Deon Lott implicated in High Court judgement

What is Lott doing managing Oudtshoorn’s finances!?

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Oudtshoorn. 27 April 2012. 18h30. OO reported on the preposterous Bitou real estate deal to secure land for low cost residential development on November 27 last year already – click here. And please note that a DA Minister, Bongikosi Madikizela, the Western Cape Minister of Human Settlements, thought it prudent to entrust R29.35m to an ANC Council 48 days before a general election.

The mind does not boggle; it terminates.

Mr Justice James Yekiso ruled in the matter between Wavelengthes 252 (Pty) Ltd and Bitou Municipality et al this Thursday last, April 26.

Wavelengths sought an order declaring the agreement of sale concluded between it and Bitou Municipality on 28 January 2011 to be valid and of full force and effect, coupled with an ancillary relief that the Municipality be ordered to perform its obligation in terms of the agreement.

Wavelengths wanted its R29.35m for land allegedly purchased by Bitou.

The application was dismissed with costs.

It is interesting for Oudtshoorn that Judge Yekiso found that the purchase price, R29.35m, was never secured.

Yet the then Bitou CFO, Deon Lott, now Oudtshoorn’s CFO, not only pledged the money illegally to Wavelengths – the very day before last year’s 18 May elections, in consumate disregard of a suspensive contractual condition, Lott also proceeded to use tranches of the same money pledged to settle current accounts!

This represents outrageous financial mismanagement! It discombobulates, bedevils, befuddles, bemuses and bewilders that the culprit can still be a Municipal CFO, and that of Oudtshoorn!

Lott only escaped disciplinary action because he resigned to take up the position of CFO in Oudtshoorn. It must be noted that Lott’s Bitou boss and compadre, Municipal Manager Lonwabo Ngoqo, was found guilty of charges relating to this real estate deal and dismissed.

Yet the ANC appointed Ngoqo Municipal Manager in Sundays River, making an absolute mockery of its so-called anti-corruption committment.

Criminal charges against Ngoqo are being investigated and the Yekiso judgement will not help his cause. Lott, too, should be a concerned man.

The letter pledging the R29.35m to Wavelengths was drafted on the Municipal Manager’s letterhead, but signed by Lott.

And yet, the details of Lott’s reckless and malicious behaviour known, Oudtshoorn’s Councill proceeded in appointing Lott as the Director Finance.

The Councillors who voted to appoint Lott should be sued in their personal capacities to compensate ratepayers for this unconscionable decision!

Deon Lott should not manage Oudtshoorn’s finances. If Anton Bredell or Marius Fransman want to give Lott a job, they’re welcome to this specimen.

But get Lott out of Oudtshoorn!

Oudtshoorn must be rid of Deon Lott – click here for the man’s management record and judge for yourself.

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2 thoughts on “Deon Lott implicated in High Court judgement

  1. Not only Oudtshoorn, but South Africa must be rid of “managers” like Lott before this failing 18 year old democracy can dream of any success. With the likes of him managing municipalities chaos, anarchy, poor service delivery, extremely bad performance, ill discipline and incredible waste of public funds will ruin our beloved country.

    Neem kennis van die Openbare Beskermer, Me Thuli Madonsela, se waarskuwing dat Suid-Afrika op die rand van die afgrond is en dat korrupsie onmiddellik indringend vasgevat moet word.

    As Lott nie deur Bitou se huidige raad aangekla word vir sy wandade nie, is hulle net so skuldig aan die vergrepe! Al is hy nie meer ‘n werknemer van die raad nie, moet sy wandade as Rekenkundige Beampte nog steeds by die polisie (en die Nasionale Tesourie) aangemeld word, sodat hy dienooreenkomstig vervolg kan word en voorkom kan word dat hy nie weer binne 10 jaar by ‘n owerheid aangestel kan word nie. Omdat skelms en onbekwame bestuurders net eenvoudig bedank wanneer die water te warm word (of beskerm word deur die sogenaamde “vertroulikheidsklousule” in skikkingsooreenkomste), woed korrupsie eenvoudig voort en neem hand-oor-hand toe! STOP HULLE IN HUL SPORE! TREE OP INGEVOLGE DIE MUNISIPALE FINANSIELE BESTUURSWET EN LE KLAGTES BY DIE SA POLISIE!!!

    Verantwoordelike leiers is dit verskuldig aan elke burger van hierdie land dat alle korrupsie aan die kaak gestel word want ‘n donker en droewige toekoms wag op elkeen wat hier woon en werk indien mense met sulke skandalige rekords toegelaat word om voort te gaan met hul plundering.

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