Did Speaker Stoffels perjure himself!?

Hendrik Botha is all but “indispensable”

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Oudtshoorn. 16 June 2012. 08h35. The Oudtshoorn Speaker, Johannes Stoffels, testified in the bail application of the ANC Whip and Mayco Member for Finance, Hendrik Botha, this Friday last.

Stoffels lied to the Court. Stoffels perjured himself.

Stoffels claimed that the orderly functioning of the Council is not possible in the absence of Botha.

Not so!

Botha is a proportional Councillor. He was second only to Charlie Wagenaar on the ANC’s proportional list for the May 18 Elections last year.

Botha can be replaced as a Councillor within days by an easy administrative action. Stoffels knows this irrefutable fact very well indeed as he his own lucrative position is the result of the NPP Leadership replacing Ben Pannas within days of expelling the previous Speaker from the party.

Furthermore, any party can elect a so called “Chief Whip” at any time. A Whip in a Council the size of Oudtshoorn is nothing but a clerk. The ANC could have had a new Chief Whip as soon as its oikofugic Councillors could have been congregated.

And even furthermore… Botha’s position as Mayco Member for Finance is a function of the political dread of a lame duck Mayor who can not afford to have anyone but fearfull feudatories on his Mayco. Mayco Members serve at the Mayor’s pleasure and can be removed at will. Botha could have been replaced on Monday, in time for his successor to chair the Finance Committee meeting on Wednesday.

In short: Stoffels misled the Court. The matter has been reported to the prosecutor in time for Botha’s Court appearance this Wednesday.

Prosecutor Johan Erasmus pushed Stoffels hard under cross examination, but there is little that can be done when a witness is bent on bending facts.

Erasmus was undone by the virtual impossiblity of having bail denied. The bail of eight times convicted Botha is conclusive proof of this regretable fact.

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