Dis ‘n jaar na die verkiesing…

O wee

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By: TwitterButtons.com

Oudtshoorn. 19 Mei 2012. 06h10. 48 uit elke 100 kiesers van Oudtshoorn het op 18 Mei verlede jaar vir die DA gestem.

44 vir die ANC.

3 vir Cope.

3 vir Icosa.

2 vir die NPP.

49 kiesers het gestem vir ‘n ANC/Icosa/NPP-regering.

51 het gestem vir ‘n DA/Cope-regering.

Maar Oudtshoorn het ‘n ANC/Icosa/NPP-regering.

Laat ‘n mens wonder, nè?

Wil ‘n mens ‘n politieke party ondersteun wat sy kiesers se mandaat ignoreer omdat die leiers so aanmatigend is om te wil kies wanneer die omstandighede hulle pas om te regeer?

Is ‘n politieke party nie veronderstel om ten alle koste te wil regeer nie? Om oplossings te skep en te bestuur, selfs al kos dit risiko en harde werk?

Laat ‘n mens dink, nè?

Wil jy maar net ‘n pion wees in die “groter prentjie”?

Of wil jy hê dat die party waarvoor jy stem jou belange bo partybelang stel?

Is dit te veel gevra?

Lees bietjie hiér:

1. In 2007 beveel die DA dat sy raadslede die destydse OD-onderburgemeester, Jeffrey Swartbooi, ondersteun sodat die DA/OD-koalisie in Kaapstad versterk kan word.

Dit is ‘n opdrag wat ernstige negatiewe implikasies vir Oudtshoorn inhou. Dit is ‘n opdrag wat die DA dien; nié Oudtshoorn nie.

OO het ‘n dokument in sy argief wat onteenseglik aandui dat Swartbooi in 2007 afgedank moes gewees het as die DA Oudtshoorn se belange gedien het. Wat vir Oudtshoorn verkieslik was het nie die DA se doel gedien nie. Die DA het Oudtshoorn se inwoners versaak.

2. Nadat die destydse DA-burgemeester, Diane de Jager, ‘n afvaardiging na die 2010-Indaba neem, in weerwil van ‘n raadsbesluit, word die DA-leierskap ingelig oor die burgemeester se bedenklike en nadelige leierskap op Oudtshoorn.

Uiteindelik stel die DA ‘n kommissie van ondersoek aan om die beskuldigings te ondersoek.

Daardie James-verslag is nooit bekend gemaak nie en De Jager is vandag stééds ‘n DA-raadslid.

OO het ‘n dokument in sy argief wat onteenseglik aandui dat De Jager in 2010 afgedank moes gewees het as die DA Oudtshoorn se belange gedien het. Die DA het party-belang bo die belange van Oudtshoorn gestel. Die DA het Oudtshoorn se inwoners versaak.

3. In Oktober 2010 verloor die DA beheer oor Oudtshoorn toe die twee OD-oorlopers, Gordon April en Jurie Harmse, hulle wyke vir die ANC wen. Plaaslike kundiges beveel ten sterkste aan dat die tussenverkiesings onder die OD-vaandel beveg word, maar die DA hou voet by stuk dat die krag van die koalisie by die stembus getoets word.

Patricia de Lille se arrogansie bly my vandag nog by: “Die mense sal maak soos ék sê.”

Die DA verloor beide wyke en die res is inderdaad geskiedenis.

OO het ‘n dokument in sy argief wat onteenseglik aandui dat Oudtshoorn sedert Oktober 2010 vergaan het en dat die DA die vernietiging baie moontlik kon voorkom het as die DA Oudtshoorn se belange gedien het. Die DA het party-belang bo die belange van Oudtshoorn gestel. Die DA het Oudtshoorn se inwoners versaak.

4. Op 18 Mei 2011 stem 50.8% van Oudtshoorn se kiesers teen ‘n ANC-regering. Die DA verenig die meeste stemme (47.7%) op hom. Die DA weier volstrek dat die sterk nuwe DA-raadslede op Oudtshoorn ‘n uitdagende samewerkingsooreenkoms met die NPP se Badih Chaaban bestuur ten einde Oudtshoorn uit die kloue van die ANC te hou.

Dit is nie nodig om die voor- en nadele van samewerking met Chaaban hier te ontrafel nie. Net dit… Lyndon Johnson se woorde oor J Edgar Hoover toe daar in die post-Kennedy Wit Huis oor die FBI-leierskap besin is: “I’d rather have that man inside the tent pissing out than outside the tent pissing in.”

Die DA is van Chaaban “gered” terwyl Oudtshoorn vandag sit met April; Donson; Stoffels; Mogale; Mnyimba; Human… nadat Oudtshoorn se belastingbetalers bykans R5m op Noël Pietersen vermors het.

Die verhaal van die Chaaban-Oudtshoorn verhouding is nog nóóit vertel nie – ek vérséker julle, my lankmoedige lesers!

Uiteindelik is daar voorgehou dat die DA sukkel om die klein partytjies te vernietig en dat die NPP nie ‘n lewenslyn, soos ‘n akkomoderende Oudtshoorn-DA, durf kry nie.

OO het ‘n dokument in sy argief oor dié saak. Die DA het party-belang bo die belange van Oudtshoorn gestel. Die DA het Oudtshoorn se inwoners versaak.

Samevattend: By vier geleenthede sedert 2007 het die DA sy eie patybelang bó die belange van Oudtshoorn se mense gestel.

Hoekom moet Oudtshoorn se kiesers vir die DA stem?

Helen? Theuns? Anton? Hannes? Chris? Enigiemand?

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14 thoughts on “Dis ‘n jaar na die verkiesing…

  1. O Glen, O Glen
    You would have been with Piet Retief if you lived way back then, murdered !
    The DA is an unreliable partner, full stop
    Those few DA counsillors who already know this has the responsibility to follow their conscience and resign, stand INDEPENDANT or risk been voted out.
    The ONLY way to heal this rot is to start all over, no matter how small
    You cant patch old wine bags in the event it all gets contaminated. NOT WORTH THE RISK with Bredell at the helm, Visser in the background and Zille feverishly looking for her replacement. No depth there china and also selfish and opportunistic infighting, ask Trollip.
    The days of promises, deceit etc IS OVER !
    Come live and see for yourself in OUDSHOORN ! Savings of R120 million already “syphoned off” and now the gravy trainers are looking for another R40 million loan for their cadres
    The gravy train stops here in OUDSHOORN !! Just ask OO, NIck and a few honest civics minded people !!

  2. Guys, I am a come lately from KZN–and at one time was a councillor myself—BUT, most importantly, if you don’t stick together and oppose the ANC, and think they’re a bunch of poepalls you will learn the hard way that you’ll have them running ODN until “Jesus comes again” as they say. Your not stupid, and surely realise that anything goes for them to stay in power–as long as they can lie their way out of trouble.
    Change your approaches and realise that not all of the present DA councillors are as you describe them—support the good ones (and don’t tell me you’re so stupid as to think they’re all rotten) and have a say in the DA’s next councillor elections by being members of the party. If not, don’t cry for me Argentina–sorry ODN!!!!!!

  3. Glenn, Glenn , Glenn, it is absolutely CRISTAL CLEAR that you are a Johnny come lately to the Oudshoorn debate.I suspect the point of no return with the ANC /DA incompetence, corruption, no strategy, stripping that municipality, feeding at the trough was clearly on the cards ever since 2008.

    Where have you been all the time china ?
    In what F-a-i-r-y Municipality , with good service delivery, good governance, accurate accounting and qualified reports do you live, pray, tell us ? When last have you visited your local sewerage works to “check wat gaan daar aan ?”

    Has your council got blue drop water status, do the municipality answer their phone within 10 rings (not 10 years) ?

    Were you aware of around 287 municipalities that less than 35 were financially sound, some barely ?

    I guess not !

    Tell me , are you even living in SA or are you one of those clever dudes abroad ?

    Wake up time CHINA ?

    Your response welcome, unless you too have conveniently decided to disappear from the radar.

    Only OO, Nick and a few others have stuck around to relentlessly oppose this mess in ODN in recent years, with death threats, OO’s home being petrol bombed, thrown out of council chambers on numerous times, being sued for all sorts of trumped up nonsense , yet ill informed “Glenny still has time to come and make silly bugger comments like you just have.

    Our biggest enemy is perhaps IGNORANCE !!

    Next time you comment, please first get up to speed. The time for ACTION has arrived.
    An apology will do !

  4. @ Glenn

    We stay in Oudtshoorn, and live with the councilors that do not do their work, always have a bag full of excuses and DAcieve their own fellow DAcievers by walking with the cANCer! Glenn I think that you should come and live here, walk among the locals and listen to them. How do you explain that the clever councilors decide to spend thousands on 5 days on a party, yet can not spend halve that amount to fix water supply to hundreds of homes? Glenn how do you explain that when crucial decisions are on the agenda that the DAcievers go missing! The DAcivers will have to get their act straight before they even contemplate to stand next election in my ward!

  5. Glenn

    I own up to and take full responsibility for my confrontational, in your face attitude.

    My earlier, accommodating attitude bore absolutely no sustainable positive outcomes.

    If the local DA Councillors are so keen to represent Oudtshoorn, they can rise up against their leadership!

    Their remarks in personal chats and their collective actions are irreconcilable. They speak with forked tongue.

    They are not even prepared to confront Bredell about his idiotic contradictory statements.

    Let the local DA Councillors show some balls, as did Pierre Nel in 2007, and we’ll talk!

    Right now the local DA Councillors are nothing but lame ducks embarrassing themselves and all they arrogate to represent.

  6. ED/RED
    Agreed–towns should preferably be run by responsible competent people of that town—but not possible in RSA–or anywhere really in so-called democracies.
    I don’t live in ODN, but have family (one of whom is a very hard working conscientious DA councillor) who do, and would dearly love, like I think you would, to see something being done by the hierarchy in CT. But a problem for me is your confrontational attitude towards that hierarchy—however incompetent the minister appears to be. Is there no way that a clean slate can be drawn up between yourself and the DA in CT so that your very relevant opinions and facts can be resolved amicably and that you along with the relevant officials, get them eating out of your hand and doing something constuctive for ODN. PLEASE give it some thought, and, being an intelligent person, I’m sure you can work out something for the better of all the residents.

  7. Glenn

    No splinter parties are called for!

    All political party Councillors are forced by threat of expulsion to toe the party line – as the examples I have provided clearly indicate.

    I am not “against the DA”; I am against people deciding what is bad for Oudtshoorn.

    Vote DA, provincially and nationally. There is, frankly, no alternative.

    Towns should be run by people committed to the towns, not political parties.

  8. You guys just don’t get it!!! No splinter party can or will survive in S African politics–look at the UDM or Cope or any independent candidates-ratepayer associations. You are also projecting the party into the local candidates—if you were elected in a mkarginal seat, having worked your “gat af” to win the serat, you would not easily say to hell with the bosses in CT and stand down to fight as an independent. SO, I say, support some of the local elected DA councillors, have a say in the next elections at having intelligent younger candidates put forward by the DA, win outright, and then the local elected councillors will govern OUD properly. Don’t be so negative , but fight for a future. And RED/ED-the DA wants to run OUD–you know that, but there are certain incompetents in the Cape who don’t have the balls or copmpetence to see the light: that’s not most of the elected DA councillors. Good luck at the next elections.

  9. Die aanbod bly staan. Begin nou met proaktiewe beplanning vir 2014. Daar is genoeg talent, kundigheid en bereidwilligheid onder ‘n groot hoeveelheid mense vanuit alle groepperinge om nou reeds betrokke te raak by ‘n goed beplande sakeplan met einddoel 2014. Die vraag is kan en wil die huidige KAB die initiatief neem om so ‘n plan van stapel te stuur? Ons dorp en sy mense verdien dit! Kyk hoe gou het ‘n jaar verby gesnel.

    Komaan. JUST DO IT.!

    Hannes, wat se julle?!

  10. Good point Sadruid. Glen, your arguments outdated and naive as proven by recent history

    There is now only one option left to force an unwillingDA party to does not wish to govern or make good on their promises.
    By unequivocally voting for INDEPENDANTS at all 3rd govt levels. Either the DA will sit up and act responsible, or start disappearing from the scene as these independent king makers force action.

    That then perhaps leaves us with a corrupt and incompetent ANC in charge, also in many borderline constituencies. They will all in time be charged as the SIU, constitutionally ‘adjusted” Hawks and other tenticals of our judiciary gets to them in time. This known and manageable situation is far better than having a two faced DA and hipocritical party lead us to nowhere anytime soon with the ANC leading all to a certain abyss.

  11. @Glenn. But we’ve tried that! We voted DA in May last year to hold off the ANC and the DA refused to govern! What the hell more do you suggest we do!?

  12. @ Glenn. In a ideal world yes you are correct, but we not on that planet! We are in Oudtshoorn where the DAcievers are walking beside the cANCer, and when they “promise” you know what you wont get. Glenn a year ago I was promised a visit from the new DAciever councilor with in 3 weeks. He pitched by accident only mid March! Glenn the DAciecers may have promoted them selves as the only alternative to the cANCer, if I could I would take them to court for false advertising, they neither the only, nor best. We could go independent or if you want to cope.

  13. Who do you want the voters to put their crosses behind—the ANC alliance?? By continually slating the DA, you are not going to get rid of bad governance–nor will you get rid of April, Donson, Stoffels Mogale etc etc–and whichever cadres the ANC wants to plant on Oudtshoorn in the future.
    So I would suggest you, through OO, encourage voters to get rid of the ANC by voting DA en bloc at the next elections—and not have all these hanger-ons like the ACDP/Cope/ratepayers associations/individuals which are going to split the DA vote—-you will never split the ANC vote!!!! (because of an indoctrinated philosophy–long outdated)

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