Bedlam in the cuckoo’s nest

The cadres know better than the High Court

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Oudtshoorn. 27 June 2012. 06h50. The Acting Municipal Manager, Deon Lott, issued a specific instruction that Thandekile Mnyimba be paid his salary for June. The payment was made on Monday.

So dubious was the payment that the responsible clerk clearly marked the payment with the inscription “by order of the Acting Municipal Manager”, or words to that effect.

The cadres have launched an appeal against the Paulse verdict of June 1, in which Mr Justice André Blignaut found Mnyimba’s appointment to be null and void on the grounds that Mnyimba lacked the necessary qualifications to be Oudtshoorn’s Municipal Manager. Paulse’s lawyers were informed of the intention to appeal on June 7.

The formal lodging of an appeal allows the ANC to retain Mnyimba as Municipal Manager, even though he was the worst of the shortlisted candidates for the post and will remain the worst candidate on the shortlist even if the appeal is heard in 18 month’s time. Mnyimba’s woeful test scores clearly indicate that he is completely unfit to run Oudtshoorn. He is a bush-league manager with much to be inferior about.

The NPP Leader, Badih Chaaban, told OO last night that his party did not support the appeal and that he regarded the appeal as “fruitless and wasteful expenditure”. He called the decision to appeal “serious shit”.

Chaaban played down OO’s challenge: “Are you going to stand by while you can make an enormous step towards political credibility?”

The NPP is now at a crossroads. The party mustered a mere 1,316 votes in Oudtshoorn in last year’s General Election – the worst of all parties represented in Council.

The NPP ‘s National Executive Committee last week decided to leave the governing Coalition in Oudtshoorn and go it alone, given that the DA is unwilling to work with the NPP. Whether Chaabaan has the guts to implement this decision remains to be seen. But should the decision not be implemented, or, the gods forbid, the decision be denied, the NPP will forever be confirmed as yellow: Cowardly and treacherous. And unable and unwilling to reify its Presidents now questionable public statement that the party stands for clean government.

This much the ratepayers of Oudtshoorn can know: Yet another massive legal bill is being run while the cost of the Nel v Pietersen case is still mounting. All because the cadres are bent on appointing cadres. And in Mnyimba’s case, the candidate is not only consummately unqualified; the High Court has ruled that he should never have been appointed in the first place, so useless a candidate he is.

All this confirms that the ANC is altogether unable even to run its own collective nose.

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4 thoughts on “Bedlam in the cuckoo’s nest

  1. Eisch John, dat jy jou naam so krater kan maak op n publieke forum a.g.v onkundigheid. Eina !!

    Gaan bestudeer gerus self hofuitsprake gelewer oor ‘n dispuut oor sekere dienste wat nie deur Munisipaliteite gelewer word nie. Dan , in terme van art 102(2) van die Munisipale Stelsels Wet, moet die munisipaliteit die gronde vir die dispuut aanspreek. Dit is wat in die Kloppers saak gebeur het. Die Munisipaliteit kan nie meer goedsmoeds maak en breek soos hy wil nie. Hy sal daarvoor moet opdok !!

    John, het jy darem n werkie of teer jy ook by die munisipale trog van korrupsie, onbevoegdheid, nepotisme, swak of geen dienslewering ?

  2. John, geen dienste MAG opgeskort word deur die munisipaliteit as n belasting betaler n dispuut verklaar het en weier om belastings te betaal tot tyd en wyl die dispuut opgeskort is nie. Sien art 102 van die Municipal Systems Act 32 van 2000. Dis mense soos jy wat onkundig is wat verhoed dat die belastingbetalers van Oudtshoorn die magtigste middel wat wettig tot hulle beskikking is, gebruik.

  3. investigative public gaan lees hof uitsprake . dienste word opgeskort indien nie belastings betaaal . punt.

  4. “Above all, whatever happened at Codesa, it’s the state and the ruling alliance that are
    politically responsible for the failures in the economy. Let’s call it like it is.”
    Jeremy Gordin

    Hoe vinniger die publiek op ODN opstaan en n dispuut verklaar en belastings na n verantwoordelike trust kannaliseer, hoe beter. Slaan al hierdie cadres in hul persoonlike sak dan sal jul hul n ander deuntjiesien sing.

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