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Oudtshoorn. 1 March 2012. 10h35. You’ll find it in the introductory paragraph of most all prolusions in any Leadership textbook: a leader must at all times have someone at her call that may at a moment’s notice take over.

Helen Zille’s admission, reportedly to a confidant, on the front page of Rapport this Sunday last, that she has to remain the DA Leader for another two years for the absence of a potential successor within party ranks, speaks to the dearth of political leadership in the DA on the one hand, and, on the other hand, it is an indictment against Zille herself.

What the Lindiwe Mazibuko’s, and a very few others only, I’m afraid, must make of this confession would be a treat to know.

The DA can not, as the ANC is a prisoner to the ‘Liberation Movement’ fixation, escape the fact that its support base is essentially disapproving of the ANC, more that it is approving of the DA.

This political reality is quite cleverly exploited by the DA: It can ignore uncomfortable political skirmishes and hand-pick campaigns for expediency, secure in the insolent knowledge that those left quite scandalously in the lurch will have no choice but to support the party in any and all elections – come what may.

The current political states of affairs in Western Cape municipalities such as Bitou, Oudtshoorn and Swellendam, to name but a few, speaks eloquently to this outrageous ‘strategy’.

This is political contemptuousness of rather astounding intensity and is imperilling the very footing of democracy.

How will this Crown Prince be when once King becomes?

The DA now needs a new voter magnet to cluster it with suasible supporters for good governance demanding attention without fail, and not so much wronged protagonists against bad governance accepting selective snubbing in service of some bedimmed ‘bigger picture’.

The nuanced difference is key.

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