NPP exits Coalition!

Neither the ANC, nor the DA, will govern Oudtshoorn

News with intent!

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Oudtshoorn. 25 June 2012.

16h10. OO hears that Johannes Stoffels denies any knowledge of the NEC decision. Stoffels will have to own up, or OO will expose him for what he is.

No threats; only undertakings!

14h45. OO has learned on impeccable athority that the National Executive Committee of the National People’s Party (NPP) has decided to leave the ruling coalition in Oudtshoorn and go it alone.

This is a political groundbreaking event for Oudtshoorn and may well result in a new Mayco within the next week.

The NPP initiative resemble closely the strategy that Drewan Baird, editor of OO, proposed to the NPP President, Badih Chaaban, last August, after the DA refused to cooperate with the NPP.

The NPP Councillor of Oudtshoorn, Johannes Stoffels, was informed of the NEC decision this morning and instructed to convene a Council Meeting to vote down the Executive Mayor’s decision to appeal the Paulse verdict.

OO runs this story at this time because OO wants to force the NPP’s hand.

There is now no turning back; there is no possibiblity of reneging on this NEC decision without shame, disgrace, and ignominy.

Chaaban, NPP President; his Party Leader and son-in-law, Johan van Niekerk; and his foremost lieutenant, Ron Lottering now know that all Oudtshoorn is aware of the NEC decision and that a cop-out will destroy whatever leverage and repute the NPP may still muster, even nationally!

In short: If the NPP overturns its NEC decision after the publication of this story, the party will forever be known as a spineless also run.

And OO in fact does credit the NPP with integrity.

Despite the obloquy heaped upon the NPP and its leadership, by the DA leadership, it can not be denied that the Winelands District Municipality, under the Mayorship of Chaaban, scored best of all Western Cape municipalities on overall performance relating to Key Performance Indicators assessed, as confirmed by the Western Cape Provincial Gazette Extraordinary 6817, of December 8, 2010 – a few months before last May’s General Election.

Chaaban has been accused of more knavery and misfeasance that the Devil himself and his overlords put together.

By the pantheons, the stories include unimaginable doingses!

In a Rule of Law State, such as South Africa, where even the President and the Police Commissioner had to answer to the Courts for their deeds, it is incomprehensible that an ordinary citizen, such as Chaaban, should repel the attention of the authorities.

It just doesn’t fly.

Chaaban has never even been questioned by law enforcement agents on any of the accusations levied against him. This apparent prosecutorial lapse is, oddly, used by Chaaban’s adversaries to indicate the depths of his perversions.

Bollocks! Nothing more than beguiling banter. Where’s the proof?

Extraordinary claims demand extraordinary proof!

Why then Chaaban?

Simply because there is no other.

And… Chaaban appears to be maverick enough; gambler enough; bright enough; able enough; and hungry enough to carry off what might very well be the only solution for a sustainably stable government in Oudtshoorn.

Also, importantly, Chaaban needs to re-invent and re-establish his waning party after a drubbing at the hands of the DA on May 18, 2011.

The plan is based on human greed. On cupidity. On avarice. On rapacity.

Ugly, really, but there you are.

Applying the principle that in negotiation there are only 5 aspects (what’s; in; it; for; me) to consider, let’s bind the dramatis personae of the play that is Oudtshoorn together by golden shackles:

Every party gets a piece of the action – top posts, both in Council and Administration. This means that it becomes financially unattractive to break ranks.

Here’s the plan…

The Consideration
The NPP needs, above all, to re-establish its political influence subsequent to a dismal return on May 18, 2011.

A Singular Fact
The NPP has the political balance of power only in Oudtshoorn.

The Situation
Neither the ANC/Icosa, nor the DA/Cope can govern Oudtshoorn without the support of the kingmaker NPP.

The Issue
The unique political circumstances in Oudtshoorn known, the question arises as to why the NPP must align with either the ANC/Icosa or the DA/Cope as opposed to the NPP assuming authority and inducting both the ANC/Icosa and the DA/Cope to establish orderly, consistent, reliable and clean government in Oudtshoorn.

Therefore it is proposed that
The NPP provides the leadership to focus Councillors currently bewildered by the maelstrom of maladministration in order to restore the community’s trust in the Municipality, the Administration, the Council and the political leaders.

The NPP vigorously maintains its independence in a Council torn by political horse-trading and factionalism that has already denied Oudtshoorn any semblance of effective and efficient government since the end of Administration on 18 September 2007.

The NPP promotes and implements a government not of unity, but of what may be best defined as one of inclusive cohesion.

The NPP oversees the formation of a Mayco consisting of able and qualified Councillors.

The NPP caucuses, from time to time, with both the ANC/Icosa, and the DA/Cope cadres, by mutual consent.

All Councillors be encouraged to vote their conscience in delivering services to the people of Oudtshoorn, rather than serving provincial and/or national political agendas.

Is it unusual? Of course! Is it difficult? Of course! But it’s possible! And it’s preferable!

The motivation is simply that neither the ANC, nor the DA, can be trusted with Oudtshoorn – the record since 2006 clearly confirms this.

A strong Mayoral candidate is vital. It should be a “Coloured” (neither Black nor White) person with intimate knowledge of relevant legislation and regulations; excellent managerial ability; a proven track record of high level oversight to counter the veritable tradition of rife maladministration and non-compliance in Oudtshoorn; and socio-political savvy.

A street-smart team must be appointed to implement this plan.

This plan must be announced publicly in order to muster a groundswell of public support forcing the hands of the ANC and the DA.

In the end, who can object to the establishment of a responsible and able government in Oudtshoorn?

And as we have clearly seen since May 18, 2011, the “obvious” leaders have feet of clay.

In proposing this rather sui generis solution, Baird, in his August 2011 presentation, called upon a favourite literary character – Bertrand de Poulengey – in George Bernard Shaw’s Saint Joan: “We want a few mad people now, see where the sane ones have landed us.”

Would you please, Mr. Chaaban?

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8 thoughts on “NPP exits Coalition!

  1. sommige tye moet n mens stop, luister en jouself gaan gewis van jou feite, en kyk
    of sussies cathleen en sus nella miskien die nodige kwalifikasies het, om die werk te verrig wat {worsies} foreplay aan hul toeseken het, miskien sal dit dan sin maak.. N sous trein is wanneer jy verniet ry, in n pos in sonder die nodige kwalifikasies

  2. Foeitog, hoe gaan die hond met die ketting (Gordon April), sonder ‘n ketting lyk, lag my klaar, seker soos ‘n nat kat. En die main-manne van die MAYCO, sonder hulle poste en R38 000,00 per maand? Hoekom gebeur die dinge dan nou, ou Piet (baie praat, niks se) Luiters is dan op pad om sy R38 000,00 per maand te kom, verdien sorry te kom haal. Foeitog, foeitog foeitog, (ou Worsie) Toko Forplay het die ANC gou in sy peetjie in Oudtshoorn, en met sy sussies Nella Philander en Cathleen Oliphant wat maar twee weke gelede, deur ou Worsie aangestel is, het die Soustrein, sorry Worstrein nou omgeslaan. Waarheen gaan die ou gespuis nou heen?

  3. Ronnie is nou nog kwaad omdat sy acting MM – skap vroeg Januarie kortgeknip is. Almal weet dat Thandekile alles “afgeskeit” het wat Ronnie tafel toe gebring het. Hy is baie gefrustreerd wany hy kan nie die NPP in Oudtshoorn en elders bou soos hy graag wil nie – met die Munisipaliteit se resources natuurlik. Hy kan nie ongehinderd poste skep en uitdeel soos hy wil nie, en as acting MM vir 3 maande of so sal hy vrye teuls het om sy plannetjies te implement. Ek is egter meer bekommerd oor die manne wat hul aantreklike my-kou poste kan verloor. Mense, ek wil nie weer Sarie se geskellery hoor as Balla n gewone raadslid word nie. Stokkie se dogter wat nou onlangs werk gekry het by die Munisipaliteit moet maar weer terug gaan na haar vorige voltydse “job”.

  4. Ronnie Lottering speel ‘n game. Met geen kwalifikasies vir die posisie waarin hy sit, het hy nou sy laaste troef gespeel. Die NPP van Ronnie, Lional Prins en gespuis maak in elk geval soos hulle wil in die Munisipaliteit. Ek glo nie die DA sal in Koalisie hul strooi duld nie, Die DA Federale Raad se besluit om nie met NPP of ICOSA saam te werk nie, laat die twee party’tjies in die koue. Ronnie en die NPP gaan maar net weer saam met die ANC werk. Kom ons kyk en hoop die NPP het beginsels. Ronnie hoop ook om as MM waar te neem.

  5. Hierdie is nou n’ gevaarlike situasie , een waar die stert die hond nie net swaai nie , maar die hond in enige rigting kan stuur soos die stert dit verkies.

  6. Well i never
    Die DA is tjoepstil en die ANC lek wonde
    Wat gaan Mnyimba nou aanvang, wag Paulse vir hom om sleutels te oorhandig sodat lg die ping pong tafel uit eersgenoemde se kantoor kan verwyder en al 4 die leers waarvan een leer kontakte van take aways en restaurante bevat ?

    Kom ons hoop die NNP maak stelselmatig die gemors wat nie die DA of ANC kon uitsorteer nie, reg.
    Sal iemand tog aub vir Klaas Vakie van die nuutsyte verwittig – en vir Bredell !!!!!

  7. It’s been years now that the people had to fall in & accept the mischief of all the governing parties in Odn,,,,when will somebody except Nic or OO challenge the incapacity of these ruling party/ties with regard to this mess happening in Odn… was a helluva mishap for the ANC to jump in bed with Chabaan groupies….only for the move to now backfire…..judt wondering who will come & take this dog droppings futher into the slumps….good grief some credibility checks on these clowns running the zoo here

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