I fear the ANC as I had feared the Nats

A letter to some ANC functionaries

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 27 May 2012. 07h00. I wrote a few ANC functionaries with ties to Oudtshoorn through politics and personal relationships with residents:

“Comment”, an OO commentator; André Gaum; Lynne Brown; Pierre Uys, Sipho Kroma, Cobus Grobler…

I am most completely appalled by the burning of City Press copies – old editions – at the Durban march.

The manner and intensity of the objections to the Brett Murray painting; the call to boycott a newspaper; the burning of copies of the paper…

Thugs acting like thugs.

And those I think are not thugs are silent. Tacit consent? Trepid reticence?

I fear the ANC as I had feared the Nats.

And what horrifies me most is the realisation that the ANC does not mind alienating people like me and those with whom I associate.

Thought I’d share my thoughts with you.

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One thought on “I fear the ANC as I had feared the Nats

  1. OO I am not an ANC functionary and don’t have a mandate to speak on behalf of the movement – I use a non-de-plume on this site specifically to prevent creating the impression that my views are the views of people in high office.
    I would share your concern about the burning of the City Press if I thought that the action was a response to political criticism published in the paper. But it is not.
    The first chapter in the Brett Murray exhibition was shown at the Goodman Gallery in Cape Town in 2010 under the title “Hail to the Thief 1”: the exhibits included pieces titled Chris “Hush Money” Hani, Walter “The Sweetener” Sisulu, Joe “Mr Ten Percent” Slovo, Steve “Kick-Back King” Biko and Oliver “On The Take” Tambo. None of these leaders were in government and cannot fairly be accused of corruption. These specific pieces have not been included in the current Joburg leg of the Goodman show – but others are repeated such as a poster in which Solomon Mahlangu has his words on the day of his execution reshaped by Murray to read “Tell my people that I love them and that they must continue the struggle for Chivas Regal, Mercs and kick-backs”. Then there are also the statues depicting black people as black gorillas. As reported in the City Press I articulated ‘vocal opposition’ in 2010 to that show because I experienced it as deeply racist.
    The public reaction to the current show is not a reaction to political critique – that happens constantly on a variety of platforms without dire consequence – it is a reaction to the experience of the Murray show in the Goodman as deeply racist – exactly as I experienced the similar show in 2010.
    I fully support the SACP position on the show, and have a great deal of empathy for the public expressions of fury being seen on the streets.

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