April decision – OO asks Dene Smuts to intervene

AfriForum engaging the NPA; Public Protector informed

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Oudtshoorn. 6 March 2012. 15h50. OO wrote the DA Shadow Minister of Justice and Constitutional Development, Me Dene Smuts, earlier today to investigate the decision of the Western Cape Director of Public Prosecutions not to prosecute the Executive Mayor, Gordon April, on charges of theft.

In the mean time legal advisors for AfriForum in Gauteng is taking the decision up with the National Prosecuting Authority.

OO has also approached the Public Protector, adv Thuli Madonsela.

Here is OO’s letter:

Dear Ms Smuts

The Executive Mayor of Oudtshoorn, Gordon April, was arrested on December 23 and appeared in Court on charges of theft of municipal property.

The case was twice postponed pending a decision to prosecute by the Western Cape DPP.

It has now been learned that the DPP declined and that charges against April will be withdrawn on Friday.

There is overwhelming prima facie evidence that April did indeed not only pilfer, purloin and pinch, but also intimidated witnesses, including the recently terminated Director of Community Services, by their affidavits.

I urge you to investigate the DPP decision.

You may familiarise yourself with the facts in this matter at first hand by conferring with the investigating officer at the DPCI in George; the whistle blower, the former Director Walter Hendricks; and the local AfriForum Chair, George Kersop, who laid the charge.

Given the February 16 guilty verdict and 5-year prison sentence of the previous Oudtshoorn Municipal Manager, Noël Pietersen, on a charge of fraud, it is incomprehensible that the Mayor should escape prosecution.

Please let me have the benefit of your advice before Court on Friday!

Yours truly

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5 thoughts on “April decision – OO asks Dene Smuts to intervene

  1. Daar een wet vir almal maar twee iutvoerings daarvan. Een uitvoering daarvan vir die gewone man en n ander vir die wat hulself belangrik en of vermoeend ag. Ek daag enig iemand uit om dit te ontken !

  2. Die DA is besig om uitmekaar te val, hulle speel net hulle eie game !! Kyk maar wat voorentoe gebeur, wees versigtig om nie te veel hoop op hulle te sit nie!

  3. Jack, daar is twee mense op Oudtshoorn wat geen steen onaangeroer laat om te verseker dat April vervolg word nie.

    As April inderdaad vervolging vryspring sal dit nie wees omdat niemand probeer het nie.

  4. OO – dit is onaanvaarbaar dat Mnr Gordon April nie vervolg gaan word oor dit wat hy gesteel het nie, daagliks word daar mense in die plaaslike Landroshof vervolg vir baie minder ernstige diefstal wat hulle gepleeg het. Feit is diefstal is diefstal en ‘n Burgemeester behoort beter te weet en moet verantwoording doen.

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