Die Standerd-vierklong van Dysselsdorp dagvaar OO

April: “OO’s manifested intention appears to be to humiliate, degrade and unfairly discrimination against me.”

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Oudtshoorn. 19 April 2012. 08h25. Nou ja toe.

Die uitvoerende burgemeester van die groter Oudtshoorn, Gordon April, het OO en OO se redakteur in die gelykheidshof gedagvaar vir haatspraak en eis vir R50,000 omdat OO na hom verwys as “daai standerd-vierklong van Dysselsdorp”.

Lees gerus die voorbladberig hieroor in die Oudtshoorn Courant.

April sê in sy stukke: “As someone who grew up and received education under the racist apartheid laws of the past, I find the reference to myself as described above offensive and feel that it dehumanises and humiliates me. There is no logical, lawful or legitimate reason for referring to me in this derogatory sense.”

Hy gaan voort:

“The reference to my standard of education reminds me strongly of the apartheid gutter education system of the past and of which I am a product. It conjures up old feelings of being discriminated against on the basis of race, which was one of the corner stones of the apartheid education policy.”

April meen dat die verwysing op haatspraak neerkom en sy menslike waardigheid aantas.

Hy verklaar dat die stelling “cannot in fact amount to bona fide fair and accurate reporting in the public interest or that it serves any other legitimate purpose. It’s sole purpose and Respondents’s manifested intention appears to be to humiliate, degrade and unfairly discrimination against me.”

April meen “that it would be understood by the reasonable reader as an attack on my human dignity as described above. It is clear, I submit that the Respondents treated me unfairly in a way which impairs my fundamental dignity. lt is an historical fact that the apartheid legacy of racially based allocation or denial of resources manifests itself most starkly in the context of basic education. Under apartheid, due to the former regime’s racist policies, I was denied access to proper and adequate education. As opposed to my white counterparts, who received education of the highest quality, I am a product of what has been appropriately described as gufter education. One of the fundamental tenants thereof was the fact that non-whites received education specifically aimed at only equipping them to join the labour force as unskilled workers.

“Any reference hereto, of the kind made by Respondents, serves only to further humiliate and degrade, in the same way as I was humiliated and degraded by the apariheid education policies.

“The word klong has long been used by white people in South Africa to refer to coloured and black peopte in a degrading and dehumanizing way.”

OO happens to disagree with April…

Here is the complete text of OO’s Responding Affidavit before Court:

1. The Complainant’s educational status:

The Complainant’s highest educational qualification was confirmed to me to be grade six, the current equivalent of standard four in the 1980’s.

The Complainant has never, to my knowledge, disputed the fact that his highest educational qualification was, indeed, grade six.

Both the Leader of the Democratic Alliance in the Western Cape, Mr. Theuns Botha, and the Executive Mayor of the Eden District Municipality, Alderman Vernatt van der Westhuizen, informed me during the first half of June 2011 that the Complainant could not be employed by a Municipal Council at a remuneration level commensurate to the earnings package of an Executive Mayor, as the Complainant’s educational status, grade six, was inadequate.

Botha specifically informed me that Van der Westhuizen refused to offer the Complainant employment because of the Complainant’s educational status and that Van der Westhuizen would only employ the Complainant if Botha issued a political instruction to Van der Westhuizen to employ the Complainant – which Botha refused to do.

The matter of the Complainant’s educational status therefore came to bear significantly upon the dénouement of the Oudtshoorn political plot and was reported as a relevant public interest fact.

Had the Complainant an education that qualified him for alternative deployment within Municipal management, the entire political landscape of Oudtshoorn would very probably, even certainly, have been significantly different today. Therefore the Complainant’s educational status became a critically important piece of information that had to be reported.

In the aftermath of the May 18, 2011 General Elections, the Municipal Council of Oudtshoorn was constituted of 11 ANC members; 11 DA members; 1 Cope member; 1 Icosa member; and 1 National People’s Party member.

A coalition was demanded and in the ensuing negotiations the Complainant, being the ANC member for ward 9 and the immediate past Executive Mayor, approached local DA functionaries, of whom I was one, with a view to resign his seat and force a by-election.

The Complainant inveighed that the ANC refused to reinstate him as Executive Mayor and that he would resign his seat and endeavour to have a DA candidate win his vacated seat in return for a DA appointment to parliament.

After arduous effort the Complainant was finally convinced that one has to be elected to parliament and that one can not simply be appointed to Parliament.

The Complainant subsequently altered his quid pro quo to employment in a DA Municipality, commensurate with the earnings of an Executive Mayor.

The posited motivation for this elaborate plan to return the DA to power on a victory in the Complainant’s vacated ward, according to the Complainant at the time, was that the situation within ANC ranks was unbearable (“onuitstaanbaar”, or a word to that effect) and that he simply wanted to be rid of the asperities of local government and party politics and be employed at a remuneration equal to that of an Executive Mayor, and in any town but Oudtshoorn.

The Complainant used words to this effect: “Ek wil net my geld hê vir die volgende vyf jaar.”

It is piteous that the Complainant is embarrassed by his “Apartheid education” and not by his choice not to further his education even as he first became a community leader and a Councillor.

The Complainant had ample opportunity to better his education, being a confidant of a foremost South African politician, Ms Patricia de Lille, the leader of the Independent Democrats and current Mayor of Cape Town, for many years until August 2010.

There are numerous community leaders in Oudtshoorn who overcame “Apartheid education”. Mr. David Piedt, for instance, was recently awarded an honorary doctorate for his contributions to education, the promotion of Afrikaans and his community service.

I submit that opinion formers such as Eusebius McKaiser; Jonathan Jansen; and Rhoda Kadalie regard the current South African education system as being worse than so-called “Apartheid Education” so ignominious to the Complainant.

I submit that the Complainant’s rights are impaired by his choice not to surpass a grade six education. Reporting the fact of his grade six education does not, per se, impair his rights.

To refer to the Complainant’s educational standard as being “standerd vier” is factually correct and in the public interest.

2. The use of the noun “klong”:

“Klong” is the Afrikaans word for young man.

I used the moniker “klong” in exactly the same fashion as University of Stellenbosch Economist, Professor Sampie Terblanche, used the moniker “kortbroek” when he first referred to Mr. Marthinus van Schalkwyk as “Kortbroek” upon Van Schalkwyk accepting the leadership of the then so-called “New National Party”, subsequent to the resignation of his predecessor, former President F W de Klerk.

“Kortbroek” refers to a young Boer General during the Anglo-Boer Wars, when young men were sometimes called upon to perform duties beyond their scope of experience, for lack of an alternative, probably more suited, candidate.

My intention with “klong” was and remains to depict the Complainant as an individual not yet ready to face the demands of a particular political discipline demanding specific skill and experience. Any suggestion that “klong” refers to the Complainant’s race is unconscionable, disingenuous and belligerent.

Clearly the Complainant, unaware even of the well-known procedure to acquire a parliamentary seat, and willing to resign a ward won on the ticket of one political party in favour of an opposition political party within days of winning the ward, was a person called to duties he was manifestly not qualified for… hence “klong”: An inexperienced man. (Cf. Section 4.)

I was not prepared to use “kortbroek” as it would have been unoriginal. I was also looking for a term that would be understood in the Greater Oudtshoorn, and thought that parvenu; arriviste; or upstart would be lost on my readers.

To refer to the Complainant as “klong” is factually correct and in the public interest.

3. Hailing from Dysselsdorp:

I sincerely hope that the Complainant does not regard my description of him as resident in Dysselsdorp an impairment of his human rights. The Complainant is the elected Council representative of Dysselsdorp and I daresay should be proud to represent the people of Dysselsdorp… or resign his position.

To refer to the Complainant as “van Dysselsdorp” is factually correct and in the public interest.

4. The Complainant’s political legacy:

The Complainant has been the Executive Mayor of the Greater Oudtshoorn since October 2010 and the following statement of the current general state of the Municipality, from a report submitted to the Oudtshoorn Business Chamber on 23 March 2012, indicates his fitness to hold his high office, or not:

– Daar ís nie ‘n ouditkomitee nie. Die laaste ouditkomitee se mandaat het in September 2010 verstryk.

– Die raad hét nie ‘n dienslewerings- en begrotingsimplementeringsplan (Engels: SDBIP) nie. Daar is dus nie spráke dat die korrelasie tussen die geïntegreerde ontwikkelingsplan (Engels:IDP) en die begroting énigsens gemeet kan word nie.

– Nie eens één énkele departement kon sy sleutelprestasie-aanwysers (Engels: KPI) nakom nie;

– Publieke deelname is onmoontlik want daar is géén manier hoe die uitkomstes van openbare voorstelle wat in die IDP vervat is in die begroting gemeet kan word nie.

– Daar is geen bygewerkte IQMS (Integrated Quality Management System) sedert 2008 nie.

– Die onderhoud van infrastruktuur is met meer as R95m agter.

– Van die R2.635 miljard infrastruktuur is slegs 60% steeds diensbaar en R10m p.a. is nodig om dit in stand te hou.

– Daar is nie ‘n organogram goedgekeur nie en alle aanstellings wat nie op gronde van ‘n goedgekeurde organogram gemaak word nie is eenvoudig onwettig en die koste – R1,348,920! – verspil.

– Daar is geen bygewerkte delegasieregister nie.

– Die raad het nie ‘n goedgekeurde bate en laste-register nie en weet dus nie werklik wat Oudtshoorn besit, en wat Oudtshoorn skuld nie.

– Die debiteure-bestuur aan flarde: Daar is R6,481,102 op 60 dae en R57,588,198 wat óuer as 90 dae is!

– 1.9% van die krediteurebalans is ouer as 60 dae en 8.9% is ouer as 90 dae. Tesourie-voorskrif bepaal dat krediteure nie ouer as 30 dae mag wees nie.

– Die begroting is gebasseer op die verhaling van 95% van alle geld wat die raad toekom. Minder as 50% word inderwaarheid verhaal. Minder as 50% van die begrote inkomste realiseer.

– Daar is ‘n R26.1m kontantvloei-tekort.

– R2.2m is nodig om bepaalde paaie oor te doen; R4m om bepaalde paaie te rehabiliteer.

– Kapitaalprojekte is met byna 50% gesnoei. Die raad wil ‘n R40m-lening by ‘n kommersiële bank beding om kapitaalprojekte te finansier. R5m tor R7m per jaar is nodig om die lening te delg… en vóór die lening is daar rééds ‘n R26m kontantvloei-tekort.

– Die raad het nog nie die finansiële jaarstate vir 2008/09; 2009/10; en 2010/11 goedgekeur nie. Die state vir 2010/11 is nog nie eens voltooi nie. Dit beteken dat die 2011/12-begroting opgetrek is sonder inagneming van vorige jaar se finansiële rekords.

– Verskeie ongemagtigde betalings van sowat R1.5m is eenvoudig deur die raad “gemagtig”.

– Die aanstellings van die munisipale bestuurder en die direkteur korporatiewe dienste word in die hooggeregshof betwis.

– ‘n Amptenaar het R150,000 wederregtelik oor ‘n tydperk van 6 maande ontvang om dat die finansiële bestuurstelsels dit nie uitgewys het nie.

– Die lewensomstandighede by Riemvasmaak en in ander gemeenskappe is bedenklik.

– Ten minste vier bedrogsake teen amptenare en raadslede – MAS 35, 36, 37 & 38/8/2011 – word deur die Valke ondersoek.

– Die Spesiale Ondersoekeenheid (SOE) is reeds sedert Februarie 2011 met ‘n omvattende ondersoek na wanadministrasie besig.

– Die begrote omset vir 2012/13 is 7.2% hoër as die vorige jaar; die oorskot is 53% laer.

– Die begrote omset vir 2013/14 is 18.4% hoër as vir 2012/13; die oorskot is 36% laer.

– Kontantreserwes het oor die afgelope 4 jaar met 85.5% verminder.

– The Complainant is currently the subject of a private criminal prosecution, by AfriForum, for theft of Municipal property.

– The appointment, on January 1, of a Municipal Manager and a Director Corporate Services, are being challenged in the High Court in an application supported by the Western Cape Minister of Local Government.

I respectfully submit that it is abundantly clear that the Complainant is indeed not in charge of his province.

5. The Complainant’s attitude towards me and particular sections of the Greater Oudtshoorn Community:

The Complainant has ordered me, an executive member of the Oudtshoorn Ratepayers Organisation and a bona fide journalist, from the Council Chamber’s public gallery on December 1, 2011 and has since banned me from the Municipal buildings altogether.

The Complainant has ordered that no Municipal information be shared with me and that I may not attend any Municipal or Council sessions and events.

On October 7, 2010, the Complainant stood shoulder to shoulder with his fellow Councillor, Jurie Harmse, while Harmse uttered the following words; “Die Boere gaan begrawe word… julle wit boere moet padgee. Ons gaan julle doodmaak vandag.” The Complainant, even in his capacity as Executive Mayor of the Greater Oudtshoorn, to this day has not reproofed Harmse, nor distanced himself from the utterances.

I submit that the Complainant’s charge against me in this Honourable Court is but the furtherance of a personal vendetta, born of frustration and festered by my continual factual reporting of his shortcomings and failures as Executive Mayor.

6. Personal observations:

I have two Honours equivalent degrees – one in Theology; another in Business Management.

Yet I refer to myself as a “filosot” – an Afrikaans contraction of “filosoof” and “sot”, the Afrikaans for “philosopher” and “idiot”.

I refer to my educational standard as that of a graduated ape – as my social media avatar has borne evidence for many years.

I submit that we all involved in politics take ourselves less seriously, and our obligations to our communities most seriously, in the inviolable commitment to selfless service.

7. I respectfully submit that referring to the Complainant as “daai standerd vier-klong van Dysselsdorp” is factually correct and in the public interest at large.

Nota: Lees gerus die voorbladberig in die Oudtshoorn Courant.

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15 thoughts on “Die Standerd-vierklong van Dysselsdorp dagvaar OO

  1. Dit is ‘n onomwonde feit dat Gordon April se verweer groot plek vind in die seer harte van die gemeenskap wie hy “bedien”. Maar dit is bejammerenswaardig dat nie-blankes so ‘n ver pad gekom het en steeds nie hulself kan bestuur of hul leiers beter kan kies nie. Dit wil voorkom asof onbekwame leierskap en vrugtelose kwaadstokery JUIS toegejuig word. Dat hierdie standaarde inderdaad hokgeslaan moet word is absoluut noodsaaklik, maar miskien moet ons dalk vir ‘n oomblik stilstaan by hoekom hierdie tipe situasie homself regoor Suid-Afrika periodiek herhaal: die struggle is nog LANK nie verby nie, nie eers amper nie, ten minste nie vir die wat nog verontreg voel nie. En vir solank as wat die verontregte gevoel met politiek vermeng word, sal die situasie ongelukkig nie verbeter nie. Punt. Ek bevraagteken Gordon April se “beroep” op vergrype van die verlede, veral na aanleiding van die vele vraagtekens rondom sy eie. Kan objektiwiteit nie ‘n wonderlike toevoeglike eienskap word tot die nie-blanke gemeenskap nie? Of sal hul vir ewig tevrede wees om aan die neus rondgelei te word? Hier is ‘n blanke (Drewan Baird) wat VIR SEKER nie net baklei vir die bevordering van dieslewering in sy eie “boere” geledere nie, maar wel die “Groter Oudtshoorn”. Maar dit blyk net vir die blankes belangrik te wees wat op die ou end met hul geld gebeur. Boertjie, jy word nie vertrou nie… Miskien sal Mnr Baird groter welslae he as ons hom bruin verf. Of dalk sal dit geen verskil maak nie: dis tans belangriker om aan te hou “struggle”. Dis tog die meer bekende opsie, ofskoon wedersydse vertroue en respek in die verlede nie gewerk het nie en dus ‘n uitgediende konsep geword het.

    Miskien was hierdie dilemma (in die evolusionere lig gesien) nog altyd bestem om homself op hierdie manier te ontvou en uit te speel. Dinge gaan nie oornag verander nie. En as ek my asem ophou gaan ek straks blou raak in die gesig. En dalkies bevind ek myself dan sonder enige rasse-klassifikasie.

  2. Die outjie oppie boks Fedup, wazzaai “i have arrived “donkerbril van hom ? Dit is wragtig disrimminasie, as hul Drewan oppie “photo shoot” laat opstaan het was daai outjie oppie boks in die “shade” en dan het hy nie daai bril nodig gehad nie !

  3. Jeez, you can be a bastard, Baird! Crikey Moses!

    But sharpish, mind. Facetious. Waggish.

    Good one!

  4. Tell us Ed, how big was the box “you know who” climbed up on for this eye to eye stare-down photo opportunity? – you of course are seated I see.

  5. Hear Hear !!!! This is all a bit of a joke – an April Fool’s Joke, isn’t it !!! Well said Fedup!

  6. april, your very own public image, political track record, disgraceful performances as our alderman, and numerous ill-considered verbal and physical outrages,, far eclipse your sanctimonious protests of what in truth amounts to a statement of fact, and will remain as such for as long as you live, no matter how often “it” (censored for april’s benefit) is repeated, or as you so demand, protested as untrue!

    Be satisfied that is all you are publicly known as – you earned it, and its who you are, so take it on the chin like a man, or a mouse if you so choose, but I suggest you rather direct your mortification, aggrandisement and energies, towards planning your epitaph.

    You earn respect, you are what you are, unfortunately, but you can choose how you portray yourself in the public eye, and you have made your choice, so live with it.

    We all have our own backgrounds, shames and perhaps the odd scandal to live down, so stop trying to be so damn special – your track record and example doesn’t warrant it and you certainly have not earned it in our Town.

    Grow up!

  7. April, as ons ‘n opname maak van al die mede-leerders wat saam met jou in die ou standerd 4 was, in dieselfde dorp en in dieselfde omstandighede, is ek seker dat daar BAIE MIN van hulle sal wees wat met standerd 4 opgeeindig het. Die meeste van hulle sou ongeveer standerd 8 (graag 10) geslaag het.

    Gaan soek dus asseblief elders verskoning vir jou eie luiheid en hou op om agter apartheid te skuil terwyl jy voortgaan om te diskrimineer op grond van ras (wat presies dieselfde as apartheid is)!

    OO, laat die feite inkom van sulke rasistiese insidente van April dat hy vir ieder en elk van hulle aangekla kan word! Diskriminasie op grond van ras (soos wat April dit doen) is immers teen die Grondwet van Suid-Afrika.

    Opperste opportunis soos wat hy is, is die salaris van die Uitvoerende Burgemeester nou nie meer genoeg nie, die muis is nou dik en daarom raak die koring bitter! Nee, hy moet nou probeer om ‘n R50 000 vinnig uit jou te probeer maak anders gaan hy nie genoeg he na die 4 jaar nie! Wel, R50 000 gaan hy nie maak nie, al wat hy gaan maak is nog ‘n groter gek van homself weens sy onkunde!

  8. Hier by ons in die kantoor is daar ‘n skielike begeerte om te hoor van die diefstalklagtes teen April wat nou mos ‘n privaatvervolging is.

    Hoekom die skielike belangstelling?

    Is dit oor die “Groot Vergadering” Saterdag?

    Wat sê jy, OO?

  9. Asseblief tog.

    Na gisteraand se verleentehid toe die stander-vierklong van Dysselsdorp vir Pierre Nel in die voorste ry wou laat sit en die twee soos kinders gestry het kan ek my kop maar net in skaamte laat sak.

    Hoe kan die ANC, ja selfs die ANC, dit oor hulle hart kry om iemand soos Gordon April burgemeester te maak.

    Lagwekkend. Lagwekkend. Lagwekkend.

  10. Ai die areme man, hy gedra hom self en redeneer soos n graad 6 seun. Ek wonder wat sal gebeur as sy bestuurs styl verander en hy begin verantwoording aanvaar vir die munisipale blapse? Wonder net ook as hy sou oopenlik sy besighede doen soos eninge eerlike en opregte leier, hoe kort die lys van blapse sou wees. Nee wat dis nie sy skuld nie maar sy raadgewers wat hom soos n klong mannipileer!

    Ek wonder net het hy die woord “klong” ge-google?
    Wat sal Mr D Krammer nou se van “die weskus klong”?
    Mag ek nadese nie meer na my geliefde seun na verwys as my klong nie?
    Wat gaan die grapjas en kunstenaar “die bosveld klong” dan hom self noem?

  11. Ek haal April aan; – April meen “that it would be understood by the reasonable reader as an attack on my human dignity as described above.”

    Ek glo ek is n “reasonable reader” Ek volg hierdie blog al geruime tyd vanuit die Kaap en wonder gereeld; Hoe het April vir so lank al met al sy beweerde mannewales weggekom en wie gee hom die reg om n “whistle blower” vanaf Munisipale eiendom en vergaderings te verban ?

    Hoekom het hy nog nooit self meru moto sy eie kwalifikasies probeer verbeter, veral vandat hy die publiek beginne bedien het as Raadslid en probeer om waarde tot sy “roeping” by te voeg nie ?

    Wil hy vir die publiek verduidelik of hy ooit daardie munisipale sand en klip wederegtelik gevat het ?

    Met sy beweerde huidige bestuursrekord glo ek moet hy indringend ondersoek en ontslaan en vervolg word indien dit in die hof bewys word.
    As hy ooit gese het hy wil daardie hooggere salaris net vir 5 jaar nog verdien (ongeag dienslewering aan die armstes vd armes) , sal dit n klaarblyklike motief wees hoekom hy daar is en hoekom hy geensins poog om verder te wil studeer nie of verbeterde dienste wil lewer nie ! Wat se jy April, veral noudat die Staat se Onderwysdepartement erken het dat die ou apartheids onderwysstelsel dalk heelwat beter as die huidige een is……? Waaroor kla jy dan ?

    Ek verwys met tye self na my eie opgegroeide kinders as “dis my klong ….” Wat is dus jou probleem April, of laaik jy nie Afrikaans nie ?

    Ek dink as enigiemand gegrief behoort te wees, is dit OO se Drewan Baird en behoort hy self lankal Gordon April in die gelykheidshof te gedagvaar het vir beide haatspraak haat aksies en ten minste Een Miljoen Rand te eis.

    Maar allerwee het OO dit nie gedoen nie en behoort April OO se volgende voorstel dringend te bestudeer en baie ernstig, of liewer gemoedelik te implimenteer, nl …..I submit that we all involved in politics take ourselves less seriously, and our obligations to our communities most seriously, in the inviolable commitment to selfless service.”

    My advies aan April se beweerde georkestreerde en beweerde aanklag teenoor OO; dit gaan in jou eie gesig ontplof en die gemeenskap weet dit. Doen die eerbare ding, “OO is offering you a back door out, to redeem yourself. Take the gap while you still can” en beginne harde en eerlike diens te lewer aan die publiek as n Munisipaliteit van ODN, in vergelyking met die salaris wat jy verdien.

    Ek sien geen probleem as n ‘reasonable reader” met jou kwalifikasie, maar ek het n groot probleem met jou motiewe en werksetiek van wat ek lees. Ek hoop dis nie waar nie !
    “The proof always lies in the pudding” Moue oprol kollega, daars baie werk om te doen en moenie langer wegkruip agter jou beweerde swakhede nie. Ek glo daars oorgenoeg kundigheid op ODN om jou te help en by te staan. Vraag is : Wil jy gehelp word, of will jy soos meeste “Cadre Deployed Individuels” eerder politieke speletjies speel en steeds deel bly van die Trogvreters Party ?. Die PUBLIEK verdien n antwoord hierop Gordon d.m.v aksies, nie net lee woorde nie !

    Komaan April, wys die publiek van ODN verkeerd, dis in PUBLIEKE belang, en joune ! STERKTE

  12. Wie gaan die regskostes betaal van die Agbare Burgemeester, hoop nie dit is die belastingbetaler nie.

  13. In std 4 moes hulle al geleer het wat die woord Klong beteken. Was hy ooit in std 4?
    Nee wat Gordon, jy mors jou geld en tyd met die dagvaring.

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