Bitou Mayor rebukes ANC Regional Secretary

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Oudtshoorn. 24 February 2012. 06h10. Bitou Executive Mayor Memory Booysen yesterday chided the ANC Regional Secretary for the Southern Cape and Klein Karoo, Putco Mapitiza, for claiming that DA members are behind the Plettenberg Bay violence.

In a strongly worded media statement Booysen says that Mapitiza’s irresponsible claims is an attack on the DA itself:

Violence in Bitou; an attack on the Democratic Alliance

It has come to my attention that the ANC Regional Secretary for the South Cape and Klein Karoo, Mr Putco Mapitiza, has intimated that he has information that the leaders of what he calls “the service delivery protest” in Bitou are members of the Democratic Alliance.

Failure to disclose forthwith to the South African Police Service the names and particulars of the perpetrators Mr Mapitiza claims to be able to identify, is a crime.

Similarly, if Mr Mapitiza is making misleading public statements, he should be cited for corrupting the course of justice and impeding an ongoing SAPS investigation.

Mr Mapitiza’s irresponsible utterances are perfectly attuned with the expected and recognised ANC disruption of generally accepted communal good order.

I challenge Mr Mapitiza to disclose the information he claims to possess to the authorities forthwith, or, in the absence of such information, to apologise for his feckless statements without delay.

I sincerely hope that the perpetrators of the loathsome violence in Bitou and the unspeakable attack on the municipal building this Saturday night last, will be brought to justice expeditiously and dealt with appropriately, be they whomever.

What is the origin of the naked hatred in Plettenberg Bay, in Oudtshoorn, across South Africa?

The root cause should be found in unanswered expectation, a function of political expediency manifested in a flagitious “your money or your life” social asininity.

It must be fixed or we, all of us, are finished.

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3 thoughts on “Bitou Mayor rebukes ANC Regional Secretary

  1. Now this is the pot calling the kettle black if ever it did happen. Both Mr. Booysen and his party leaders have “intimated” that the leaders of the service delivery protest are ANC members…

  2. Karl Marx – I am not a Marxist !

    Quite agree, its just a wonderful system to oppress and manipulate the Plebs!

    Viva Communism, Marxism, socialism et al! (the clarion cry of the ruling elite)

  3. Karl Marx – I am not a Marxist !
    Then Mapitiza does not promote violence ?
    Then the ANC does not disrupt whatever with violence
    No Mayor in SA has grade 4, they are all very well qualified and competent ensuring Service Delivery everytime, on time and so consistently !
    Praat van kospotte van Egipte soms !

    You be the judge !!

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