It’s the DA, says Putco!

Bitou service delivery protestors are DA members!

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Oudtshoorn. 23 February 2012. 13h45. The ANC’s Regional Secretary for the South Cape and Klein Karoo, Putco Mapitiza, informed OO at 13h14 that “we have no records or whatsoever of Mr Mpumelelo Majamawi as members of the ANC but aware of the leaders of the service delivery protest as members of the DA. They said that in public platforms.” (sic)

It is indeed so that the second accused is the brother of the boyfriend of a DA member, but the reach, my dear Putco, is ginormous!

Plett… It’s going to get worse before it gets better, to be sure.

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10 thoughts on “It’s the DA, says Putco!

  1. Klong Putco is sooooooooooo silent ?
    Care to answer on these Double Dip and other allegations “:Putty” ?
    Or is your silence due to the ANC NEC already having sacked you, which we havn’t heard about yet ?

  2. Oh yeah Putco, as if anyone that follows your parties instruction necessarily has to be a member of your party? What your party has succeeded to do in the past is to take advantage of the poor, and money get a lot out of a hungry man or woman, this poor art the ANC has perfected to their own (ANC) determent!!

    Putco your days are numbered as is Pietersen, if Pietersen think he is going through tough times, watch his future!!!

    Min dae comrade, min dae….

  3. Pletty, you possess a ready turn of phrase. Quite agreeable. And your facts aren’t lacking either.

  4. Ja, investigative republic, it’s not only Putco’s chickens that are coming home to roost. There are a few ugly old vultures coming in on short finals. One of them is called Double Dipping, and was born when Putco drew a salary from Bitou Municipality for months after he took up his permamnent paid position in the ANC… He managed to dodge that while his buddies were in control of the records in Bitou, but now all has been revealed I believe. A man on borrowed time…. The vultures gather…

  5. No, no alleycat, these unsafe buses are known to cause mayhem, disaster and death !! Correct ?
    This Putco Mapitizatjie Bus is only going one way, ( and has for some time now) and that is down the cliff in a hurry ! Watch this space and just go ask Malematjie. A gonner, a looooooser, a disgrace to society !!

    Prevan and the NEC are identifying all these hooligans that have NOTHING to offer SA, brings shame, poverty and suffering upon all, feeding at the trough whilst millions continue to suffer with little or no service delivery. His days are definately numbered. As i say, WATCH THIS SPACE !!

  6. You know, if I was named after a bus company I would also try and drive over all obstacles in my path. Of hoe?

  7. Fools entertain fools !
    Regarding Putco’s statement, when cornered, what else is he expected to “lie” about ?
    The chickens are all slowly coming home to be roosted Putco’jie my klong !! Your days are numbered says Previn Gordhan and many others too ! Watch this space and learn Mapitiza’tjie

  8. Ed – Maybe he is someone’s 3rd cousin, twice removed and late of Bitou into the bargain?

    In Oudtshoorn, such obfuscation is usually is proffered to greater effect using the 3 pleas of “innocence, stoney silence and ignorance” i.e.-

    Wassie ek nie, Kannie se nie, en Sallie weet nie!

    Learn the lingo putco, it is somehow more palatable, believable if not understandable to your adherents!

  9. Putco and the ANC do not have a reputation for record keeping, nor book keeping.

    Just wondering how long does it take to make records disapear?

  10. OO
    If Putco is aware who the perpetrators are, he is legally bound to disclose such info to SAPS. Arson is a VERY SERIOUS crime.I think you should copy Putco’s mesage to the investigating officer

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