The DA shows its putrid colours also in Bitou

Surprise: DA drops Bitou

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Plettenberg Bay. 15 March 2012. 12h15. The DA/Cope government of Bitou is at this very moment bearing the full and atrocious brunt of the lethargy of the DA Provincial Government.

The Province is about to release findings of a controversial IT tender probe between the council and 2 companies: Lefatshe and Dimension Data.

Bitou is not going to have the benefit of a look-see at the report before the findings are released, as Eyewitness News tweeted during the past 90 minutes, latest message first:

1) #Bitou stay tuned to the #EWN bulletins for more.

2) #Bitou this comes just as the WC Govt. is set to release findings of a controversial IT tender probe between the council and 2 companies.

3) #Bitou the ANC says its laid fraud charges against a DA councillor and a woman over an awarded tender.

4) More allegations have surfaced in the #Bitou Municipality in Plettenberg Bay in the Western Cape.

The “more allegations” is a reference to criminal charges laid against Councillor Johan Brummer, Thys Giliomee and Debbie Nicholson on February 16.

Helen Zille asked Anton Bredell and the Bitou DA MP Donald Grant, on February 21, to advise her after she received a letter on the accusations from Gerhardus (Hardy) Mills, in his capacity as a functionary of the Justice and Equality Front.

The Bitou Mayor was unaware of today’s pending news until his communications consultant alerted him an hour ago.

Mayor Memory Booysen, a shining light in Zille’s Western Cape, seems to have to fend for himself. Not only is he not receiving assistance from his leaders, his leaders are keeping him in the dark!

Bitou is a political focal point and the DA management is AWOL; the DA is found wanting.

The DA is failing the Western Cape municipalities such as Oudtshoorn and Bitou… Therefore the DA is failing the Western Cape.

Therefore the DA is failing its voters.

Its not good enough to release a sensitive report without even alerting the Council – a DA Council no less, for crying in a bucket!

The people of Oudtshoorn; the people of Bitou; the people of the Western Cape deserve better.

Who needs the ANC to sink the DA ship if the officers are scuttling it all by themselves – like the pirates in Asterix adventures!

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7 thoughts on “The DA shows its putrid colours also in Bitou

  1. Weet jy hokom wil Zille niks met die Bitou DA gedruis te doen he nie omdat hulle tans ‘n helse verleentheid vir haar is. Theuns Botha het mos daai Stellenbosch mafia na Bitou gestuur om die korrupsie aan die gang te kry en om die DA se pelle te vergoed vir hul bydrae tot die verkiesing. Is dit nie so nie?

  2. Inquisitiveness some info from Mr Kelder for you, seeing you asked.

    Dit is nou baie pragtig dat die Swellendammers nou die vermorste gelde gaan probeer terugvorder. Soos ons vanoggend vir iemand gesê het sou dit egter baie beter gewees het indien die gelde in die eerste plek nie wanaangewend was nie.

    Dit is nou waar die Sannieshoffers en al die ander weerhouders al die pad bank toe glimlag want hulle fondse het tenminste nie in die bodemlose put verdwyn nie !

  3. Swellendam, aag pleezzze
    No outcome yet and too little too late, not so |?

  4. Atleast the pirates had reason, they could control the sinking then. The DA has no control regarding the sinking, nor is it volentry but a sinking enduesed by rot and lack of maintanince. Like the QE II the DA ship’s time has come. The QE II has Dubai and the DA koebaai

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