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OO gives Minister 10 days

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Oudtshoorn. 5 March 2012. 14h40. OO was ready to publish a story of crushing moment at 14h00 today and wrote the particular Western Cape Minister at 12h51:

The Minister of X
Mr. Y
Western Cape

Dear Mr. X

In service of responsible, yet free journalism, I submit the report below for your immediate attention and response.

Unless you can provide compelling reasons to delay publication, the story will be published after 14h00 today.

The Head of Ministry called at 12h53 – within two minutes!

Anton Bredell must be dizzy. He does not reply within a century.

The official did provide compelling, if discombobulating reasons not to publish the exposé.

OO will revisit the issue in 10days.

For the moment, OO can only repeat that Oudtshoorn is governed by rank botchers.

Either the government of Oudtshoorn is replaced, or Oudtshoorn will fall.

In an alarming turn, the Minister’s official told OO that the SAPS sometimes declines to investigate alleged crimes for lack of budget!

This appalling annunciation is being investigated as you read here.

Subscribers to OO Platinum did receive the story just after 14h00, under injunction to keep the information priviledged.

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2 thoughts on ““Please don’t publish!”

  1. Maria

    Ek verseker jou dat NIKS toegesmeer word nie!

    Inteendeel, die tydelike weerhouding van inligting sal onverbiddelik lei tot ‘n groot slag teen korrupsie!

    Hou OO dop.

    Om OO Platinum te ontvang, klik hier.

  2. Onregverdig teenoor ons. Laat ons hoor wat is die nuus. Moenie toesmeer net soos die regering nie. Hoe word mens ‘n platinum?

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