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Oudtshoorn. 22 February 2012. 10h00. Journalists are heading for lock-down where the Minister of Finance’s Budget speech will be handed out so that they can release reports as soon as the speech is delivered in Parliament this afternoon.

Many have offered tips for the Minister.

Here’s a few from David Bullard:

1. Close all those tax sapping boondoggles like NGO’s, Centre for this that and the other and make the loafers find real jobs.

2. Try and get the message into the thick heads of COSATU that jobs are not a human right.

3. Listen to the DA. They don’t live in an economic fairy land like the ANC seem to do.

4. Be honest and tell the delusional people that the govt has no money. Other than what it borrows or raises in taxes.

5. Why do MP’s need not one but two expensive luxury vehicles? Does this happen in the Indian parliament?

6. Don’t make any jokes during the budget speech. You’re trying to take my money… that’s not funny.

Have you any advice for Pravin?

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4 thoughts on “Tips for Pravin

  1. Pravin een van die dae hoef geen Suid Afrikaner meer te werk nie, met al die maatskaplike toelaes wat so mildelik gegee word asook gratis water en elektrisiteit kan ons almal by die huis werk – kinders maak waarvoor ons nog meer toelaes van die staat ontvang. Raak al lekkerder in Suid Afrika. Wil nie meer vir Posnet, Transnet of enige ander net werk nie, sal hou by steeknet, verhoging na elke 9 maande as jy jou kant bring!!!!

  2. Moet ASB nie die budget bepaal met ‘n Mangaung 2012 in gedagte nie…want DAN gaan hy polities safe speel om sekere “faksies” happy te hou…en DIT sal uitdraai op ‘n baie slegte budget vir die algemene salaris trekker

  3. My tip is, scrap income tax, increase VAT, tax comurciale conserns on a profit/personel, and tax perks ( a 50% above average income should be considerd to be a perk ). Grants should not be payed in cash, but in couponds, child seport grants should only be payed to the first, after a semi permenant cotraseption have been aplied.

  4. The advice i do have for Pravin and for the ANC might not be appreciated.
    However, as long as the ANC thinks they can run the country alone, without the assistance of skills and know how of other population groups, they are quite right. They will run the country, yes single handedly into the ground as is seen by so many disfunctional National , Provincial and local Govt Depts( Municipalities).

    Either our country stands or falls together, dependant on internal co operation between all population groups, doing away with unrealistic, impractical and discriminating BEE and affirmative action hand outs. Ask any 25 year old ! What is it that this “wise”Govt does not understand ??

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