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WC Minister calls for aggressive business development

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Oudtshoorn. 20 June 2012. 05h15. The Western Cape Minister of Finance, Economic Development and Tourism, Alan Winde, spoke passionately on economic growth at a Mossel Bay Chamber of Business Breakfast yesterday.

Winde said that the Western Cape intends to be the best run regional government in the world.

The Minister stressed competitiveness as a major impetus for growth, and identified education; the cost of crime; prohibitive labour legislation; and national political uncertainty and instability as the biggest obstacles in the way of economic growth.

Winde told the audience that business is reluctant to reinvest in itself because of uncertainty and that even South African business prefers investment in the rest of Africa, rather than in South Africa. Currently some R350b is held in corporate cash reserves and it is expected that R560b will be so held by year end.

The DA wants to an economic growth rate of 8% in South Africa.

Currently South Africa is lacking behind the 6 African best growth economies out of the ten best world wide. Winde said that if South Africa’s economic growth is excluded, the average African growth rate would rise by a point.

Winde wants to make it easy to start growing business in the Garden Route and Southern Cape. He specifically said that red tape has to be cut in order to make it easy for entrepreneurs to start and manage business. Winde wants to see inclusive businesses and challenged the audience on the preponderance of white owned businesses and the dearth of black businesses in the region.

The Minister identified five points for growth.

Market intelligence is to be pooled for optimum strategic planning and best fit decision making.

A clear vision must be cultivated to determine future skills needs and best practices.

A climate to attract and retain business must be created and sustainably maintained. Currently major corporations are leaving gauteng to establish their head offices elsewhere – even in Europe and Africa. The Western Cape must attract such businesses and does as is indicated by the establishment of the Steinhoff head office in Stellenbosch. This move resulted in executive, management and staff relocations to Stellenbosch and represents a major boost to the Stellenbosch and Western Cape economy.

New ways of running the economy must be considered and defined.

A strong business brand must be established. Wheras the Western Cape spends soemR140m annually on the promotion of tourism, only about R40m is spent on promoting business. The challenge is to create an environment in wgich to do business; to make it easy to do business; to incentify business and not to use business as a fiscal cash cow.

In answer to a question from Drewan Baird, publissher of OO, Winde said that he has only monitoring authority over the operations of local governments in the Western Cape and that he can only influence local governments to share his vision for the province.

Winde will visit Oudtshoorn in August as a guest of the Business Chamber.

In a private discussion before his address, Winde spoke to Drewan Baird of DBC; Willie Marais of AIFA; Guo Jiexiang of AVIC International Holding Corporation; Hannes Barnard of Aprolasa; and Cassie Nel of AIFA George about creating the ideal environment for business incentive and development in local governments. With reference to the current establishment of the AIFA Flight Training Academy in Oudtshoorn, Winde was adamant that if a particular town in the Western Cape shuns a bussiness opportunity, and if a local government does not encourage and accommodate a business opprtunity, he would take that opportunity away and introduce it to a town which will develop the opportunity.

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6 thoughts on “Winde wants growth!

  1. Wat sal ons Winde noem ? Die woord KORTBROEK is reeds geneem
    Wat van SHOTRCUT WINDE !!

    OO, jy hou jou nou met verkeerde geselskap op. Ken jy die man ? Hy maak soos die WINDE waai en bly n uiters geslepe politikus wat NIKS GOEDS SE NIE ! Leer dit maar nou eenmaal. As jy dink Bredell is problematies, kyk gerus verder !

  2. Please explain what Winde means by: ‘red tape has to be cut’ – surely the ‘red tape’ referenced to are the laws that exist to ensure transparency and good governance in business and to protect South Africa’s constitutional rights? Anarchy is what you are calling for Mr. Winde, do you know which country is benefiting the most from the current anarchy, corruption, and fraud in Africa? It starts with a capital “C”!

    I will state the obvious for professional politicians who have always depended on the tax payer paying their salary – Not all business is beneficial for a region, many businesses are there to exploit the masses and the environment, or were you asleep or part of the corruption during the past 60 years?

    Does this statement mean we do not need to conduct environmental impact assessments and weigh up investment positives against negatives? So if China proposes a hardwood logging business in the Tsitsikama Forest like they are doing in Dondo, Mozambique or Shell proposes Fracking in the Karoo we should also cut the ‘red tape’ and go ahead immediately!

    Referring to the fact no one wants to invest in South Africa, again I will explain the reason to our ignorant politicians why no one wants to invest in SA………it is not the ‘red tape’ that is scarring honest investors off and attracting corrupt ones ready to exploit, it is the CORRUPTION, FRAUD and lack of SECURITY that you are telling us is okay. Mr. Winde you should be fired for STUPIDITY if nothing else.

    Mr. Winde as a politician you are trying that old tactic of bullshit baffles brains, you are an amateur, take some lessons from a professional like President Mugabe before trying this angle again! Unfortunately it will not work because ORPA is not chasing any investment opportunities away, we are saying “Do it LEGALLY, don’t take SHORTCUTS; because, when you do it raises a BIG RED FLAG about CORRUPTION and FRAUD.”

  3. Seuntjie

    Minister Winde meen dat daar ten minste prospekteergate gesink moet word om vas te stel hoe die gasbronne daar uitsien.

    Hy het ook gesê dat daar verskeie chemikalieë gebruik word in die ontginning van skaliegas en dat die skadelike chemikalieë geïdentifiseer moet word en die gebruik daarvan verbied moet word.

  4. Wat is die LUR se siening oor die potensiaal van die skalie gas ontginning in die Karoo, en die moontlike voordele wat dit vir die Wes – Kaap kan inhou ?

  5. Die probleem is nie tekort aan besigheids geleenthede nie, maar wetgewing wat klein en opkomende besighede verhoed. Voorbeeld. jy mag nie van jou huis af werk nie -> dus jy moet n perseel gaan huur KOSTE, Helpers/werknemers en dep labour/UIF is op jou, SARS en VAT, dan kom die banke met kostes. Dan kry jy nog met ander besighede te doen wat eerder jou sal wil sien ondergaan as om jou help.

    is self Self employed bly klein want kannie bekostig om grooter te gaan nie.

  6. Kan Winde dalk vir die publiek direk se of hy ‘gesonde’ besighede eerder sal bevoordeel en gaan stoot as besighede wat publieke gesondheid direk benadeel en die belastingbetaler biljoene uit die sak jaag vir gesondheidssorg soos die tabak en drankbesighede ?. Dis veral swak besluite hier wat die agtergeblewenes en benadeeldes selfs verder ‘verslaaf”

    Dalk kan OO die Minister direk hieroor uitvrae sodat hierdie ‘weeskind’ van sy Dept in die publiek gedebatteer kan word!

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