It’s been a month…

All efforts to counter maladministration and corruption appear to be in vain

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Oudtshoorn. 17 May 2012. 07h20. This coming week-end marks a month since the “Great Discussion” between the DA’s Western Cape Leaders, Theuns Botha and Anton Bredell, and senior Western Cape governmental functionaries; and local civic organisations – ORPA, the Business Chamber, and the OBB.

The Great Discussion was essentially an opportunity for Bredell and Co to explain why the Provincial Ministry of Local Government cannot interfere in Municipal politics and administration; and to encourage civics to adopt a zero tollerance attitude to corruption and maladministration.

OO has now learned that the DA MP Jac Bekker, is setting up a follow-up meeting.

To what end, pray?

To schedule a third meeting?

I am convinced that no government agency will lift a finger to address, or even influence, let alone resolve, continued maladministration in Oudtshoorn.

The SIU of the Dead Parrot Society, commonly referred to as the Hawks, did investigate, and a few DPCI cases are being managed, but even during the investigation maladministration continued with gay abandon.

The only measurable outcome from the Great Discussion to date is that Gordon April last week quoted Bredell’s statement that Oudtshoorn is not doing too badly in delivering basic services.

This effectively means that the visit by Bredell and Botha and a team of dedicated support staff have strenghtened the hand of the cadre cabal arrogating to run Oudtshoorn.

In short: It appears as if the Great Discussion has had a negative influence.

Most residents of Oudtshoorn will perhaps shake the head at what is happening; some will take note of OO’s reports; some will attend the odd meeting once every 2 years; about a dozen will attend municipal meetings; but so far only one resident has acted: Nic Barrow – and he is at it again.

Barrow this week issued Subpoenas Duces Tecum (Latin for “bring with you”) on April; Municipal Manager Thandekile Mnyimba; and CFO Deon Lott.

This subpoena is a type of legal writ requiring one who has been summoned to appear in court to bring some specified item with him or her for use or examination by the court.

And Barrow wants proof that the previous Municipal Manager, Noël Pietersen, did, in fact, repay the R17,542 for which he was convicted of misappropriating.

Barrow also demands payment of R211,448 for outstanding legal fees in lieu of Pietersen’s failed appeal against the interim order of Mr Justice Patrick Gamble last year, when Pietersen demanded the immediate payment of the R1.5m the ANC Council gifted him before the same Council paid him R1.2m to begone.

All OO can possibly do is point out the corruption and the maladministration… and the lethargy of those functionaries who spend the time they coud have used to influence Oudtshoorn’s dire problems by explaining why they can do nothing.

Yet even the reporting is, in fact, in vain. Because people like Bredell encourages the malfeasance by irresponsible functionaries through stupefying utterances, such as the “not too badly” statement.

ORPA issued this Media Statement late last night, inviting residents to rise against maladministration and corruption.

The Oudtshoorn Ratepayers’ Association (ORPA) is a civic association established and mandated to represent the interests and concerns of ratepayers in the Greater Oudtshoorn municipal area. Our fundamental and overarching objective is that municipal governance in Oudtshoorn be clean, open, fair, just, responsible, responsive, transparent and accessible.  We do not have partisan political interests and do not seek public or political office. Rather, we wish only to see that our elected representatives, of whatever political party or persuasion, carry out the programmes, policies and functions as mandated by the electorate in accordance with the law and established principles of good governance. In short, we leave policy to the politicians and the ordinary political process – we wish only to see that government is honest and just.

P O Box 810; Oudtshoorn; 6620 – Tel & Fax: (044) 272 0189 Cell: 082 880 2297 – Email:

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3 thoughts on “It’s been a month…

  1. OO en Nick, julle is PRESIES wat die spreekwoord van praat, “‘n MAN wat sy man kan staan en wat ‘n bars hou kan slaan”. Ek is trots op julle! Julle het ware kroonjuwele. Mooi so!

  2. Dit sal altyd slegs die publiek wees wat vir die publiek opstaan. Dis juis hierom dat ODnners onafhanklikes moet stuur om hul eie balange te beantwoord

    Bredell doen dit nie
    Visser gee niks om nie
    Barnard praat net mooi woordjies en sit hanne-vas-gebind
    Die AN Cee’s steel blindelings, daaglikse strooptogte landswyd

    Magtig, wanneer gaan hulle bedank en die publiek soos een man opstaan teen alle bg onkapabeles ??
    Net Nick en OO ?

    Ek hoop al daardie publieke lamsakke wat net kla en niksdoen, bly sit want ons soek slegs mense wat bereid is om op te staan en getel te word !!

  3. If no political will exist to initiate a change, no change will happen. The Dacievers an cANCer are the two sides of the same coin! only interested in a good seat on the gravy train.

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