They’ve got to be murdered first!?

Opposing bail for accused today; quiet on Hendrik Botha’s bail!

News with intent!

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Oudtshoorn. 27 June 2012. 10h00. OO received this “ALERT” from the ANC’s Provincial Communications Department at 08h43 this morning: ANC, women & community to Oudtshoorn court to oppose bail, handover memo and support families of victims after 2 girls murdered.


But is this the same ANC who were absent and silent when Hendrik Botha, ANC Councillor, was fighting for bail two weeks ago!?

Botha assaulted his wife and son, brandishing a panga, even!

Yet the ANC acolyte, the NPP’s Johannes Stoffels, testified on Botha’s behalf with statements that stank of mendacity!

How now, ANC? How now!?

They’ve got to be murdered first!?

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One thought on “They’ve got to be murdered first!?

  1. The ANC gives hipocracy a total new meaning, both in practie and in theory – to them its two different things. No wonder the country is in the state it is

    After 1994, better policing, less corruption, better education,more jobs, less poverty,more transparency, no nepotism, no tenderpreneurs, better run municipalities with almost 34 of the 287 municipalities still solvent, better service deliveries, less strikes, more Tutu/Mandela racial harmoney, more security.

    An absolute ethopia people – Viva the Ai – en – cee

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