Carmichael Ngalo resigns!

The House of Cards is collapsing!?

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Oudtshoorn. 25 June 2012. 10h15. the ANC Provincial Secretary, Songezo Mjongile, confirmed that ngalo will be redeployed to Eden “to strengthen the ANC” and that Piet Luiters will be installed in Oudtshoorn.

A rather significant indication of the ANC’s expectations in Oudtshoorn, to be sure. Luiters is a much weaker candidate than Ngalo. It appears that the ANC is readying to accept a lesser role in Oudtshoorn, so to speak.

This tallies with the news which OO will announce later today.

Ngalo was one of the instigators in the previous ANC Eden Council. He was also the man who insulted and swore at Councillor Johann Koegelenberg prior to the kangaroo tribunal of which Ngalo was a member and which found Koegelenebrg and two others guilty of bribery. The case was dismissed by the Regional Court earlier this month.

Oudtshoorn. 24 June 2012. 19h35. OO spoke to Carmichael Ngalo, proportional ANC Councillor, at 19h12 this evening…

“Carmichael, I believe you have resigned as an ANC Councillor; can you deny or confirm?”

“I don’t have to deny or confirm anything.”

“Well, do you have any comment?”

“I don’t have to comment on anything.”

“Even though you have resigned?”



The ANC Regional Secretary, Putco Mapitiza, could not be reached for comment.

Marius Fransman, the ANC’s Western Cape Leader, declined to comment on the direct question “do you have any comment on the resignation of Carmichael Ngalo as Oudtshoorn Councillor”, and referred OO to Songezo Mjongile, the Provincial Secretary. Mjongile’s phone was off and his service did not allow a voice message.

The Municipal Manager has already indicated that a vacancy is to be declared and therefore, coupled with Ngalo’s unfortunate slip of the tongue, and Fransman’s tacit acknowledgement, OO thinks it is reasonably safe to assume that an ANC Councillor has resigned.

This comes at a time when OO will confirm, on Monday, that a tsunami of dissent is sweeping towards the Oudtshoorn ANC Caucus.

O boy, one proportional member resigns; another is out on bail for domestic violence… What a sorry lot of losers!

Being a proportional Councillor, the ANC can easily replace Ngalo. But the tsunami the ANC can hardly survive.

Watch this space!

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2 thoughts on “Carmichael Ngalo resigns!

  1. Be careful be very very carefull thanks are not always what they seem…

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