On the 4th Spanish election after 40 years of Franco

In the hope of a new Government some time soon…

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Oudtshoorn. 19 March 2012. 09h45. I readily admit to an affinity for controversial individuals.

So I read, and listen to, in the South African media, to Max du Preez and David Bullard and Peter Bruce. Among others.

In today’s Business Day Bruce refers to yesterday’s quite excellent – it usually is, and it’s my choice for SA’s best weekly – City Press, and makes a rather chilling point…

Typically for Haffajee (City Press Editor) she also had a white and a black arguing about whether the Democratic Alliance was becoming a credible home for blacks. And, typically for her, the black argued yes and the white (a rather contrived) no.

Their answers don’t matter much. The fact is most voters in the 2019 general election won’t have had any direct experience of apartheid and if the ANC does re-elect Zuma to run the country until then it will be asking for trouble.

Read Spanish history. After 40 years of Francisco Franco’s brutality there his old party was reduced to almost nothing in the new democracy. Just one biggish city, while the socialists and their union partners took the country in election after election, warning all the while about the return of Francoism.

Meanwhile, the old fascist party changed its name, got new leaders and adopted new ideas as the socialists became more openly corrupt. And when, after four elections, a new generation of voters went to the polls, Franco’s unrecognisable old party won. It would have been unthinkable at the dawn of Spanish democracy.

SA is not unique and nothing is forever.

Indeed. There is hope.

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One thought on “On the 4th Spanish election after 40 years of Franco

  1. Very true. Old white liberals are becoming a lot more impatient with current ANC political decisions and conditions and some blacks have even said to me they miss the old days..

    The ANC knows this, they just do not know what to do about this self inflicted negative tide against them.
    My advice: do nothing, your own will discard and vote you out anyway, no matter what you do.
    Ask Bredell !

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