OO Editor devastated by membership refusal

“The ANC doesn’t want me!”

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Shamus O’Grady. Oudtshoorn. 4 June 2012. 07h45. It is reported that the OO Editor, Drewan Baird, as well as a prominent OO reader electing dignified anonymity, were recently refused ANC membership.

Baird received a letter from the ANC Regional Secretary, Mputumi Mapitiza, on April 24, stating that subject to an internal investigation “it would be unwise to accept your membership request”.

God forbid the ANC doing summat “unwise”!

Baird told OO that he was an emotional wreck following the slight.

“Being contemptible is one thing”, whimpered Baird, “but being regarded too objectionable to be allowed membership of the ANC is ineffably contemptuous.”

Baird mastered his emotions admirably and continued, “Imagine just how execrable one must be to be denied membership of an organisation that counts John Block and Lonwabo Ngoqo and Richard Mdluli and Jacob Zuma as members. I am equated to Julias (sic) Malema – and I did not even have Woodshop in Matric!”

Mapitiza, in a letter in OO’s possession, cites two reasons for refusing membership:

1. You are an active journalist or media practitioner. We would prefer that journalists remain such and not be associated with any political party, as that helps a free press in the country.

2. We have received allegations against you to the effect that –

2.1. You recently approached one of our members to join the DA; and

2.2. You approached the leader of one of the ANC’s coalition partners with a proposal that his party ditch the ANC for a coalition with the DA.

Points in 2. above are being investigated and it would be unwise to accept your membership request.

Baird told OO that the allegations were biased as the now Executive Mayor of the Greater Oudtshoorn, then a pariah within the ANC Caucus, Gordon April, approached him in early June 2011 with a request that the DA appoint him to parliament in return for resigning his Dysselsdorp ward and helping the DA win the resultant by-election.

When April finally understood that one can not simply be appointed to parliament on a whim, April demanded a job – any job – as long as the remuneration was equal or better than that of the Oudtshoorn Mayor, to resign his ward.

No suitable employment was available as April’s academic qualifications was inadequate. April completed only grade 6 at school.

That April is now the Mayor, having negotiated to stab the ANC in the back, while he, Baird, is denied membership of the ANC, said Baird, adumbrates a velleity of inconsistency in membership decisions.

The OO reader similarly denied membership was cited for being supportive of ORPA, the Oudtshoorn Ratepayers’ Association. Mapitiza said that ORPA is perceived to be “against the ANC”.

At this time is it uncertain whether the ANC will approach the Film and Publications Board to classify OO, Baird, and certain readers.

One is tempted to conclude that membership of the ANC is not permitted if one thinks for oneself, like in Baird’s case; one is tempted to conclude that membership of the ANC is not permitted if one supports a community organisation not enslaved by the cadres, like in the case of the OO reader.

The ANC. What a bunch to have in charge of Oudtshoorn and the land.

Ye gods and faeries!

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5 thoughts on “OO Editor devastated by membership refusal

  1. Ag shame mr baird why would the anc refuse you membership….sometime ago kallie knoetze as well as pik botha was granted to join as a member…looking @ their history as policeman & as a politician….your are a gentleman……..hope they will reconsider……

  2. Ag shame man!! You feeling the cold and winter hasn’t even started. But fear not, there are other options. The DA, for one, wants to grow. Maybe Anton Bredell will put your name forward. Maybe the Donsons will allow you into the fold… Many options my friend, many options… Hou moed.

  3. It has become apparent that the ANC is only for “Dummies” to which they can ‘feed rubbish in the dark’ and keep them uneducated as per the Minister of Education’s recent remarks. The more uninformed their electorate, the more stories they can spin them while the top elite strips the country. Sounds like the old Stalinist dictator having killed millions, Mugabe and most African dictators.When will the masses ever learn ??

    Choose ye this day whom ye will serve, the ANC suppressor or Democracy. If you don’t have either an education or a job, after 18 years, will this message even be grasped or its full implication understood by the masses ?

  4. Totaal en al belaglik. Ek dink hul wil nie Baird as lid he nie want hul mag mos nie lede stil maak nie?

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