The Minister; the General; the Colonel; and the Secretary

This just ain’t cricket, man!

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Oudtshoorn. 16 March 2012. 05h00. The Deputy Minister for Housing, Zou Kota-Fredericks; the Officer Commanding of the Infantry School, Colonel SB Nombewu; the immediate past OC, Brigadier-General Xolani Mankayi; the Regional Secretary of the ANC, Mputumi (Putco) Mapitiza; and several high ranking ANC functionaries locked in discussions in the Council Chamber after a “political overview” by Mapitiza… in the sanctioned absence of Councillors.

What were they doing talking behind closed doors, with even the representative of the Western Cape Housing Minister, Bonginkosi Madikizela, barred?

Oudtshoorn needs to know.

The “Programme Director”, Vuyisa Forplay, a former spelunker, must speak up and tell the people of Ward 1 what the SANDF is doing having secretive talks with the ANC in our Council Chamber.

No worries, mates, OO will soon have the details.

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3 thoughts on “The Minister; the General; the Colonel; and the Secretary

  1. Hul beplan n opluidings kamp, vir die nuwe kursus. “Combat in close quaters in a informal settelment”, of het die behuisings department oorlog verklaar, en soek hulp/versterkings?

  2. Amper in die kol NIKE. Tussen Palms en Klapperbosrand, of raai ek verkeerd? Weermag wil personeel behuising en ander geriewe al geruime tyd daar stig. Watch this space.

  3. Informele behuising by die infantarieskool???? Daars mos baie oop grond!!

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