The High Court on Oudtshoorn’s woes

Three High Court cases and an blundered project say it all

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Oudtshoorn. 8 May 2012. 13h00. The unimaginable inability of Oudtshoorn’s Council and Administration to manage the affairs of the town has now been exposed by two High Court rulings, a third High Court application; and the threat to the TFASA business presence which represents the most encouraging economic initiative in decades and which Oudtshoorn must at all costs retain.

1. The CShell (case Number 1427/2011) High Court verdict of March 30 confirms that even certain contracts to alienate land are ab initio null and void and that some of the said contracts date from 2006;

2. The CFO, Deon Lott, has been criminated by the Wavelengths (case Number 15119/2011) High Court verdict of April 26, for pledging funds not secured, for the wrongful purchase of land in Bitou;

3. The appointments of the Municipal Manager and the Director Corporate Services are challenged in the High Court (Case Number 25790/11);

4. No lease has been concluded and no contract effected regulating the operation of the TFASA flight school at the aerodrome since 2010.

The Oudtshoorn administration is not equipped to manage the affairs of the town.

What is of mortal alarm is that nobody seems willing to address this outrage!

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One thought on “The High Court on Oudtshoorn’s woes

  1. OO, as we all know, the wheels of justice always turns slowly, like Pietersen, Mnyimba, April , Lot and others will still find out.
    If you have nothing to hide, have a pleasant night

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