Why are we waiting!?

More hot air from our politicians!?

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Oudtshoorn. 26 June 2012. 06h30. What of the NPP’s National Executive decision to abandon the ruling Oudtshoorn coalition!?

Why are we waiting!?

If NPP President Badih Chaaban is so committed to “clean government”, why are we not seeing the Speaker call a Special Council Meeting to at least vote down the Executive Mayor’s imbecilic decision to appeal the Paulse verdict declaring the appointment of Thandekile Mnyimba null and void!?

If NPP President Badih Chaaban is so committed to “clean government”, why are we not seeing motions of no confidence in the incompetent Mayor and his deputy?

If NPP President Badih Chaaban is so committed to “clean government”, why are we not seeing preparations to replace the management dunces on the Mayco!?

Is the NPP merely yanking Oudtshoorn’s chain!?

While the High Court found Mnyimba unqualified to be MM, he still roams the halls of Verwoerd Square for reasons obvious only to the caders and their so-called “advisors”.

Yesterday there were rumblings that Mnyimba was to be paid by die Council for June – if not as MM, based on some perverted appeal to be filed with the High Court, then as “consultant”.

For what “advice”, pray, should ratepayers cough up from a man unqualified to be MM!? Does Mnyimba now advise on manuel labour!? He is obviously not qualified to advise on managerial matters!

Nic Barrow, that indefatigable warrior against corruption, fired off a few hard hitting (parental guidance advised) sms’s to the cadres yesterday afternoon:

Deon Lott, ek verneem jy het opdrag gegee om Mnyimba se salaris te betaal. As jy Mnyimba se salaris betaal gaan jy kak. Die geld sal van jou en jou kollegas en ANC-raadslede verhaal word.

Thandekile Mnyimba, if you accept and spend an Oudtshoorn Municipality salary payment it will amount to theft as you have never been in the employ of the Oudtshoorn Municipality, and you will shit bricks.

These messages follow on two sent on June 9 and 11:

Councillors and functionaries, you will be held PERSONALLY liable for any and all payments to Mnyimba from 1 June. Should you be complicit in any such payment, a charge of theft will be laid against you.

Daar is geen meriete in Mnyimba se aanstelling nie – per uitspraak! Daar is nog minder meriete in ‘n appèl. Enigiemand aandadig aan die appèlkoste sak in sy/haar persoonlike hoedanigheid aanspreeklik gehou word vir vrugtelose uitgawes.

So, Mr President Chaaban and leaders collective of the NPP: It’s time to put your money where your mouth is, or be damned to political obscurity.

If Chaaban and the NPP reneges on the NEC decision to abandon the incompetent Coalition, Chaaban and the NPP will lose its very last vestige of credibility.

Why are we waiting!?

Chaaban should wait not too long… The cost of Mnyimba’s appointment and short tenure will soon be recovered from the 13 Councillors who installed the man from Jansenville. One of the 13 is the NPP Member, Johannes Stoffels.

It appears that over and above Chaaban’s committment to clean government, some financial implications are also to be considered…

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15 thoughts on “Why are we waiting!?

  1. Hi Pieter . Minister can only establish executive committee system if council request him to do so. But is there the political will from both the DA and ANC leadership, That is at provincial, national and at Outshoorn level. Can they put their pride and ego’s aside and share the spoils in Outsthoorn together. Listing to tone of some of the comments including from OO, you have uphill battle to unite your beatifull town.

  2. foei john ,jy wat skaam is vir jou identiteit , ons ignoreer jou maar !

  3. Derrick you and I know that an Executive Committee system can be introduced by the minister , he has enough reason and is well aware of what’s happening in Oudtshoorn ? ?

  4. WOW! Mnr. Barrows sal my broek laat bewe met sy “empty threats”…

  5. With the amount of hot-air, we should think about a hot-air-balloon school! For the DAcievers that say “look at the bigger picture eg Eden, then look on a grander scale meaning provincial, large scale, country. Personally I cant trust polizilla an her merry DAcievers to manage the fall of a turd down a long-drop! It is time to get people in to do the job than are able to do it! and NOT politicians that only are interested in own back-pockets!

  6. Never forget, ask Egypt, Syria, Lybia etc’

    Where a Govt fears the people you get Democracy
    Where the people fear the Govt, you get Tyranny.

    The ANC is very worried what is coming !

    The DA is not transparent whatsoever as seen in ODN, illegal aspects to the Princess Park development in southern suburbs, CT, the over sized toll building at Chapmans Peak and shunning of public concerns and so the list goes on and on.

    Tyranny or Democracy – who is really feeding at the trough ?

  7. Derrick

    The DA is not prepared to work with anyone.

    The DA serves “the bigger picture”; the DA paints a bigger canvass: “Look how well WE govern!”

    Oudtshoorn will never be served by any political party. No municipality will!

    The ONLY solution for Oudtshoorn, whatever the risk in attaining it, is an independent balance of power.

  8. The solution for both the ANC and the DA in Outshoorn is to work together in the best interest of Outshoorn community. Do away with the Mayoral Execitive system and adopt the Executive committee system where both parties serve on. If you continue with the current system lead by power hungry politicians your committees will be the victums. There will never be stability in your council and administartion, as both ANC and DA will be held hostage by their smaller aliance partners, that is only their for their own interest. Come on ANC and DA show rest of us how co-opperative governance can work. STOP the horse trading and set the example for rest of municipalities. YES YOU CAN !!!!!

  9. Forget about Chabaan and this rediculous faith in our politics! We don’t have an official governing body in any office ANYWHERE in this country- this should be crystal clear by now. It’s just a political game rooted in the love for money. Do you want Chabaan to act? Get Nic Barrow to negotiate for a price. This is what Chabaan is waiting for.

  10. Voorspoed vir mense in Outshoorn. Ek weet wat julle deurgaan. Ons in Stellenbosch is ook onder beset deur DA provinsie. Ons Burgermeester besliut self oor wie geskik is of nie om as nuwe MM aangestel te word. Hy het nou weer self gesliut om pos van MM te her-adverteer. Volle raad het geen insig oor proses nie. Raad weet nie eens wie aansoek gedoen het vir pos nie, want Burgermeester Conrad Sidego se dit is private en confidential.Sidego het ook sy eie regs opinie gekry wat hom die mag gee om te doen wat hy wil. Morel van die storie is as DA mag het doen hulle ook wat hulle wil ongeag die reg.

  11. All eyes on Chaaban !!
    The crowds and the country is awaiting Sir.
    Statesmanship or just another corrupt trough feeder ?
    Time will tell !!

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