Sounds of Silence

The Comrades clam up

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Oudtshoorn. 4 April 2012. 10h10. Did the Municipal Manager, Thandekile Mnyimba, award a multi-million Rand VAT Recovery Contract to the ANC Regional Treasurer, Major Sokopo?

A simple “no” from the Bredell-Visser Municipal Dream Team would put the matter to rest and return us all to the 18th Absa KKNK.

OO attempted to solicit comment from the Information Black Hole on the South Western corner of Langenhoven and Voortrekker, but the only sound was that of silence.

On Monday, at 11h46, OO sms’d Mnyimba, after he refused to take a call: “Mnyimba, I am publishing the Sokopo-tender by 14h00. Call me if you have comment.”

And at 18h29: “Mnyimba, your silence is deafening. Did you, or did you not award Major Sokopo a VAT Recovery Contract? Speak up, man! Why so mealymouthed!?”

A fax to Sokopo, who claimed his email account was inoperable, read:

Please confirm, or deny, that you have been awarded a contract to recover excessive VAT payments on behalf of the Oudtshoorn Municipality.

If you can confirm the contract, please also confirm 1) the value of the contract; 2) the term of the contract; 3) the identity of the municipal functionary who represented the Municipality in awarding you the contract; 4) the Municipal signatory to the contract.

On Tuesday, OO tried several times to pique Mnyimba, Sokopo, Putco Maptiza (Sokopo’s chairman) and Marius Fransman (the ANC’s Provincial Chairman).

10h45: “Mr Sokopo, I keenly await your response to my fax of yesterday re the VAT Recovery Contract with Oudtshoon.”

14h59: “Mr Sokopo, please feel free to respond soonest to my faxed enquiry!”

17h00: “Mr Sokopo, I’ve learned that you have a contract with Cederberg too! Care to elucidate!? (That means tell us what’s up.)”

At 08h52 this morning Sokopo would not answer his cell phone.

EWN reports today that the Public Protector, Thuli Madonsela, yesterday addressed an international conference at Stellenbosch University on anti-corruption strategies on Tuesday.

She said the key to ending corruption is accountability.

“Public accountability in the public sector is going to be the key to ending corruption. Through public accountability, we have to make sure that whoever is entrusted with public power exercises that power in the interests of the people.”

She believes it is up to every South African to promote accountability and end corruption.

So, Gordon April, Thandekile Mnyimba, Francois Hugo, Deon Lott, and Ronnie Lottering, you are the management cadre of Oudtshoorn… You be accountable and tell the people of Oudtshoorn – your employer – the details of the alleged VAT Recovery Contract apparently awarded to Major Sokopo on March 1.

Why not tell the people of Oudtshoorn if there is nothing to hide!?

In the words of Simon and Garfunkel:

“Fools”, said I, “You do not know
Silence like a cancer grows…”

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2 thoughts on “Sounds of Silence

  1. Mr Sokopo has clearly also not paid his Internet Services providers ala the Cape Town Offices of the ANC and Lutuli house as reported recently under OO’s “Becoming a Comrade”

    SPEAK UP SOKOPO – we are not going away!

    Ed – Bredell and Botha are in Town today and Mnyimba and the rest of the ANC cronies will surely be supping on free Johnny Walker and feeding their faces at the KK&K “dignitaries” trough, while their paid jobs sit idle, the town festers and they masquerade as “important and influential folk” – so corner them while you can!

  2. ………………still more silence from the cadres!

    Has another call been made to Madonsela, SIU and Bredell , (sorry, scrap the last individual, they just talk and do nothing, cant wait for the next election to give the DA a ‘snot klap”!

    Thanks OO, keep us posted

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