Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose

We’re free!?

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Oudtshoorn. 27 April 2012. 10h15. Motherhood and apple pie.

It can’t be criticised.

Like South Africa’s hard fought freedom.

We realised there was but one alternative too ghastly to contemplate – if the loot was not shared amongst the elite of both sides it would have been lost to all; we all got together; we refrained from cutting each other’s throats; we signed a deal; we had freedom.

It was sold to the plebeians on the reasonable expectation that a family outing to the neighbourhood Wimpy would not mean violent death and that fridges and stoves would sell in townships.

The ANC wiped the floor with the Nats at Codesa, but Van der Merwe, St John Smythe, and Hoggenheim won the away match by an innings. The money was safe. Or safish.

“Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose.”

Interviewed on Enough Rope With Andrew Denton in 2005, Kris Kristofferson said of these words: “I think when I wrote that, I was trying to show that freedom is a double-edged sword and that you may be free, but it can be painful to be that free. But maybe at the very end, when you leave, you will be free when you’ve nothing else to lose, you know, when you’re gone.”

One commentator remarked that “when you’ve got nothing to lose, you can do whatever you damned well please”.

We’ve been “free” 18 years today.

Zimbabwe since 1980.

Freedom must mean more than the right to vote.

And are we, all of us, deserving of the privilege, and qualified, mind, to be free to forge an environment conducive to empower a few chosen ones and their cronies to do as they damned well please with impunity, based on nothing but a majority cajoled by empty promises?

We shall but start on the road to freedom when elected thugs and their appointed cadres finally be free… As implied by Kristofferson’s closing reflection: Gone – which we can effect at the ballot box. Some day when we’ve acquired the right to the privilege to be free.


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3 thoughts on “Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose

  1. Nicely put Ed!

    Here another confirmation of “freedom” I was handed this morning when I politely asked some thug in the car park to turn his infernal “Boom Boom” music box a touch softer, or to close his windows (as if that helps!)

    “ag man F%#*k you, its a F*^%$ing free country and I can do what the F*&k I like – F%$K you!”.

    …….and then he was GONE!

  2. OO readers are privileged. This kind of commentary should be gracing the pages of all SA newspapers.

    No wonder OO is hated by many and loved by few.

    I’m happy to be one of the few.

    Welgedaan, meneer!

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