Is there still an ANC-Icosa-NPP Coalition in Oudtshoorn!?

Let the NPP speak!

News with intent!

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Oudtshoorn. 26 June 2012. 12h45. As OO expected there have been denials and rebuttals and amazements and astonishments and exasperated surprise by the NPP on OO’s announcement yesterday that the NPP has withdrawn from the Governing Coalition.

So, here is the question again: Has the NPP withdrawn from the Coalition?

Mr Chaaban? Mr Van Niekerk? Mr Lottering?

OO won’t ask the befogged Johannes Stoffels. He doesn’t know his cloaca from his articulatio cubiti.

Here’s the correct answer – repeat after me Badih, Johan, Ron: The NPP NEC decided to withdraw from the Coalition that governs Oudtshoorn and therefore the NPP is no longer a member of the Coalition.

Any other answer is a goddamned lie! You know it, Badih; you know it Johan; you know it Ron.

And when will we be having that Council Meeting to vote down the Executive Embarrassment’s decion to appeal the Paulse verdict!?

And when can Oudtshoorn expect motions to remove Gordon – Mr Stoney Sandman – April; and his sand-blind side-kick, Vlancio Donson!?

Balls! Are ther balls in the house!?

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