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Oudtshoorn. 22 March 2012. 07h15. On Thursday last Oudtshoorn Councillors were ordered out of their Council Chamber by the Mayor’s sidekick, and a predetermined program altered to accommodate some obnubilated SANDF agenda in the presence of high-ranking ANC functionaries. Click here for last week’s story.

The pongo* (is not ‘Liza’s best just marvellous!?) docket was attended to by the Mayco the following morning, in the absence of DA Councillors.

And the Councillors, but for a few squeaks, appear to have accepted this egregious insult!

Have any of the effigies arrogating as representatives of Oudtshoorn’s people anything to say about this outrage!?

Perchance our Western Cape Minister of Local Government can release one of his shelved asinine statements to assure the Oudtshoorn Administration that they are on the right path and that they may rely implicitly upon his support?

Perhaps some ANC spook can throw some light on what conjures shuddery Orwellian images of totalitarian abuse!

In addition to this outrage, OO received a placating phone call last night from a Western Cape Minister to please hold back on a story OO was ready to publish on March 5.

At that time OO granted the Minister 14 days, and that favour ran out on Tuesday.

OO has agreed to revisit the issue in another 14 days.

But why can’t our politicians get things done!?

It’s been 14 months, for example, since the celebrated arrival of the SIU… But for an ignored report or two, absolutely nothing has resluted from the Es-Aai-Useless investigation!

In fact, the thievery continued unabated!

In all reasonableness… Can any OO reader name a political leader of substance that can be trusted to get things done!?

I, frankly, am at a loss!

* Pongo, n.
1) An emlisted man or woman who serves in an army;
2) Type genus of the family Pongidae: orangutans.

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