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Oudtshoorn. 26 April 2012. 16h30. Cosatu Secretary General, Zwelinzima Vavi tweeted at 16h08 that the ANC & COSATU leadership gave agreed to postpone e-tolls by a month to allow task team more time to explore funding!

City Press Assistant Editor Adriaan Basson notes that this announcement of e-toll suspension for a month puts Judge Prinsloo in a curious predicament. Mainly, because the decision is not before him.

EWN reports that the news from Cosatu and the ANC explains why Sanral officials were going in and out of court, looking very concerned.

702’s David O’Sullivan says that if e-tolling IS halted on the basis of this decision by the ANC and Cosatu, it also indicates who really calls the shots in SA.

This sentiment was echoed by Peter Bruce, Business Day Editor: “So while the State argues in court of financial catastrophe if e-tolling stalls, the Party stalls it. Guess who’s running the country?”

O’Sullivan also reported that Vavi confirmed that no protest action against e-tolls will take place on Monday. Vavi said the Minister of Transport was in the Cosatu-ANC meeting which halted the implementation.

The Journalist/Author/Scriptwriter/Speechwriter/TweetWriter, Gus Silber, cried: “What a truly South African solution to SANRAL gemors. A big fight, a court case, a last-minute concord, & a Public Holiday.”


Judge Bill Prinsloo will deliver his ruling at 11h00 on Saturday.

Oudtshoorn. 25 April 2012. 15h00.
Afriforum’s application to intervene in the case is turned down. Now to get into the merits of the case.

Interdict hearing gets underway. OUTA is up first. An agreement has been reached by all to try to finish by tomorrow.

11h55. Wow!

eTolling was interdicted by the High Court just after 11h30!

Judge Bill Prinsloo said, amongst other things:

“It is apparent from chronology, that fate of etolling was uncertain until February 2012.”

He said OUTA’s approach was reasonable and that they have acted with due diligence.

Verdict: Judge Bill Prinsloo grants OUTA urgency. Urgent interdict given.

Unbelievable, I think. Legal history made!

This does not mean eTolling can’t proceed. It means an application will be heard before it proceeds.

This verdict means that civil protest can bring about change!

Listen to these words from the Judge: “It seems to me that the immense and widespread public interest in this matter and the ongoing protest from many quarters should also persuade me to exercise my discretion in hearing this matter as one of urgency.”

For absolute clarity: Urgency was granted. An interdict hearing is now to be heard. Only then will we know if e-tolling goes live or not.

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One thought on “eTolling interdict case

  1. Hoe lekker kry ek nie nou nie, al moet die fat lady nog sing
    Vir 18 maande kla ek al direk by Nasir Alli, CEO van Sanral, oor hul outdated website, verkeerde HK adres, geen info op hul site onder “Frequint questions and answers” en hoekom “Fuel levies” nie daarop feature. Hoe kan hul v/d publiek verwag om meer op te dok as ons nie eens presies weet hoe die levies aangewend word, wat die tekort is en hoekom bestaande paaie getol moet word nie. Mnr Alli het reeds 18 maande gelede vir my telefonies gese dit kry dringend aandag, en sedert ek laas hul webtuiste besoek het, geen verandering, net meer lee beloftes (Klinks soos die WesKaapse regering)

    Ek het toe aangedring per epos dat hy bedank en hom n LINK verskaf hoedat die publiek in Bolivia 4 kabinetsministers laat bedank het oor n omstrede tolpad daar. Hul loop die gevaar dat dieselfde hier kan gebeur, maar tot op hede nie n piep van Alli nie. (Klink soos daai spul WeKaapse ministers, ne) Die program 50/50 het Alli ook ongeveer 2006 gepols oor tolpaaie, maar SANRAL se destydse arrogansie en onwillige deelname aan publieke debat lyk my het uiteindelik huistoe gekom “for the chickens to roost”

    Ek stel weereens voor Alli bedank, soos wat ek van Bredell en Theuns verwag. Wag hul te lank, gaan daar dalk “no more benefits and golden hand shakes” wees, verder af in die pad.

    The era of massive public protest via the INSTANT social media network is here, let this be clear to all clowns who think they can treat the public as imbisiles and uninformed mushrooms with no say once voting has concluded

    Take that to your bank !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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