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Oudtshoorn. 8 February 2012. 13h25. IQMS-gate is upon us!

OO wrote to the Chair of the Ratepayers Association this morning, suggesting that ORPA demand answers from the Western Cape Minister of Local Government, Anton Bredell…

The Chair

Dear Lizanne

My main story this morning – “IQMS, What the hell is Council doing!? refers.

I have some velleity of a recollection that Anton Bredell at some time owned up to a “monitoring function” of municipalities…

As Bredell never responds to my letters, I was wondering if you could perhaps ask him how the absence of an updated IQMS for Oudtshoorn escaped his “monitoring”, or, God forbid, why he elected to ignore this flagitious pretermission by the lean, mean management machine on the South Western corner of Voortrekker and Langenhoven.

Please don’t forward Marius du Randt’s inevitable proforma “get lost” reply to me – “Ek erken ontvangs van die ingeslote korrespondensie asook u epos hieronder. U versoek geniet die nodige aandag en ‘n verdere kommunikasie kan binnekort verwag word”.

Let me know views of “the Minister”.

Yeah. Right. I should see my therapist more often, I know.

I appologise, Lizanne, for burdening you with this Gordian knot. Getting the views of the Minister…

I’ll schedule that appointment with Dr. Jung sommer nou.

Kind regards

Pelham duly wrote Bredell:

Dear Minister Bredell

I hereby refer to my telephone conversation yesterday with Mr. Cox employed with the Oudtshoorn Technical Services Department as Assistant Town Engineer – Streets and Storm water Maintenance.

As Ms. Ntile, Director of Technical Services, was on her way to a meeting yesterday morning, she requested that I speak to Mr. Alie Killian who in turn referred me to Mr Cox. 

During our conversation Mr. Cox constantly referred to and quoted from the IQMS (Integrated Quality Management Systems Document of 2008).
Aforementioned document describes the infrastructure upgradie requirements of Oudtshoorn Municipality up until documented 2002 to 2008.
Mr. Cox also confirmed that this document was presented to council in 2008 and was accepted which means it should have been implemented or at least a portion of its suggestions would have been quantified and budgetary allowance would have been allocated in the Annual Municipal Budget to ensure that the suggested maintenance work be implemented.

Mr. Cox also confirmed that the IQMS document has not been updated since 2008 and hence we can assume until proven wrong that an updated version of the greater Oudtshoorn IQMS does in fact not exist.

Mr. Cox confirmed that the current backlog on infrastructure maintenance to the existing infrastructure will cost in excess of R10.8 million per year, not to mention new infrastructure required in Oudtshoorn.

Backlogged work amounting in excess of R63 million.

I hereby request formally the following from your office

– An enquiry be launched from your department into the existence of said IQMS Document; 

– Obtaining or drafting such document ensuring its current status and value be in direct relation to the current Infrastructural Maintenance requirements of Oudtshoorn;

– Including in such document new Infrastructural requirements for Oudtshoorn, plus project managed time lines and costing necessary to fulfil infrastructure requirements;

– Demanding that such document be presented to council and the necessary funds be made available in the Municipal Budget to furnish the content and demands of such document;

– Maintaining such document for ongoing infrastructural support.

The community of Oudtshoorn will greatly appreciate your assistance in establishing the existence of above mentioned IQMS document and ensuring its proper implementation.

Oudtshoorns infrastructure is in dire need of upgrading let alone maintenance and the rate payers of Oudtshoorn can no longer be expected to pay their hard earned salaries towards a Municipality which does not fulfil its basic duties.

Your faithfully

And now we wait and see…

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One thought on “IQMS-gate

  1. Liewe Mev Pelham
    Hoe kan jy n antwoord van Mnr Bredell verwag as daar geen aanduiding is dat sy eie kantoor werk vanaf n eie IQMS – (Integrated Quality Management Systems Document) wat sy eie “quality”performance meet nie.

    Ek meet Bredell se ‘quality performance” op ODN oor info waaroor hy lankal beskik en wat hy daaromtrent gedoen het. Wil liewe Heer Bredell liefs oor sy eie interne IQMS uitwei ,vir ons leserskring se onthalwe. Ek weet ons gaan laaaaank wag want papier is geduldig ,…….stil soos die graf. Daar het jy jou IQMS antwoord van Onze Heer….NIKS !!

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