Another fraud – more than R150,000

Municipality botches disciplinary hearing on Day 1!

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Oudtshoorn. 27 February 2012. 15h40. OO has learned that the MM, Thandekile Mnyimba, ordered criminal proceedings against Heinse.

Well done, Mnyimba!

OO send this congratulatory sms at 14h55: “Well done on the Heinse case, Mr Mnyimba!”

Proceedings will be monitored closely and regularly reported on OO.

Oudtshoorn. 19 February 2012. 09h40. When Derick Welgemoed, originally seconded to Oudtshoorn to implelent an elusive Recovery Plan; and subsequenlty appointed as Acting Head of Housing by the then Acting Municipal Manager, Trevor Botha, when Gavin Juthe, the incumbent, was suspended, resigned on 29 November 2010 in appal of administrative torpor, inefficiency and peculation.

Yeah. It is a long sentence. But worse is coming. Much worse…

Enters Persens Heinse, next in line after Juthe, and assumes responsibility for Housing as Acting Head.

By the intervention of that fraudster, Noël Pietersen, re-appointed by the ANC as Municipal Manager after he was originally summarily dismissed by a unanimous Council Resolution after being found guilty of misconduct (for which he was eventually send to jail for 5 years this Wednesday last!) Gavin Juthe was aquitted and reinstated as Head of Housing.

But Heinse continued to receive an additional R25,435.00 per month (his additional remuneration as Acting Head) for six months after Juthe’s return.

If Heinse was oblivious to this monthly windfall for six months running, he should not manage an abandoned longdrop.

Heinse knew he was being paid in eroror – how could he possibly not know!?

Eventualy – some 6 months after the event, Heinse’s disciplinary hearing was scheduled for this Tuesday last.

And then the presiding officer, Corrie Greeff, of the technical department, so fouled up proceedings that the matter was dismissed… yet at least only to be reinstated by the Acting Director of Community Services, and Heinse’s boss, Ron Lottering this week.

Greef; and the prosecutor, another municipal official, Robert den Drijver; and the Municipal Manager, Thandekile Mnyimba, did not return OO’s calls or respond to sms and email queries in the matter.

On Saturday OO fired off this letter to Mnyimba and cronies:

The Municipal Manager
Mr Thandekile Mnyimba

Dear Mr Mnyimba

The scandalous performance of the presiding officer, Corrie Greeff, that resulted in the breakdown, albeit apparently temporarily, of the Persens Heinse disciplinary hearing, calls for a public explanation from you.

In the incandescent light of the Pietersen verdict this Wednesday last, where a senior municipal official in a position of trust was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment for stealing R17,542.45 – which he paid back, the ratepayers must be informed without fail of the prosecution of a man who allegedly stole more than R150,000 over six months since December 2010!

Furthermore, you are obliged by s.32 (6) (b) of the MFMA to report to the South African Police Service all cases of alleged theft and fraud that occurred in the municipality.

If you do not rise to this duty by noon on Monday, 20 February 2012, I will have you charged for breach of s.32 and report you to the Minister and the Public Protector.

I will, however, not alert the Western Cape Minister of Local Government and so spare you the indignity of receiving a slap on the sleeve with a shoot of wilted asparagus by the turn of the decade. This drift is not a function of impuissance, but a misgiving of the Minister’s management quotient.

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4 thoughts on “Another fraud – more than R150,000

  1. JOSS, papier is geduldig
    Heinse sal aan die pen ry, ook daardie onbevoegde amptenary wat wetens Heinse se salaris uitbetaal het na sy skorsing.
    Hier gaan nog groot etterwonde oopgekrap word gepaardgaande met gevangenis strawwe, nadat Pietersen onlangs skuldig bevind is. ODN bestaan uit rowerneste en SOE gaan nog lank besig bly. Bredell se stilswye blyk egter n saak van groot kommer.

    Met die Heinse saak gaan jul nou n geskarrel op ODN bespeur en kyk waar rotte en trogvreters orals gaan uitkruip en probeer ontvug ! Wegkruipplek gaan daar egter geensins wees, GEENSINS !

    Gee julself nou oor, maak reelings vir terugbetalings om sodoende op vonnisversagting aansoek te doen. Tyd loop uit en jul strepie as veragtelike korruptes is finaal getrek ! Watch and see !!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Afriform en OBB hier slaap ‘n rot met die dissiplinêre verhoor van Mnr Heinse, is die saak aangemeld by die SAPD in terme van die MFMA en indien nie, hoekom nie.!!!!!!!!!

  3. VRAAG: Hoekom is die dominee krimineel vervolg vir R 17 542.45 en moet tronkstraf kry terwyl Heinse wat ‘n bedrag van R 150 000.00 van die belastingbetalers gesteel het, wetende dat dit hom nie toekom nie en hy word slegs dissiplinêr aangekla. Krininele klagtes is ook teen die burgemeester gelê vir ‘n bietjie sand en klip, waar is geregtigheid of gaan dit net oor Pieterson en die burgemeester wat verkeerd opgetree het en is die klagte teen Heinse nie van belang nie.

  4. Vat hulle vas, die hele spul patete
    Oulik gese oor die Wes Kaapse Ministerie, of is dit die stille Histerie ?

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