Life-threatening politics

It’s all out war in Plettenberg Bay

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Oudtshoorn. 22 February 2012. 06h00. After rioting on the N2 and in the industrial area in Plettenberg Bay earlier this month, an attempt to burn down the Bitou municipal building on Saturday night is thwarted.

It’s all out war in the beautiful coastal resort town.

Some two years ago a DA leader told OO that the party was concerned about Oudtshoorn and that the unthinkable may happen: The DA looses Oudtshoorn and wins Bitou.

Then Memory Booysen happened.

The former ANC Mayoral candidate became a DA member and delivered the Plettenberg Bay vote for his new party.

Bitou used to be the ANC’s Western Cape pride. And the comrades to this day cannot cope with the loss.

The ANC will, apparently, stop at nothing in attempts to destroy the DA/Cope government in Bitou. And if lives are lost… The disaster would probably be chalked up to “another struggle sacrifice” and be spinned as necessary.

Following the violence since early February, Executive Mayor Memory Booysen issued this media statement yesterday afternoon:

My worst fears were confirmed this morning (Tuesday) when alleged arsonists and accomplices appeared in the Knysna Magistrate’s Court on charges relating to the fire damage to the Bitou municipal buildings on Saturday night.

Accused number 2 was arrested at his house which can only be described as a shrine to the ANC.

It is clear that particular individuals and a political collective are desperately attempting to prevent the DA/Cope Coalition government of Bitou to realise the best service delivery to which the government has committed.

A known pattern of serial disruption is hideously evident.

The present DA/Cope investigations into corruption and maladministration in Bitou generally, and the investigation of the Lefatshe Technologies contract entered into by the previous ANC Council specifically, threaten the political careers and the very liberty of a number of current and former councillors and officials, and of both professional and other contracted service providers.

These investigations correspond with the government’s known and stated objection to the leadership of the Audit Committee.

The threat to those with much to hide and more to lose is aggravated by the acceptance of the Adjustments Budget by the Bitou Council this Thursday last. The budget, which rights numerous wrongs and several blatant mistakes of the original ANC version, finally gives the DA/Cope-led Council the means to deliver promised and needed services and solutions to a Bitou community at large eviscerated by the self-serving policies of the previous ANC Council. Political promises can only be kept with money.

This new-found, self-made power – the means to deliver to the dictate of DA/Cope policy, threatens the opposition and appears to bring out the worst in those with most to lose.

The dreadful facts of this February attack on democracy are as follows:

On February 3, and again on February 7, lawless groups, apparently incited by the government’s political enemies, disrupted traffic on the N2, burning tyres and smashing windscreens. One can only surmise that the main access route to Bitou was targeted to achieve maximum exposure for what otherwise would have been a mute internal snivelling at the loss of power.

On February 8 the violence flowed into the industrial area where attempts at occupation and the general disruption of business activities resulted in damage to property, bottom lines and political egos.

The vile campaign came to a dangerous and near fatal head when the municipal buildings were set alight on Saturday night, causing extensive damage to one office, and lesser damage to the adjacent areas; and complete disruption of municipal activity due to soot and foul odour throughout the building.

It would appear that the ANC is misleading Bitou’s people by forcing falsehoods about a supposed lack of service delivery down the throats of unsuspecting portions of the community…

On February 1 a delegation from the Bossiegif/Qolweni residents handed me a Memorandum of Grievances to be addressed within 7 days. Not 48 hours later the arrangement to address specific concerns within the agreed period were unilaterally broken by what can only be described as troublemakers and certainly not solution seekers bent on sowing chaos to dubious ends.

On February 10 the so-called ‘Qolweni Group’ and the ‘Justice & Equality Front’ (JEF) signed a Memorandum of Understanding to similar affect of the Memorandum handed to me on February 1, adding demands not originally raised.

On February 11 Mr Hardy Mills of attorneys Mills and Lombard emailed me the Qolweni-JEF Memorandum and put me on terms to meet their demands by noon on Friday, February 19.

One of the arrested men told investigators that he overheard the accused, travelling together to the municipal buildings with petrol in their possession, agreeing on Saturday night that “the seven days” have lapsed.

This is, of course, an utter and complete falacy. I have responded, within 7 days, to the first set of demands – in person, accompanied by the Deputy Mayor, Adam van Rhyner of Cope, at the Qolweni Sports Centre. And I have responded to the Mills demands in writing within 7 days.

It is abundantly clear that a political conspiracy is afoot.

This is no way to ensure service delivery.

Yet the DA/Cope government in Bitou is now, as ever, committed to service delivery, especially in the light of the means afforded it by the Adjustment Budget.

All residents remain welcome to share their inputs with me and can be assured of my personal commitment, and the commitment of the DA/Cope government to serve all the people of Bitou, even in the face of blatant thuggery.

South Africa deserves better than ANC thugs loosed in its towns and cities.

Freud het gesê dat die neiging tot aggressie die grootste hindernis van die beskawing is.

In Plettenbergbaai word beskawing bedreig.

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6 thoughts on “Life-threatening politics

  1. Political violence in Plett by the ANC?? How short Putco’s memory seems to be. Surely he hasn’t forgotten the night of 3 May 2007 when he and his ANC buddies Peter Lobese, George Seitisho and (now councillor) Phaki Mbali – all leading lights in the ANC – ran amock in Kwanokuthula terrorising women and children and destroying their houses because they were considered to be against the ANC and its mayor at the time Mvimbi.

    The answer is YES. Pure unadulterated ANC branded political violence AGAIN.

  2. Putco, the ANC perpetrating violence!? Never! How could you even think that OO would suggest such nonsense!?

    The ANC would never be violent! That was the domain of the Nat regime, and of Inkhata in KZN and on the mines, in the Aparthate Era.

    The second accused, Putco, and his name is known to OO, is an ANC acolyte.

    R50,000, Putco, so OO hears but can not yet confirm, was transferred into a certain attorney’s account on Sunday – Sunday! – the day after the arson, for the accused’s defence… OO can only surmise that one of the Bossiegif residents effected the transfer from an iPad when news of arrests became known.

    There’s more, Putco.

    But OO would never think the ANC able of violent and riotous behaviour!


  3. Toys, Cots and Throwing things springs to mind – not forgetting “children”!

    Grow up ANC this is a democracy, and you are pissing on your own party Constitution – read it some time – if you can, and see how you belittle your own rules, let alone our National Constitution!

  4. Just need to understand whether the aforesaid publication by OO suggest that ANC are the perpetrators of the service delivery protest in Bitou???

  5. Dis mos soos die ANC werk. Verloor hulle iets, wil hulle als afbrand.

  6. A message the whole of South Africa should hear NOW ! Thank you OO.
    As Freud korrek is, is daar probleme vir ODN en hoe gouer die skuldiges tot agressie en ontwrigting ontbloot word, hoe beter.
    Agressie vs beskawing ! Vra gerus vir agressiewe klipgooiers en sand en klip “vatters” in “hoogere” plekke. Het opvoeding iets hiermee te doen ? Kan “Burgermeester “Gordon dalk vir ons oor hierdie kommerwekkende tendens en aangeleentheid op ODN uitbrei , “without loosing it !! ????

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