails, like Pannas did, to execute the leader’s instructions.

With the NPP decision to go it alone in Oudtshoorn, and Stoffels refusing to rise to his instructions, it seems apparant that interesting times lie ahead for Oudtshoorn.

Things municipal can hardly grow worse, so a veleity of hope is permitted, methinks.

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One thought on “Palace revolution in the NPP?

  1. How else have we come to know them all OO. Stoffels and Lotering, the lot, feeding at the trough. Parasites at its best, stripping the country and selling out the poor every single day.

    Allow their own people to deal with them, they will and are known to be “genadeloos” !!

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